How to Find the Ribbon Plant in Subnautica Below Zero

Ribbon Plants are a necessary component for batteries in Subnautica Below Zero. This guide shows players where the closest Ribbon Plants are to the initial base.

Since Subnautica Below Zero is still in Early Access, much of the game plays a lot like the original Subnautica, just in a brand-new arctic biome. However, with that new biome comes a handful of new animals and plants. 

One of those is the Ribbon Plant, which you'll need along with Copper Ore to craft batteries. Copper Ore can still be found by breaking open rocks found on undersea cliffs and the ocean floor. Ribbon Plants, on the other hand, can prove to be much more elusive. 

Ribbon plants are often found underneath rock outcroppings and archways as well as in shallow caves. They are often in groups of two to four. To harvest them, simply pluck them; there is no need to use a knife. 

Currently, the Ribbon Plants closest to your initial base can be found by watching the video at the top of this guide.

Simply exit your base and then turn around a go behind it. Go over the cliff edge and down toward the bottom. There will be a red snake plant in the distance; go toward that. Right before you reach the plant, turn left to find the Ribbon Plants in a shallow cave. 

You can also find Ribbon Plants in a string of caves and alcoves ~57 meters from your base pod. Exit your base and go right. The terrain will dip down; swim along the sea floor and to the right to find 5-6 Ribbon Plants in two different cave areas. 

To craft a battery, you will need Ribbon Plant x2 and Copper Ore x1. Batteries are used to craft a number of items in Subnautica Below Zero, including early-game tools like the scanner and flashlight. You'll also need batteries for the seaglide once you find all of the parts. 

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Published Feb. 4th 2019

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