Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Combat Unit/Combat Deployment Guide

Everything you need to know about Combat Deployment in in this guide!

Unlocking the Combat unit in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain gives you access to some important features. The biggest is the Combat Deployment feature. This allows you to send members of the Combat unit on missions to get various things.

There is more that goes into this system than just sending a bunch of people on missions, so I'll thoroughly explain how Combat deployment works, as well as go more in-depth with the Combat unit. If you want a detailed guide covering all of Mother Base, then check out my Complete Mother Base guide.

This guide will cover the Combat Unit and Combat Deployment in The Phantom Pain, including:

  • Combat Unit - Everything that the Combat unit can do.
  • Combat Deployment - Explanation of the Combat Deployment system and tips on using it.

Combat Unit

When you finally unlock the Combat Unit, you can start making extra GMP straight away. Be sure to assign members to the unit and find people with a high Combat rank to Fulton back to Mother Base.

As soon as you can, build a Combat Unit Platform. This allows your Combat Unit to automatically bring in GMP. The more platforms you have, the higher your staff capacity becomes. The more staff you have, the more GMP you get.

Mission Replacements

Combat unit members can do missions instead of Snake. If these are story missions, they will still show Snake at certain times, and everyone will always refer to you as "Boss."

metal gear solid v combat unit

This is cool because you can try to game out as different people and have slightly customized options. The best part is when you get combat unit members with special skills. These special skills give certain advantages when you use them on missions.

These skills can do things like give increased crawling and climbing speed, increase the success rate of Fulton extraction, give an attack while sprinting, provide a longer reflex mode, and more.

Most, if not all, of these are available from Snake's bionic arm and only Snake can use the bionic armIf you want a specific skill from a Combat unit member and you don't want to or can't use the option on Snake's arm, this is a helpful feature.

Combat Deployment

This feature lets you send Mother Base staff, mostly Combat unit, on missions of their own. They take time, but you only need to send them out and can go about playing the game like normal.

There are things to know about how this system works, especially when you get to higher ranked missions.

  • The top-left of the screen displays each mission, main reward, difficulty, and how long before the mission is complete if you've started it already.
  • The bottom left of the screen displays the rewards available for each mission and the probability of getting those rewards. GMP is 100%.
  • The right displays the most important information.
    • This shows fighting ability of the enemy and your team, the success chance of the mission as well as predicted losses.
    • It also shows the types of units involved in the mission. Sometimes other units, like Medical, get involved.
  • It is important to note, that you can lose staff member in these missions.
    • Be sure to pay attention so you don't lose important people.

When you select a mission, a list of available units pops up. Going through each rank shows the probability and predicted losses.

metal gear solid v combat deployment unit

  • I suggest you go down the list and choose the lowest rank you can that gives the same chance as your highest rank.
    • For example, many missions will have a 95% chance and predicted losses at 5-10%.
    • If your A rank and higher squads have the same chance as your C rank or lower squads, use the lower squads. That way if you lose members, they won't be your best.

You can also manually choose each member of the unit you want to send on the mission.

This is a great way to get a lot of GMP and materials. Progress through the story to get more specialists and set up a Forward Operating Base so you can do more missions.

That wraps up by Combat Unit/Combat Deployment guide for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Please visit our beginner tips and tricks for more help with the game. Let me know if you have any questions!

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Published Sep. 4th 2015
  • Justin Baare
    Can you upgrade your staff's combat level by sending them on missions? (Combat deployment not included)
  • marcus_6366
    Hey.. I was wondering When u can use more Then 2 combat units to deploy? After i send 2 and i want to send more it always says "no units are available for dispatch, increase bases to send more at Once" But I got everything on level 3 and sno changes so far.
  • Gary_1772
    When is the combat unit unlocked? Which mission?
  • Synzer
    Guide Editor
    I don't think there is a specific mission you unlock it, just have to keep doing the story missions. I forgot when I got it, but it is the last unit you unlock.

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