Psychonauts 2: Typewriter Solution Guide

Find the right solution to the typewriter puzzle with the help of our guide to Psychonauts 2.

The typewriter puzzle during the Mail Clerk Cruller's Correspondence quest in Psychonauts 2 is troublesome. The whole level is extremely hectic, and Cruller intentionally misleads you on how to solve the puzzle like some sort of jerk.

Our guide will provide you with the right solution to the typewriter puzzle in Psychonauts 2. You will learn what is the most efficient way to find the missing letters, and how to solve the mysterious address on the envelope.

Find the Missing Typewriter Letters in Psychonauts 2

As soon as you enter the Ford Cruller's correspondence area, you will see the entire level from above.

You will probably notice the typewriter on the table next to Cruller, but don't just jump on the table right away. You need to get all the missing letters first. Here are the steps to get them all:

  1. Look to your left and locate a floating envelope
  2. You will see the L letter on top of it
  3. Jump onto the envelope and pick up the L letter
  4. Jump down on the table with the typewriter
  5. Place the L letter into the missing slot
  6. Find the U letter right in front of the typewriter on the table
  7. Find the C letter to your right of the typewriter in the niche
  8. Find the Y letter to your left of the typewriter in the niche
  9. Put them back into the missing slots on the typewriter

Once these four letters are back in their respective slots, you will need to figure out who the envelope in the typewriter is addressed to.

Psychonauts 2 Typewriter Puzzle Solution

When Cruller finds out that you've found all the missing letters, he will try to mislead you into thinking that the envelope in the typewriter is addressed to "LUCK".

Don't listen to him. Type in the "LUCY" word on the envelope instead. As soon as you do the right thing, Cruller will correct himself and say that he hadn't heard that name for a very long time.

Once this is done, the envelope with the right name will be sent to the appropriate address.

Hopefully, this guide helped you find the right solution to the typewriter puzzle in Psychonauts 2. Also, don't forget to read our official Psychonauts 2 review right here!


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Published Sep. 2nd 2021

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