HuniePop 2 Outfit Codes Guide

A list of all outfit codes you can use in HuniePop 2.

Why wouldn't you want to slap some special new duds on the girls in HuniePop 2? You can unlock most outfits by playing the game, but there are a special few you can only get via outfit codes (and you don't even have to cheat the get them).

For the time being, there is only one special code outfit per girl, and adding them to your game is very easy. Do note all of the codes listed here work on both the censored Steam version and the uncensored versions of HuniePop 2 you can buy elsewhere.

How to Input Outfit Codes in HuniePop 2

Putting the codes listed below into your game is easy enough. Go to the main menu and click the "Code" option. There you will be able to input the codes as they're written out below and unlock each outfit.

HuniePop 2 Outfit Codes List

Hopefully, HuniePot will be adding more bonus outfits in the future, but for now, we have these 12 to add to the game. I recommend just adding them all at once to get it over with. Some of them are more than welcome additions to HuniePop 2's double date action.

  • Abia outfit code: CHERRY ON TOP
  • Ashley outfit code: SISTERS IN LEGS
  • Brooke outfit code: FROM C TO SHINING DD
  • Candace outfit code: IN A HOLE
  • Jessie outfit code: CHECKING HER OUT TWICE
  • Lailani outfit code: YELLOW TUBERCULOSIS
  • Lilian outfit code: LICK OR EAT SMELL HER FEET
  • Lola outfit code: CAFFEINE QUEEN
  • Nora outfit code: SEX BADGE EARNED
  • Polly outfit code: EXCUSE ME ITS SIR
  • Sarah outfit code: MOOOOOOOOOOOOO (it has 13 'O's)
  • Zoey outfit code: ALWAYS STICK IT IN CRAZY

And that's it for the outfit codes currently available in HuniePop 2. Good luck with your double dates, they may be a bit more of a challenge if you've got your favorite girls decked out in one of the outfits above.

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