Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 Social Link Guide

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The Hermit Social Link: The Fox

Description: The Hermit Social Link is automatically activated May 5th. Like Margaret, this S.L is only increased by fulfilling the Fox's requests. These quests can be completed at the Player's leisure but they get very complicated and time-consuming, very quickly. I was able to find a walkthrough which helps specifically with the Fox Quests. Also once the Player has begun the Hermit S.L the Fox is able to go into the TV with the party and heal them. As the S.L progresses the price that the Fox requires in order to heal the party lowers in price.

Availability: After May 5th the Fox is available every day, no matter if it is raining or otherwise. Luckily accepting a new quest does not take up any time, so the Player can advance another S.L the same day. Reporting back to the Fox to complete a quest does take up time though.

Ultimate Persona: Ongyo-Ki. This Persona is unlocked at level 82 and has all-around solid stats. Most of its moves are all over the place and don't specialize in a specific area.

Published Jul. 2nd 2015

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