Strategies for Getting Started in Krosmaga, the Epic Strategy Card Game

Krosmaga is a combination tower defense card game. Here is how to get started in the game.

Krosmaga is a strategic card game available for free on Steam. An easy to play, hard to master game, it mixes cards and tower defense. The tutorial is in-depth, but getting going can still be difficult. The following are some tips and tricks to get you winning in Krosmaga.

The Basics

There are some basic things to know about playing Krosmaga. The goal of the game is to destroy two of your enemies Dofus'. This is harder than you would imagine as there are 2-3 fake Dofus shuffled into the real ones so you have to guess which lanes have the real Dofus.

There are three types of cards in the game: minion, spell and infinite. Minions are the creatures you play each turn. Spells are used to buff up your minions, destroy enemy minions or attack opposing Dofus' directly. Infinite cards are rare cards that are super powered. Only one of each infinite can be included with a maximum of 5 infinites per deck.

A deck is comprised of 45 cards pertaining to a certain God along with neutral cards. Only three copies of a card, excluding infinites and krosmics, can go into a deck. Each god has a different feel to their deck, with some focusing on healing and others focusing on outright destruction.


Each turn the player draws one card. A player can only have 10 cards in their hand at a time. Cards use AP in order to be used. Each turn your AP pool gets larger. Minions can only be summoned on the farthest row away from the enemy Dofus. Destroying fake Dofus' unlocks another row for summoning.

On the board there are 3 prisms which creatures can collect. The blue star gives the player 1 AP into their reserve, which stays each turn even if unspent. The reserve can be used any turn to increase the AP available that turn. The black orb gives the players a curse which can be used to deal one damage to an enemy Dofus. The orange card symbol allows a player to draw a card.

Minions have a variety of abilities. Death triggers when the minion dies. Appearance triggers when the minion is first summoned. Counterattack happens whenever the minion is attacked. Other abilities are active throughout the game. Combining the various abilities with spell cards are the key to winning.


There are 3 main modes in Krosmaga: Play, Dungeon and Draft. Dungeon mode costs in game currency to play each round and rewards the player with cards upon winning. Draft costs 150 in game currency. Working like other CCG arenas, Draft makes the player build a deck on the spot then battle other players until defeated a certain number of times.

Play mode breaks down into 3 other modes: Training, Unranked and Ranked. Training pits the player against AI and is the perfect place to learn the game. as well as needed to unlock all 8 Gods. Unranked pits player aainst player but is less competitive than Ranked. Ranked features various levels and a ladder to show off the most skilled Krosmaga players.

How to Win

While winning may seem simple, there are various strategies that can be enacted. One way is through brute force. Send as many minions running down all the lanes as possible. Getting minions to the Dofus' is the hardest part, so high health minions are the most beneficial. Ranged minions are good for taking out enemies without dying themselves.

Another is using curses, given by the black prisms, to destroy a Dofus while focusing on other lanes. Use spells to keep enemy minions away while beefing up your own minions. Healing spells can help keep your Dofus' alive while you search for the enemy's.

Be aware of enemy minion movement. Some minions have high MP, movement points, that allow them to move many tiles at once. Keeping at least one minion in each lane is a safe way to protect your Dofus'. Once a minion reaches a Dofus there are very limited ways of getting rid of it. One is to use a spell to repel it or destroy it. The other is to summon a minion with an Appearance ability that does damage to another minion, or to all minions in that lane. So protecting your Dofus before a minion reaches it is critical.

There you have it. The rundown on what is needed to get started in Krosmaga. What are some tips or tricks you have stumbled upon while playing?

Published Apr. 25th 2017

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