Angry Birds Star Wars Bonus Level S-6 One Angry Bird - Three Stars

I have been working on the one bird solution for Bonus Level S-6 since my last post and was finally successful yesterday afternoon. This level looks like there may be multiple solutions at first glance but the solution, as well as I can determine, is accomplished only in a narrowly defined set of actions.

The line that 3-CPO takes along with the position of the TIE fighter pigs when you release 3-CPO and most importantly where you ignite 3-CPO. This one takes accuracy, patience and luck.

Let me know how you do or if you have any questions. I am still working on Level S-3 and will let you know when I find the soultion with one angry bird. Talk to you soon. Steamboat


Recovering Call of Duty player licking his wounds playing Angry Birds. One Angry Bird at a time.

Published Apr. 23rd 2013

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