Which Character to Pick First in King's Bounty 2

King's Bounty 2 lets you choose from three distinctly different characters. Here's how to pick which one to play as.

King's Bounty 2 brings big changes to the classic series, mixing a massive open world with the traditional Might and Magic style of gameplay. Still, certain elements from the series are the same as ever, and that includes choosing a character class at the beginning of the game. 

There are three characters to pick between, and there's a bit of thought to put into what kind of experience you want from King's Bounty 2

King's Bounty 2: Which Character to Pick

Elisa, Katharine, and Aivar are the three different characters you can choose from when starting King's Bounty 2, and they function as a Paladin, Mage, and Warrior respectively.

The character you choose won't affect the story in any way, but it will change the dialogue that you hear from your character. If your decision hinges on how your character will act through the campaign, I'd recommend going with the Mage or Paladin. The Warrior's dialogue is incredibly dry and the wooden voice acting doesn't help.

In the end, though, the gameplay differences are likely what's going to affect your choice most. 

King's Bounty 2: Mage vs. Paladin vs. Warrior

The major difference to know is that Aivar the Warrior can't actually learn magic, while Katharine the Mage and Elisa the Paladin can.

The Warrior can still use magic by using scrolls during battle, but he can't actually learn those spells for later use or upgrade them. To balance this out, the Warrior's units get a sizable boost to their stats. Here's a quick overview of each class. 

  • Warrior — Starts with +3 Warfare stat, making units stronger. Units also receive +10% XP from battles, units with wounded members cause +5% damage, and Power Balance lowers the penalty for mixing Power-type units with others.

  • Mage — Can learn all types of spells (Air, Earth, Ice, and Fire) and has the highest arcane power. Units have a 25% chance of taking an enemy's buff when attacking. Finesse balance lowers the penalty for mixing Finesse-type units with others. 

  • Paladin — Focuses on protection as units get +5 Armor and +5 Resistance for the first turn of battle. Can learn Light and Life magic, and is also able to recruit the majority of units faster than the Warrior or Mage. 

Each character caters to a different playstyle, with Katharine the Mage generally being the most powerful in the long run. As a tradeoff, however, the first few hours of King's Bounty 2 might be a bit more difficult than playing as the Paladin or Warrior. 

With all this in mind, which class are you going to start with? Check out our other guides on King's Bounty 2 here on GameSkinny.


Published Aug. 26th 2021

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