Witcher 3 PC Patch 1.03 Fixes Performance Issues, NVIDIA Hairworks

PC users rejoice as CD PROJEKT RED fixes some of the issues with NVIDIA Hairworks in the Witcher 3.

If you've been having trouble with Geralt in the Witcher 3 and in-game performance not living up to your stringent expectations, have no fear. CD PROJEKT RED has released a new patch to help clear up some of the performance issues gamers have been fixating on in the last week. 

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The big news is that patch 1.03 will help fix some of the issues with NVIDIA Hairworks. Previously, several users had reported issues with Hairworks, including a lot of mid-line and high-range PC users suggesting that you turn off the service entirely. 

The patch seems to clear up most of the performance issues users were having, with one Redditor writing: 

I can now run the game with everything on ultra, .ini cascade shadow tweaks up to 4, and hairworks on at 1080p with an avg FPS of 50-52, never dropping below ~42.

The patch will also fix some of the stability in both gameplay and UI, as well as some bugs; there are still some consistent crashes in the PC version of the game. 

If you are having any issues: be sure to quit the game and install the update as soon as possible. A similar patch is reportedly incoming for PS4 and Xbox One users. 

If you're looking for any help in game, be sure to check out our ongoing series of guides on the Witcher 3: the Wild Hunt. 

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Published Jun. 17th 2020

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