Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 Social Link Guide

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The Hierophant Social Link: Dojima Ryotaro

Description: This Social Link is able to be activated by talking to Dojima at night at the Dojima's Residence any night after May 6th. Like Nanako, Dojima requires the Player to have rather high Expression scores in order to talk to them. In order to get the Hierophant S.L to Rank 2 the Player needs Level 2 or Eloquent Expression. For the Player to get the S.L to Rank 4 you will need Persuasive or Level 3 Expression. The last Expression requirement is a Level 4 or Touching Expression in order to get the S.L to Rank 5.

Availability: Dojima's appearance at the house is determined by how far the Player is in the current dungeon. If the Player has completed the current dungeon then Dojima is able to get his days off and the Player can spend time with him.

Attitude with Dojima: Dojima is not used to talking to teenagers so taking the initiative with conversations really helps Dojima become more comfortable with the Player. Dojima can sometimes be a strict parental figure, usually the best way is to negotiate and be logical when confronting Dojima.

Ultimate Persona: Kohryu. This Ultimate Persona is unlocked at level 76 after maxing out Dojima's S.L. Kohryu has a combination of high level lightning and healing powers. He also doesn't have any specific weaknesses. 

Published Jul. 2nd 2015

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