Dead Cells Moonflower Key Locations

Our guide will help you find all three Moonflower keys in Dead Cells, as well as the Acceptance mutation you can unlock with them.

There are three Moonflower Keys in Dead Cells that open access to the Acceptance mutation hidden inside the High Peak Castle. All three keys are located in different places and require you to have three active Boss Stem Cells. Our guide will provide you with all Moonflower Key locations in Dead Cells, as well as show you how to get the associated mutation.

All Moonflower Key Locations in Dead Cells

Step 1: Obtain the Gardener's Keys

You can obtain the Moonflower Keys only after collecting all three Gardener's Keys. If you haven't got the Gardener's Keys yet during your gamepay sessions, then you can find them on the second biome Promenade of the Condemned.

Here's what you need to do in order to get all three Gardener's keys:

  • The first Gardener's Key can be found in the underground level of the biome, which can be unlocked with the Ram Rune (dropped by Slasher).
  • The second one can be seen inside the biome's tower, which can be accessed with the help of either the Homunculus Rune or Spider Rune (dropped by Caster).
  • The third and final Gardener's Key can be obtained by stomping the spotted rose flower three times. It spawns randomly in the bushes or amidst the vines, so be attentive.

Step 2: Obtain the Moonflower Keys

Once you have all three Gardener's keys, you can start looking for the Moonflower Keys. Note that all three Moonflower Keys can be found in the similar way but on three different biomes, including:

  • Ramparts (3rd level biome).
  • Graveyard (4th level biome).
  • Forgotten Sepulcher (5th level biome).

Here's what you need to do once you complete each of these levels:

  1. Reach the far right end of each of the three given biomes.
  2. Walk through the hidden passage in the walls marked by vines.
  3. Reach one of the three doors, which can be unlocked with the one of three Gardener's keys.
  4. Pick up your Moonflower Keys behind each of the three doors.

Step 3: Obtain the Acceptance Mutation

Once you have all three Moonflower Keys, you can finally get the Acceptance mutation by following these steps:

  1. Reach the High Peak Castle (6th level biome).
  2. Walk through the hidden corridor marked by vines in the far right end.
  3. Unlock three consecutive doors with three Moonflower keys.
  4. Pick up the Acceptance mutation behind the last door.

Acceptance is an extremely powerful colorless mutation, as it reduces the number of required kills to remove the curse by 50%. But do note that this mutation also curses you when consuming food.

Those are all Moonflower Key locations in Dead Cells, including tips on how to get the associated mutation. Also, be sure to check out other Dead Cells tips and tricks articles here at GameSkinny!

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Published Mar. 13th 2023

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