Animal Crossing: New Horizons Spooky Items: How to Get Halloween Recipes

Animal Crossing: New Horizons spooky items are here in time for Halloween! Here's how to get the recipes, and those you can only get with candy!

It's spooky season in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, which means it's time to deck your island out with spooky items and all manner of Halloween furniture. In true New Horizons fashion, you can craft most of them with DIY recipes and pumpkins.

You can snag spooky items in a couple of ways; some can be obtained through the store, while others are only available on Halloween night. We've compiled a complete list of what you'll be able to get in Animal Crossing: New Horizons throughout October. 

How to Get Spooky Items

Shoot down recipe balloons

Some players have reported that recipe balloons for spooky items can be shot out of the sky like the Bunny Day recipe balloons were, though others say this isn't the case.

It could be that Nintendo altered the rate of balloons so islands aren't being invaded by fleets of them like they were during Bunny Day, so it's worth shooting them down when you see them.

Get them from island residents

You can also obtain spooky items from island residents. Every day, one resident crafts something during the day's three main time segments:

  • Morning (5 a.m. - 12 p.m.)
  • Afternoon (12 p.m. - 6 p.m.)
  • Evening/overnight (6 p.m. - 5 a.m. )
    • There's usually at least one or two residents awake after 11 p.m. so it's a good idea to still check if you forgot earlier.

Speak to the residents, and they'll offer to teach you what they're making. It's not a given you'll get a recipe for spooky items, though.

In addition to selling pumpkins, the Nookling brothers sell one piece of spooky furniture every day in the featured item spot, just to the left of the entrance.

Other ways to get spooky items

Not every item or piece of spooky furniture is for sale or available through DIY recipes. Some you'll get by shelling out Candy on Halloween, and a few can only be obtained from Jack.

Complete List of Items

Spooky Standing Lamp

  • 3 orange pumpkin
  • 5 hardwood
  • 1 clay

Spooky Arch

  • 10 orange pumpkin
  • 10 hardwood
  • 3 clay

Spooky Fence

Spooky Scarecrow

  • 3 orange pumpkin
  • 4 wood

Spooky Lantern

  • 4 orange pumpkin

Spooky Lantern Set

  • 4 orange pumpkin
  • 4 weed clumps

Spooky Table

  • 14 orange pumpkin
  • 10 softwood

Spooky Chair

  • 3 orange pumpkin
  • 3 softwood

Spooky Tower

  • 7 orange pumpkin

Spooky Candy Set

  • 1 orange pumpkin
  • 3 candy

The next few Spooky item recipes are only obtainable on Halloween (October 31).

Spooky Table Setting

  • Obtain by handing out Candy on Halloween
  • 1 orange pumpkin
  • 1 iron nugget
  • 1 clay

Spooky Garland

  • Obtain by handing out Candy on Halloween
  • 1 orange pumpkin
  • 1 iron nugget
  • 1 clay

Spooky Carriage

  • Obtain from Jack on Halloween
  • 30 orange pumpkins
  • 20 hardwood
  • 20 wood
  • 20 softwood
  • 10 iron nuggets

Spooky Rug, Flooring, Wall

There's no DIY recipe for these, and you can only get them by giving out candy on Halloween.

That's it for our Animal Crossing: New Horizons spooky items list. If you found this helpful, consider checking out our other New Horizons guides for more island life tips.


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Published Oct. 3rd 2020

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