Elden Ring: Where to Find All Nokron, Eternal City Flame Pillars & Locations

Here are all of the flame pillar locations in Nokron, Eternal City so you can fight the Regal Ancestor boss in Elden Ring.

When you reach Nokron's Ancestral Woods area in Elden Ring, you'll find another set of flame pillars waiting to be ignited. If you want to take on the location's main boss, Regal Ancestor Spirit, you must first find all six flame pillar locations and interact with them. Doing so will light the obelisks at the Hollowhorn Grounds temple. 

The locations for each Nokron, Eternal City flame pillar aren't nearly as difficult to find or light as the flame pillars found in Siofra River below; the number of enemies is easier to deal with, and there aren't any pesky one-shot archers lying in wait to ambush you. However, knowing where they are before entering the area can help mitigate any unnecessary deaths. 

This quick Elden Ring guide will tell you how to find all of the flame pillar locations in Nokron's Ancestral Woods as quickly as possible. 

All Locations For Nokron, Eternal City's Flame Pillars in Elden Ring

Nokron, Eternal City Flame Pillar 1

The first flame pillar location in Nokron, Eternal City is slightly east of the road below the bridge. Descend the hill leading down from the bridge, and go right. Cross the road, and go up the rock path leading up. Crest the hill to find the pillar near a cliff.

along the left side of the road when you come off the bridge. There are two Ancestral Followers roaming here with a herd of goats. 

Nokron, Eternal City Flame Pillar 2

The second flame pillar is southwest of the first (you probably saw it already when first entering the area). From the first pillar, turn around, and go back to the road. It's on the left side, with two Ancestral Followers roaming near it with a herd of goats. 

Nokron, Eternal City Flame Pillar 3

Continue west down the road a short distance, and you'll see the third flame pillar on the left side, up on a cliff. There is an Ancestral Shaman with a blue-green aura signing here, as well as several Ancestral Followers in the area. Take the rocky path to the left of the road, and circle behind the Shaman to gain the advantage.

Nokron, Eternal City Flame Pillar 4

Keep going west from the third pillar, staying along the southwestern cliff. Go through the small patch of forest toward a large, rocky spire. There is a Red Wolf Radagon enemy and pack of wolves here. The flame pillar is on the far western side of the spire (the backside from your vantage point).

Nokron, Eternal City Flame Pillar 5

Go north, northwest from the giant spire, and then up a small hill through the rocks. The fifth flame pillar is ahead against the western precipice guarded by two Shaman and a handful of rats. 

Nokron, Eternal City Flame Pillar 6

Now go back east toward the bridge. As you make your way down the path a short distance, there is a small ruined plaza on the left side with another Shaman, several Ancestral Followers, and a herd of deer. The flame pillar is in the back of the plaza. On the map, it's where the road leading from the bridge turns north and terminates in a three-sided rectangular structure. 

Once all six of the pillars are lit, head to the ruins of Hollowhorn Grounds just a bit further east from flame pillar six. Head up the steps, minding the five or six Ancestral Followers there, then interact with the stag corpse further inside to initiate the Regal Ancestor Spirit boss fight. Defeat them to get the Remembrance of the Regal Ancestor and 24,000 Runes. 

And those are the locations of all the flame pillars in Nokron, Eternal City. Head over to our tips nexus for more guides on Elden Ring, including those for how to complete the Black Knife Catacombs and where to find the Hoarfrost Stomp Ash of War, among others.

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Published Mar. 17th 2022

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