The Ascent Best Builds Guide: Healer DPS and Energy DPS

Follow this guide to learn about the two best builds in The Ascent: healer DPS and energy DPS.

The Ascent offers players a rich and deep attribution system for creating the best characters in the game. You can influence your stats using skills, weapons, augmentations, modules, and armor. Picking the best gear units and attributes can be hard at first, so this guide will provide you with the best builds in The Ascent.

Here you will find two builds that are both incredibly powerful, but focus on different stats. The first one is about keeping high HP levels, as well as, produce impressive damage output. While the second one focuses on energy stats that will allow you to achieve extreme levels of damage.

The Ascent: Best Healer DPS Build

This build combines survivability and high damage, making it easily one of the best builds in the game.


Start with Vital Signs by investing at least 15 points in it. 20 is preferable, which is the maximum.

Move to Tactical Sense, which determines your damage. Again try to invest as many points as you can, preferably 20 for 200% damage.

Next come Critical Hit Rate and Weapon Handling. The first one determines your critical hits and second one determines the speed of reload. You should max out both of these skills, too.


This build can work both with a shotgun and a pistol.

The best shotgun in the game is ES4 Eraser that has the damage output of 828, while the best one among the pistols is EP4 Pacifier.

You can buy ES4 Eraser from weapon vendors for 13,000 credits, while EP4 Pacifier will cost you 11,000.


The best augmentation you can get for this build is Life Transfer, a powerful tool that will mark your enemies. When marked enemies are damaged, you will receive healing.

You can get Life Transfer at the Deragata Spa in CorpZone. The augmentation can be found inside the red chest at the jacuzzi.


Your modules should also be focused on steady life gain. That's why you need to get Vitasigns Booster and Speedheal Mod.

Vitasigns Booster can be obtained only by completing the Balls Deep side mission given by Hans.

Speedheal Mod can be obtained in two places:

  • You can buy it from Grafter for 16,500 credits.
  • You can complete the Humidity Doctor side quest given by Dr. Humidore.


You need to get some fitting gear that would enhance your stats even further.

The best chest item for the Healer DPS build would be D-30 Sensehancer Bodycoat, which boosts all internal attributes by 7 points. This item can be purchased from the Armor Vendor for 6,000 credits.

The best headgear would be E-50 Panaware Sensor Suite that synergizes perfectly with the torso. This piece of armor can only be obtained from random enemy drops.

Lastly, try to get the MC-H Pants for your legs that not only boost your HP and energy, but also improve the spread reduction, which is essential for proper aiming. This item also drops randomly from enemies.

The Ascent: Best Energy DPS Build

While the first build made you feel protected with all the life gain, this one is designed to terrify your enemies with the most powerful energy weapon-augmentation combo in the game.


As usual, you should start crafting all your builds, including this one, with the Vital Signs by maxing it out to 20 points.

Then, focus on Body Battery and increase your energy capacity by 200%. Maxing it out is recommended for this build.

Once your energy and HP are well set, you need to focus on the damage by investing skill points into Weapon Handling and Aiming.


You can use any energy weapon you like, but for this build to work as intended, it's best if you obtain the BC7 Disintegrator energy cannon, which has been proclaimed by the players as the "small sun". The damage output of this weapon is extremely high.

You can buy this cannon only at one weapons vendor, who can be found at the Highstreet in the southern part of the map. It will cost you 25,000 credits.


The most essential augmentations for this build are Neutron Beam and Overclock.

Neutron Beam helps your weapon pierce armor and increase energy damage, while Overclock increases your energy regeneration and improves reload speed.

You can buy Neutron Beam for 30,000 credits from the Grafter, and Overclock is a reward for completing the One More Rep side quest given by Atticus.


The modules in this case are the same as with the Healer DPS build: Vitasigns Booster and Speedheal Mod.


Since your healing will not be as efficient as with the other build, you will need to purchase a much stronger armor to protect your body and increase your energy levels.

The best chest armor for this build would be Custom Flatliner Rig that has excellent defenses and improves your weapon handling. You can purchase this rig for 11,400 credits from the armor vendor.

The best headgear is E-50 Panaware Sensor Suite, which increases your critical hit rate.

As for the legwear, then try to obtain the E-40 Redrunner Compression Pants that will improve your evasion. Both headgear and legwear are random loot drops.

Hopefully, this guide helped you create the most efficient build for your character in The Ascent. If you enjoyed reading this article, consider giving it a share!


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Published Aug. 5th 2021

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