Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 Social Link Guide

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The Empress Social Link: Margaret

Description: The Empress Social Link is very different from majority of the Social Links in the game, with the exception of the Hermit. This S.L become available after May 19th, however there is a second requirement. The player must have a Knowledge ranking of 3, also known as Rank 3 or Expert. Once these two requirements are fulfilled the Empress S.L powers up every time the player completes one of Margaret’s Fusion Requests. These can be kind of tricky but I did find a website that gives fusion combinations that help with completing Margaret’s requests.

Availability: Once the two requirements are fulfilled Margaret is available every day in the Velvet Room, also fulfilling this request and advancing this S.L doesn’t take up time, allowing you to further other S.L’s at your convenience.

Ultimate Persona: Isis. Isis is unlocked at level 79 and is a Persona that has some serious healing abilities that make it a solid healing back up for boss battles.

Published Jul. 2nd 2015

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