Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak: How to Craft the Divine Ire Kote

Take on rage incarnate to get your hands on the materials for Divine Ire Kote in Monster Hunter RIse Sunbreak.

The monsters you fight after the final boss of the Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak campaign might not be as large or imposing as Gaismagorm, but some are even more deadly.

Furious Rajang is a great example: a more aggressive, constantly rage-filled variant of the standard Rajang monster fought as a five-star Master Rank quest. Most of the parts you receive for defeating it are the same as its standard form, but a choice few help you create Furious Rajang-specific armor.

This guide will cover how to get the materials to craft the Divine Ire Kote, the hardest to acquire armor piece out of Furious Rajang’s set.

How to Craft the Divine Ire Kote in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

You’ll likely have most of the materials you need to craft the Divine Ire Kote after your first bout with Furious Rajang in the MR50 Urgent Quest. This is especially true if you hunted any standard Rajang in the lead up to the Urgent hunt. The Kote requires the following materials to create:

3 Rajang Apoplexy

One of the more common material rewards from Furious Rajang.

  • Target Reward: 20%
  • Capture Reward: 33%
  • Broken Part: 20% (One Horn)
  • Carve: 30% (Body)
  • Dropped Materials: 35%/30% (x1)

1 Gold Rajang Pelt+

Available from both variants of Rajang. Odds below are for Furious Rajang.

  • Target Reward: 14%
  • Capture Reward: 16%
  • Broken Part: --%
  • Carve: 12% (Body)
  • Dropped Materials: 15%/15% (x1)

2 Rajang Hardclaw

Available from both variants of Rajang. Odds below are for Furious Rajang.

  • Target Reward: 26%
  • Capture Reward: 27%
  • Broken Part: 100% (Both Right and Left Arm x1)
  • Carve: 20% (Body)
  • Dropped Materials: --%

1 Rajang Heart

Far and away the rarest Furious Rajang material.

  • Target Reward: 5%
  • Capture Reward: 6%
  • Broken Part: --%
  • Carve: 3% (Body)
  • Dropped Materials: --%

Be prepared to hunt Furious Rajang at least a few times to get your hands on a Rajang Heart. Once you have one, plus the other materials, head back to the Smithy and craft the Divine Ire Kote for 24,000 zenny.

Furious Rajang is a tough fight. Tougher if you don’t like fighting any version of the monster. Get all of the parts, however, and you’ll be able to equip Divine Ire Kote, which comes with the Furious Skill, as well as two ranks in Critical Eye.

We’ve covered other rare materials in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak, including Nargacuga Mantle and Pure Dragon Blood. Check out our Rise guides hub for much more.


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Published Jul. 19th 2022

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