Awesome nerdy baby photo ideas; this is parenting done right!

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For any new parent, one of the most exciting times is having baby's first photos taken. Instead of walking into a Sears or JC Penny for the standard photo session, some parents are opting for something truly unique.

Newborn photographers can now incorporate practically any type of fandom a parent may adore to make their little one's photo truly stand out. I have gathered some of the cutest photographs out there, along with links to the photographers, to get your creative juices flowing for your baby's next photo.

Here you see an adorable "Spider-man" just hanging out on "the side of a building" for a quick photo opportunity for his fans. Spider-man really cares.

Also, if you're a parent or are shopping for parents and babies, don't forget to check out our gift guide for nerdy parents and their future-nerd babies.

Photo credit: JME Portraits | Newborns

Published Jul. 28th 2015
  • gabfran
    Oh these photos gave me ideas!! Such a great piece. These are too cute.
  • UptownFunk
    Holy F'ing crap these are cute
  • Venisia Gonzalez
    Featured Columnist
    They are!!

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