Monster Hunter Rise Controls Guide

The general, Palamute, Wirebug, and Wyvern Ride controls for Monster Hunter Rise laid out.

Even in its demo form, Monster Hunter Rise has some new tricks up its sleeve to surprise even the most experienced hunters. There's a lot to take in between the addition of the Palamute, Wirebug, and the new Wyvern Ride features and their controls.

All three of the aforementioned new features are enhancements over Monster Hunter World and its Iceborne expansion's similar functions.

Wirebugs allow you to grapple anywhere, not just in dedicated spots.The Palamute allows for flexible movement and exploration (even manual drifting!), also proving to be a big improvement over World's Raider Ride feature. And Wyvern Ride? Let's just say mounting monsters is totally worthwhile now.

The new level of maneuverability is a much-welcomed addition to the game's sprawling maps. It's very apparent the bells and whistles in Monster Hunter World paved the way for these incredible improvements to the mainline series.

Below are the controls for Monster Hunter Rise, separated by whether they are general use or for use with one of the new features mentioned above. Weapon controls are not included but are coming soon.

Monster Hunter Rise General Controls

Button Effect
A button
General interactions (Carving, talking, etc.)
Wyvern Ride (next to staggered monster)
B button
Crouch (when still)
Roll (while moving)
Jump (while sliding)
A button
Heavy attack
B button
X button
Draw weapon
X button
Light attack
Y button
Use item
Y button
Sheathe weapon
R button (held) Sprint or slide
L button Reset camera
L button (held) Open item bar, ammo bar, and radial menu
(Y and A to cycle through items)
(X and B to cycle through ammo and coating)
(D-pad to choose radial)
(Right analog stick to choose shortcut)
Right analog press Lock on
D-pad Left and right to scroll through action bar
Up and down to perform selection
 + button Open start menu
- button Open chat menu
 - button (held) Open map


Monster Hunter Rise Wirebug Controls

Button Effect
ZL + X buttons Upward Wiredash
(Sends forward when airborne)
ZL + A buttons Forward Wiredash
(Sends downward when airborne)
ZL + ZR buttons Targeted Wiredash
(Launches you toward targeted location)
ZL + B buttons
(when knocked back or upward)
(Allows you to quickly recover)
A button (midair) Suspends you midair during Wiredash.
(Cancelled with B button)
Left stick + B button
Evade midair in the direction the stick is tilted.


Monster Hunter Rise Palamute Controls

Button Effect
A button (held, unmounted) Mount Palamute
B button Dismount Palamute
X button Have Palamute attack
 ZR Have Palamute jump
R button (held) Have Palamute dash
(ZL while dashing to drift)
Y button Use item


Monster Hunter Rise Wyvern Ride Controls

Button Effect
Left stick + R button (held) Move monster
A button Have monster attack
X button Have monster attack
B button Have monster evade
(Also cancel attacks and flinches)
Y button Dismount and launch monster forward
X + A buttons Perform Mounted Punisher when gauge is full.


That's it for Monster Hunter Rise's controls, that we've seen so far at least. Keep an eye on GameSkinny for more Monster Hunter Rise guides!

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Published Mar. 12th 2021

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