How to Unlock Characters in Pathway

Want to get all of the characters in Pathway but not sure how? This guide will show you how to unlock them.

While Pathway's starting character lineup is fine, the really interesting characters take a bit more effort to unlock. 

Some of Pathway's characters are worth unlocking, though, because they have certain traits that may better fit with your specific playstyle. For example, some can find more fuel while others are better healers and some find more money. Further, each has its own item skills and perks. 

However, it's worth keeping in mind that they also have their own weaknesses, too, and their skill trees are also different from each other. 

Here is what you need to do to get them.

How to Unlock Characters in Pathway

Character Unlock Requirements How to Unlock
Leonora De Quincey Kill 100 Nazis This should come naturally.
Monsignor Carlo Veduti Kill 50 zombies These crypts and tombs are found during events, appearing more commonly from second campaign onward.
Brunhilda, Queen of the Valkyries Bleed kill 5 enemies Use the special attack with your knife. Finish enemies off with the bleed damage. 
Agent Georgette Remy Kill 10 enemies with Ambush ability This is a sniper skill so pick Baron Von B. if you want to unlock this one quickly. Just target an area you know the enemies will move through. 
Professor Mortimer Bellamy Find a Disintegrator These are random drops.
Dr. Gopal Chandraputra  Revive 20 characters Use a medkit on a "knocked out" teammate.
Shani, African Steppe Huntress Kill 100 enemies with melee attacks This can be done with knives or punches.
Rose Sheffield Finish any adventure with women only. You can only do this after unlocking a second female character. 
Annabelle Cesaire Montserrat Kill 25 enemies with Double Shot This is a pistol skill. You can actually target the same enemy twice if you want the kill. 
Le Fantome Evade 75 attacks You can use Low Profile if a character is wearing medium armor. Simply have them use this and then wait for the Evade text. This is different to miss, so cover is not your friend here.  


That's all of the characters and how to unlock them in Pathway.

It is less that any of these challenges are tricky, and more that they are time-consuming. Good luck for the RNG-based ones! 


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Published Apr. 23rd 2019

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