Theatrhythm Final Bar Line Trophies List

Here's the complete list of all Theatrhythm Final Bar Line trophies.

Theatrhythm Final Bar Line is the most complete game in the role-playing rhythm game franchise. With 385 songs in the base game, there's a lot of content to sift through. Aside from its own collectibles such as CollectaCards and in-game feats, there's also trophy list for completionists to work toward. That's why you may want a guide to walk you through what to expect. 

How Many Trophies are in Theatrhythm Final Bar Line?

There are 42 total trophies in Theatrhythm Final Bar Line. For PlayStation platform players, the trophies are tiered as follows: This includes a platinum trophy, three gold trophies, 14 silver trophies, and 24 bronze trophies. The list below includes all of the trophies in question.

It's worth noting that every single trophy in the game is hidden, so you'll want this list.

All Theatrhythm Final Bar Line Trophies

  • THEATRHYTHM Maestro: Got all trophies
  • In Pursuit of Harmony: Cleared first series title
  • Unbroken Symphony: Achieved first Perfect Chain
  • Perfectionist: Achieved first All Critical 
  • A Musical Journey Begins: Cleared first Theatrhythm Final Fantasy series song
  • Outro: Beat the game and watched the ending
  • Battling Musicians: Played 100 music stages
  • Veteran Orchestra: Played 300 music stages
  • Encore!: Played one song 10 times
  • Uniting Melody: Achieved 50 Perfect Chains
  • Eternal Harmony: Achieved 100 Perfect Chains
  • Overflowing Gold: Filled 10 critical charts with standard style
  • Winding Rhapsody: Received 500 million points
  • Remnant Traumerei: Received 5 billion points
  • Item Enthusiast: Used 100 stage items
  • Skilled Combatant: Activated abilities 500 times
  • Combat Artist: Activated abilities 1,000 times
  • Show of Finesse: Activated 20 or more abilities in one song
  • Seasoned Hunter: Defeated 500 enemies
  • Unparalleled Hunter: Defeated 5,000 enemies
  • Unstoppable Force: Defeated 15 or more enemies in one song
  • Summon's True Power: Dealt 3,000 damage to one enemy with one summon attack
  • Summon Tamer: Called forth 5 summons in one song
  • Indomitable Band: Four character reached level 99
  • Beyond the Stars: One character reached star level 9
  • 999er: One character reached max stats
  • Making Sound Waves: Obtained 10,000 Rhythmia
  • Riding the Symphonic Tide: Obtained 100,000 Rhythmia
  • CollectaCard Buff: Got 300 different CollectaCards
  • CollectaCard Master: Got 1,000 different CollectaCards 
  • Renowned Treasure Hunter: Got 1,000 dropped items
  • An Excess of Summonstones: Got 30 dropped summonstones
  • Path of the Harmonist: Cleared 10 series quest titles
  • A Deeper Harmony: Completed quests from 10 series quest titles
  • Harmonic Enlightenment: Completed quests from 20 series quest titles
  • Endless Challenger: Finished at least five stages in an Endless World run
  • Endless Walker: Finished at least 10 stages in an Endless World run
  • Endless Ruler: Finished at least 20 stages in an Endless World run
  • Master of the Moment: Perfect Chained five top hits in one day
  • Grand Rhythmist: Played every song excluding Deluxe Edition and DLC
  • Ultimate Rhythmist: Cleared every song excluding deluxe edition and DLC
  • Complete Harmony: Completed all series quests

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Published Feb. 14th 2023

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