Captain Spirit Phone PIN Puzzle Guide

Want to play Hawt Dawg Man Mustard Party 2 on the cell phone in Captain Spirit? You'll need to figure out this PIN code puzzle first. Our guide's got the answers.

To get you all stoked for the upcoming Life Is Strange 2, the totally free demo for The Awesome Adventures Of Captain Spirit just landed on PC and console -- and it offers a bridge between the two games.

As with Max's time-twisting adventures in the first entry of the seemingly burgeoning series, you'll need brain power to overcome some of the puzzles found here. 

One puzzle is a PIN to your dad's cell phone, which you'll need to find to play the mobile mini-game, Hawt Dawg Man Mustard Party 2. The trouble is that there's room for 11 numbers (the actual PIN code is only 8), which is a staggering number of potential combos if you're guessing randomly.

Below we show you how to the solve the puzzle in Captain Spirit.

Picking up dad's phone to unlock the Hawt Dog mini game Picking up dad's phone to unlock the Hawt Dog mini game

How to Solve Dad's Phone PIN Puzzle

Here's the thing -- the code isn't actually listed anywhere in the game. You can't find it written in a note or scribbled on anything no matter where you search. This is a puzzle you have to decode yourself based on your knowledge of the game. 

There are a bunch of possible answers to try based on numbers you find in the story, from birthdays to death dates and the garage locker combo lock -- but none of them will work.

 Trying to figure out the PIN code Trying to figure out the PIN code

The reason is that the code isn't a date but rather a numerical representation of a word. Just spell HAWTDAWG on the phone -- which is 42983294 on the keypad -- to unlock your dad's phone PIN.

Yep, you've got to remember your old fashioned 1 = ABC, 2 = DEF, 3 =GHI style code combinations from rotary dial phones! This is one instance where the old fogies who didn't grow up with smartphones have an edge over the younglings...

How were you supposed to know the key was HawtDawg spelled out in numbers? Hawt Dawg Man is referenced a few times before this point in the game, and you know the game is installed on the phone. Eventually, you'll end up trying it as you run out of other potential number combinations.

There's even a popular fan theory developing that the main character's deceased mother developed the bizarre mobile title, so it would make sense for that to be the dad's PIN code.


 Captain Spirit Phone PIN Solution Captain Spirit Phone PIN Solution

How to Play Hawt Dawg Man Mustard Party 2

After the phone is unlocked, you can actually play the Hawt Dawg Man Mustard Party 2 mini-game if you want, which is about as bizarre as it sounds.

Just press A to um, "squeeze the mustard" and jump over obstacles. The fact that he never seems to run out of mustard is kind of disconcerting.

Try to avoid the flaming barbecues on the ground (obviously) and the flying turkeys strapped to missiles in the air. Meanwhile, grab any mustard packets you come across to increase your score.

When you hit a missile or barbecue its game over, but you can re-try as many times as you want to get a higher score.

Hawt Dawg Man Mustard Party 2 meta mini mobile game What in the heck am I even looking at right now?

Still looking for any other help in this free Life Is Strange 2 spin-off demo? Let us know where you're stuck and we'll get up some more articles covering the other codes and puzzles! 

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Published Jun. 26th 2018

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