This complete Minecraft Earth mobs list details where you can find individual mobs and shows you what items they drop.

Minecraft Earth Mobs List

This complete Minecraft Earth mobs list details where you can find individual mobs and shows you what items they drop.

The overall Minecraft Earth mobs list might not be very big at launch, but that doesn't mean we don't want to know more about them. From the adorable wooly cow and the rare moobloom to the scary spider and the familiar creeper, there's a mix of old and new on display. 

Unlike Minecraft for PC and console, Earth challenges players by forcing them to enter the real world where they can get resources, build structures from blocks, go for an adventure with friends, and, most importantly, engage in crafting, using all the capabilities of augmented reality.

Many of the original Minecraft mobs have been implemented in the Minecraft Earth list. But there are also seven new mobs that are improved versions of the original designs. We go over those in our Minecraft Earth mobs list below, including unique mobs and exclusive mobs —  even the mob of me!  

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Horned Sheep

The only difference between the new horned sheep mob and the regular horned sheep mob is that the Minecraft Earth version will attack you if provoked. It deals three points of damage.

If you manage to win the fight and kill the sheep, it drops:

  • 1x horn
  • 1x wool of the corresponding color
  • 1x raw mutton
  • 1x experience

Jumbo Rabbit

The Jumbo Rabbit mod is bigger than your average rabbit mob, and it features a different coloration. 

It also has more life than an ordinary Minecraft rabbit. When killed, it drops one of the following items:

  • 1x rabit hide
  • 1x raw rabbit meat
  • 1x cooked rabbit meat (if killed on fire)

Wooly Cow

This funny-looking cow behaves exactly like any other cow in Minecraft except for two slight differences: it can drop wool when shorn, and it takes no damage. Because of those traits, you can farm the wooly cow for wool. 

When a wooly cow gets killed, it drops the following items:

  • 1x leather
  • 1x raw beef
  • 1x wool

Muddy Pig

The new pig mob loves its mud. Every time it sees a mud block, it will jump into it and become a muddy pig.

It will walk aimlessly until it dries up, and then search for another fresh block of mud to dip into.

The muddy pig drops one of the following items when killed:

  • 1x raw porkchop
  • 1x saddle
  • 1x exeprience


These strange animals are mooshrooms with flowers growing on top of them. They behave exactly like any other mooshroom, which is strongly reminiscent of the cow's behavior.

Just like mooshrooms, these new mobs can be milked and shorn, which will turn them into a normal cow.

When killed, a moobloom drops the following items:

  • 1x leather
  • 1x raw beef
  • 1x experience


The Cluckshroom is a new type of chicken that is covered in mushrooms. When it walks, it leaves a trail of mushrooms behind it, which you can pick up and use. 

Unlike ordinary chicken mobs , cluckshrooms like to dwell in darker areas. They do not fear hostile mobs. 

When killed, cluckshrooms drop:

  • 1x feather
  • 1x raw chicken
  • 1x experience


Currently, the salmon is the only fish mob available in Minecraft Earth. You can only find it underwater using pond or river buildplates. Of course, you can use these plates to fish for salmon.

When caught, this mob drops:

  • 1x raw salmon
  • 1x bone


The oldest and most common mob in Minecraft Earth is the pig. They spawn around tappables and most houses. If you have a buildplate for a house, you will surely see a couple of piglets roaming around the corner.

The ordinary pig drops the following items:

  • 1x raw porkchop
  • 1x saddle
  • 1x experience


Ordinary rabbits (or the desert rabbit, as it is usually called), can be seen hopping near desert buildplates.

Rabbits can be hunted for their hide and meat, but they also drop the following items when killed: 

  • 1x rabbit hide
  • 1x raw rabbit
  • 1x rabbit foot


Chickens are harmless little mobs that lay eggs every 5 to 10 minutes. Chicken eggs can be used either as a food or a throwable item. The throwable item is used for breeding more chickens.

When killed, chickens drop:

  • 1x feather
  • 1x raw chicken
  • 1x experience


Cows are mainly used for milk, though you'll need a bucket to do so. Just like chicken eggs, cow milk can be used as a food item. 

When killed, a normal cow drops the following items:

  • 1x leather
  • 1x raw beef
  • 1x experience


The Sheep is another extremely common mob in Minecraft Earth. It comes in about a dozen different colors, and you can use this mob as a source of wool and dye.

You can shear sheep to get the wool on a regular basis without killing them. But if you do kill them, they drop:

  • 1x wool
  • 1x raw mutton
  • 1x experience


You can find these cute little cats in jungle buildplates, which you can purchase from the Minecraft Earth in-game store.

This mob doesn't drop anything when killed, though it does give you experience. Think twice before hurting them, unless they try to snatch away your chickens. Then, let them have it! 

When killed, ocelot drop: 

  • 1-3x experience 


Just like ocelot, parrots can be found near jungle buildplates. You will almost always find them flying around, trying to imitate the sounds of other mobs, which is really cute. However, keep that in mind since they can imitate the sounds of enemy mobs, too! 

When killed, parrots drop:

  • 1-2x feathers


It's no surprise that creepers have found their way into Minecraft Earth. As usual, you want to keep a distance when you come across them. Otherwise, they will explode when you get near them, dealing a good bit of damage to your character. 

These mobs hide among tappables, so keep your eyes open every time you tap a crate.


Just like creepers, skeleton mobs are hostile. They shoot their stinging arrows at you whenever you enter their line of sight. Be prepared to encounter at least one of these near each tappable.

Unlike creepers, though, these mobs don't explode on contact, so you can try and kill them for their bones and arrows.

When killed, skeleton mobs drop: 

  • 0-2 bones
  • 0-2 arrows


You won't see zombies roaming tappables as often as other hostile mobs, but if you do, try to keep a safe distance or they'll punch you, dealing severe amounts of damage.

They can be killed, and if you succeed, they may even drop some iron for you to pick up.


Since they climb walls and usually sit in the shadows around tappables, spiders are definitely very creepy and very scary.

Spiders will attack you and cause you problems, so it's good you can kill them just as you can in Minecraft. When killed, spiders drop several strings that can be used to make bows and other craftable items. 

When killed, spiders drop: 

  • 1-3x string

Mob of Me

This entity mob is used to place NPC characters into your world. Your own character and Mob of Me are synchronized in such a way that if your character changes a skin, then Mob of Me will do the same action automatically.

These mobs can also interact with other NPCs and blocks. For example, they can open doors and enter buildings.


That's the complete Minecraft Earth mobs list for now. It's possible other mobs will be added to the game in future updates, so we'll be sure to update this list when that happens. For other Minecraft Earth guides, please refer to the list below:

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