How to be a great Democracy 3 African president

This guide is written by African presidents in Democracy 3 with numerous of death threats and assassination experiences who were trying to make their country great again. Read to save your lives.

Democracy 3: Africa was released recently by Positech. Because I've had some experience playing their previous games (like Democracy 3), I thought the Africa expansion would be as easy as the previous game. Then I realized I was horribly wrong. I had never been assassinated so many times by radicals in my first term!

In the previous game, I was playing as developed Western nations and I only needed to reform the economy. But in Africa, social issues are more important and urgent. They need to be solved immediately!

There are 10 playable nations in the game. I played as Tunisia, Egypt, Senegal, Kenya, South Africa and Botswana. All of them have problems in education, health, crime, corruption unemployment, skill shortage, and equality

The image below is the situation that I was facing in my "first day of office". No one supported me, except for elders.

The handgun icon on top shows what radical groups are targeting you

That is how many radicals want your life

Tip 1: Take care of the top concern ASAP if you want to live

After numerous assassinations, I learned that I needed to fix the people's top concern as soon as possible if I wanted to live to see reelection. All of the nations I played needed to reform policies like Minority Sexuality and Female Genital Mutilation Ban.

Tip 2: Focus on economics immediately after

Try to please every demographic, then focus on economic development by enacting policies like Small Business Subsidies, Technologies  Subsidies and Investment Scheme.

As I realized after fixing the social and economic problems, most radicals became peaceful and the people are satisfied, the background music of the game becomes more cheerful.

No more radicals, I didn't use secret police, I swear :)

Education, health and GDP rising as unemployment, crime and poverty fellWinning the first reelection

Tip 3: It gets much easier to solve problems once you take care of the big stuff

If the player is able to have a healthy economy, the game becomes easier -- there aren't as many big problems that require your attention. There might be new issues like a cyber crime increase as technology advances and overcrowding and traffic congestion as urbanization rises, but those are less threatening than the problems in the early stage, like social inequality and corruption.

Cyber crime, overcrowding, and traffic congestion can be solved with more internet police and more housing and public transportation. Social inequality and corruption required many policies to be dealt with.

My second election in Botswana, but it is my last term in office

In the end, if player does a superb job on solving domestic problems, everyone will vote for them in the next reelection -- and they'll win by a landslide that makes it seem like a heavily rigged election.

Published Apr. 27th 2016

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