Xenoblade Chronicles Out Like a Light Quest Walkthrough

This Xenoblade Chronicles walkthrough shows you how to find and complete the Out Like a Light quest for iron armor or a King Cluster.

While most of the side quests in Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition are little more than collecting a few items or killing a certain number of enemies, some do manage to shake up the formula. One of these quests is Out Like A Light, and there are several ways to complete it. 

This Xenoblade Chronicles walkthrough will show you where to find the Out Like a Light quest, as well as how to complete it. 

Xenoblade Chronicles Out Like a Light Quest Walkthrough

How to Find and Complete the Out Like a Light Quest in Xenoblade Chronicles.

How to Find the Out Like a Light Quest

To find the quest, you'll first need to fulfill a few prerequisites so it becomes available:

  • Reach the Colony 6 area of the story
  • Complete the previous quest, A Mysterious Light
    • This can be found in Colony 9, provided you have a 3-star affinity rank with the area and have reached Colony 6 in the story
  • Have a 3-star affinity level with Colony 6.

Once all these prerequisites have been met, you will find a character known as Kenny Rohan in Colony 9. He resides in two locations, depending on the time:

  • 9:00-15:00 — Sitting on a bench at Tranquil Square
  • 0:00-6:00 — Standing in front of a tree at the gem man's stall 

How to Complete the Out Like a Light Quest

The quest gives you an item known as the Ether Cylinder. What you do with it has two outcomes, both with their own rewards. 

Option 1  Throw the Ether Cylinder into the lake

For this method, travel to the bridge leading to the central plaza. Here, you'll find an objective marker to interact with. By interacting with it, you'll cast the Ether Cylinder into the lake. Return to Kenny and receive some Iron Armor as your quest reward.

Option 2  Repair the Ether Lamp

For this method, you'll need 2 Krabble Fixed Parts, which can be looted from Junk Krabbles. These are found in the Ether Mine, so you'll need to have progressed far enough in the story to venture into this area.

With the Krabble Fixed Parts in hand, change the time to night and visit Arnaut, who resides near the Military District. He will repair the Ether Lamp. With that in tow return to Kenny, who will reward you with a King Cluster.

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Published Jun. 3rd 2020

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