The Long Dark Story Mode Guide: Episode 2 Supply Cache Locations

Find all the hidden supply cache locations in Story Mode - Episode 2 of The Long Dark.

The second of the two available episodes in The Long Dark's story contains a number of hidden supply caches that you don’t want to miss. Some of them are really easy to find, but others require a more intrinsic approach.

There are nine locations in total in Episode 2 that each have their own supply boxes with valuable items inside. If you want to find them all without too much hassle, this location guide will tell you how to find every supply cache in The Long Dark

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All Hidden Supply Cache Locations on Mystery Lake

Cache #1: Alan’s Cave

The note to this cache can be found on the table inside the office of the Carter Hydro Dam located between Mystery Lake and Pleasant Valley.

You need to follow the frozen river that starts at the Carter Hydro Dam and look for a cave near a clearing with a hunter’s blind. The supply box is inside that cave -- but be wary of the wolves in the area.

Cache #2: Clearcut

If you find the note inside one of the cabins on the Mystery Lake, then it will lead you right to the Clearcut. It is the location at the crossroads to the Forestry Lookout to the west, the road to the logging camp, and back to the train tracks to the east.

Look for an area with log piles, where you will see the supply box at the stump between the two large logs.

Cache #3: Forlorn Muskeg Entrance

If you can reach the Forestry Lookout between the Destroyed Lookout to the west and Derailment to the east, then you will find a note with location to this cache inside the tower.

The cache is hidden at the entrance of the Forlorn Muskeg after you move through the Rail Tunnel. You need to move towards the cliffs beginning from the last wagon.

At the base of the cliffs you should find an orange box with hidden supplies.

Cache #4: Broken Railroad

At the end of the Forlorn Muskeg railway, you should find a note at the wagons. As you leave the Forlorn Muskeg, follow the Broken Railroad all the way through to the east. At the end of the railway, turn right and go down to the frozen river.

Go up the river, and at the end of the way you will see the box on the right side of the bank between the rocks.

Cache #5: Hunting Lodge

The Hunting Lodge is located to the east from the Rail Tunnel. The note with the cache’s location is nailed to the entrance steps.

The lodge is surrounded by hills, and the one you’re looking for is located in front of the building. Go up the hill and look for a fallen tree. Look behind the tree and you will see the supply box.

Cache #6: Forlorn Muskeg Docks

At the opposite end of the Rail Tunnel, look out for a yellow wagon. There is a pickup truck nearby with a note inside indicating the location of this cache.

When you arrive at the Forlorn Muskeg, you need to look out for the dock with a boat at the lake. It is easy to see as the area is quite large and open.

On the opposite side of the lake from the docks you will see a stump. The supply box is hidden right behind it.

All Hidden Supply Cache Locations of The Forest Talkers

The Hunting Lodge keeps one more note with three locations of the Forest Talkers supply caches.

Cache #1: Maintenance Yard

The fence that surrounds the Maintenance Yard at the Broken Railroad has a gap through which you can squeeze onto the path that leads to the river.

Follow the cliffs to your right and soon you will arrive at the place with the dent in the ground. Inside the dent you will see a supply box.

Cache #2: Old Spence Family Homestead

At the entrance to the Forlorn Muskeg turn left and follow the path to the Old Spence Family Homestead.

On your way there you will find a cave. To the right of the cave you will see a rock, and behind it you will find another box with supplies.

Cache #3: Logging Camp

Nearby Clearcut on Mystery Lake you will find a number of blue trailers at the Logging Camp. Behind the trailers you will see a steep hill.

Go up the hill in the direction of the tower and look behind the rocks on your way there. The last supply box is hidden right there.


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Published Aug. 8th 2017

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