Everyone Loves Sims 3 Cheats

Gain infinite simoleons and free land through these cheats that we know everyone uses.

We all love playing the Sims 3 and making our own little houses with our somehow-look-like-a-digital-version-of-their-creator Sims. I remember playing through the first Sims when I was in middle school--it was fairly typical for my friends and I to set up shop with the digital versions of us and our crushes, making houses and becoming master thieves.

All the cool kids pick the thievery career path.

So, how do you get all those awesome perks that keep you from having to starve and never shower and lose happiness points? How are you supposed to get that awesome mansion with only $25,000? With infinite simoleons, duh!

The first step is to open the window that allows you to enter code. While paused in game, press "Ctrl + Shift + C." You should be able to enter text into a bar at the top left of the screen.

To increase your bank account by 50,000 simoleons, enter in Motherlode and press enter. Do this repeatedly (reopening the window every time it closes) until you have enough money to fund a space program privately.

Get a lot for free with the freerealestate code! You must be in town edit mode in order to use this.

For more cheats, visit CheatCC.com and build away! Post below with screenshots of your best Sim!

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Published Mar. 4th 2013

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