All DOOM 2016 Console Commands

Check out these console commands for everything you could want in the 2016 version of DOOM!

DOOM is available on all platforms, but the PC version lets you use console commands to access various cheats and power-ups to make the game easier/more fun. These range from God mode to revealing all the secrets of a map.

I'm going to list all the console commands available for the 2016 version of DOOM and what they do.

Console Commands

Before starting I want to remind you that only PC versions of the game can do this. It will not work on Xbox One or Playstation 4. You will also not be able to earn any achievements with any of these commands activated, so make a separate save file if this is important to you.

To open console commands, press, "Ctrl Alt ~" at the same time on your keyboard. Type the below codes in the console to activate them.

  • ida - Gives all suit mods and slots.
  • iddt - Reveals all the secrets of a map, including unexplored areas and items.
  • idfa - Gives max upgrades to suit health, armor, and ammo.
  • idgk - Turns on Glory Kills Only where you can only kill an enemy by performing a Glory Kill on them.
  • idka - Gives all weapons and weapon mods. Also, this gives the fully upgraded versions of the mods.
  • iddqd - Turns on God mode. Health will slowly drain in Nightmare modes and this does not affect environmental hazards.
  • idkfa - Gives all of the ida, idfa, and idka options at once.
    • The other ones are for when you only want to turn on certain ones.

After playing through the campaign, or even before, why not give a few of these console commands a try? Sometimes it is fun to just go though a game killing everything and feeling unstoppable.

It is also helpful if you want to try out certain weapons or upgrades before spending the token to upgrade them.

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Published May. 18th 2016
  • Pierre Fouquet
    Featured Correspondent
    Do we know if they disable progress in the story in anyway?

    I don't care about achievements. But I remember some games not counting anything you did, or giving you penalties in scoring.

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