Triple Town: Tips to Increase Your Boom Town High Score

A quick guide for how to get the best high score at Triple Town's Boom Town map.

This guide is a quick "how-to" for maximizing your scores for the Boom Town and Boom Town Multi-Player maps in Spry Fox's Triple Town.

Since the Boom Town maps are only available on the mobile versions of the game, these strategies don't work quite as well on the Facebook version or on other maps. 

This will outline a strategy for play that can make it so that you don't get less than 1,300,000 on the Boom Town map. 

What is Boom Town? 

Boom Town is the timed map for Triple Town. There are a couple of key differences between Boom Town and the traditional Triple Town game. In both the standard and multiplayer version of the map, you get two minutes to build the highest point total version of your city. 

To start a Boom Town map, select either the standard Boom Town or Boom Town Multiplayer (only available during tournaments) from the Map Select Screen. From here, you will be given a list of possible boosts. You can select up to two boosts. 

There are also no Ninja Bears and no grass, and you will occasionally be given Mansions and Houses to place.

The map also has five crates on it that will give you Crystals. To access these Crystals, all you need to do is click on them.


Build for a Floating Castle

There is a certain progression of objects in the game. The basics are three Grasses make a Tree and so on.

For Boom Town, the progression you'll want to memorize and work towards is the Tree-House-Mansion-Floating Castle.  In two minutes this is doable, and in fact you can sometimes build multiple castles depending on initial object placement. 

The important progression is the one in the middle of the above image. You'll want to save all five of the Crystals for this progression. To an extent, this is putting all of your eggs in one basket -- one misplaced Crystal and your mansions might be too far apart to build a castle. 

What works best for me is to:

  • Build all three of the small, redder houses and sometimes the white houses as well.
  • Then I'll only build two of the Mansions, then use the Crystal to turn them into a Castle.
  • Repeat the process until I have two Castles which get Crystalled into a Floating Castle. 

You'll get more points out of your Floating Castle if you use three Castles, but I usually don't have enough time to power through those moments.

The Floating Castle is important because it is worth about 600,000 points on it's own. Add a multiplier from other plays, and it can really seal the deal in a personal or multiplayer match. 

Build in L Shapes 

For me, the most effective strategy for building is in L shapes. Remember that the youngest object you build is the location of the final object. This is especially important when sequencing major progressions (like heading towards the Floating Castle).

Placing objects in pre-determined L-shapes makes it easier to casually plan on the fly and allows me to make decisions without putting a whole lot of energy into them. 

Separate Your Bears

In my strategy, the Bears are rather superlative. However, you don't want to litter the field with tombstones and you also don't want them wandering around and getting in the way. 

In this sense, it works best to partition them into a corner of the screen, preferably away from where you're planning to put down your Floating Castle later in the game. If you can manage, the multiplier you get from combining three castles into a small chest can be worth it, but I wouldn't waste the time, mental resources, or Crystals to do so. 

Letting the Bears run loose can create ruin, so I usually throw a couple of trees around them to make sure they don't get out and wreak havoc. It's sort of like a Bear pen in the corner of the map. 

Overall, the strategy for Boom Town is to move as quickly and efficiently as possible. Having a plan of attack, like the one outlined above, can streamline your movements until you are lightning quick with Triple Town Boom Town and can rake in some seriously high scores. 

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Published Feb. 25th 2014
  • Beolaffe
    The comments below (above??) are well thought out. The long one however just goes towards playing a normal game of Triple Town and not Boomtown. I have not tried the method of building up to a mansion then destroying it in order to keep free space to maximize the number of chests I get. Lastly, it is true you get a better multiplier if you combine 4 things over 3, but anything more than 4 is wasted because the multiplier remains the same as for 4.

    With all that being said, my strategy is to always get what I call a super floating castle. in order to get a super floating castle you need to combine 4 castles together. Or, more realistically, 3 castles joined together buy a crystal. This is not always achieveable. My secondary goal is to combine two cathedrals together with a crystal to get a chest which offers a 1.5 multiplier. I typically will start any game by trapping a bear in a space with three or four open slots. If that is not feasible I will let one bear run around until an opportunity arises where I can trap it into a tombstone. But meanwhile, you have to set up a pen to capture any future bears. I try at all costs to reserve the crystals in order to combine two mansions into a castle. Constantly adjust the bear pen to accommodate getting to a Cathedral, then work it to get another Cathedral adjacent to it.

    Just to reiterate, my strategy is to achieve a super floating castle. The next thing to do is maximize the multiplier. You can build a super floating castle and only receive a multiplier of around 9.0. this should get your score into the three million range. If you can get your multiplier in the 12 to 13 range your final score should be between four and five million. Combining cathedrals into a chest or, if the game starts with two rocks next to each other turn them into a boulder and use a bot to reveal the chest. The highest multiplier I have achieved in a single game with no boosts is around 16.2 which yielded a score of about 6.3 million. Lastly, it is a non sequitur to think that the higher the multiplier the higher the score. While this is generally true, I have broken 5 million points with only a 12.5 multiplier yet not broken 4 million with a 14 multiplier.
  • Jonathan_1925
    Actually, the true skill behind Triple Town is not how to manage your space to get to the highest structure, but how to manage your space to maintain a clean slate. Here are some simple tips to consistently scoring over 10million points per game (in the basic free mode):

    1. Try to focus on building the cathedrals and rocks. Why you might ask? Because these structures turn into treasure chests, which means that you will get all the points along the way to make the chest, then still have your board wiped clean once you pick up the chest.

    2. Prioritize the use of your destroyer bots. All new players believe that destroyer bots need to be used for Ninja Bears. For pros, the destroyer bots are used primarily for the mansions. Why? Because when you make a basic mansion, you get 10,000 points. If you demolish that mansion, you lose 10,000 points, but you get more space on the board, and you pocket all the points you gained while making that mansion. Anything higher than a mansion that you destroy, you will lose a multiplier penalty (more points deducted than the points you got from building it). If you have destroyer bots to spare, then focus on the Ninja Bears, and sometimes even the big rocks or to pull you out of a tight spot.

    3. Nuke the Ninja Bears. If you've been doing 1 and 2 correctly, your board should never have any "big" structures, generally lots of Grasses to Red Houses. It becomes very easy to nuke the Ninja Bears by running them out of spaces, when the game swarms you with Ninja Bears. After the nuking, with all the grasses and bushes, it'll be very easy to triple up with mess, and your board will be clean again in no time :)

    4. To tie back to #1 - Crystals should be used for making rocks. If you use a crystal to build up a structure, you're going against the whole concept of this strategy of keeping the field clean. A big structure will clog your field (and when you get over a mansion, cost you dearly in points). Why do that with a crystal, when you can make a giant rock, and eventually the giant chests, which lead to lots of points and gold?

    5. For the free players - you will never need to pay for the game again (unless you the like bear free variants, etc...). With the rate you make yellow and blue chests by following #1, your gold will get to astronomical levels, and you can easily afford the 950 gold for 200 moves.

    6. With all that gold, remember to abuse the Undo feature! You can afford to use undo to re-place the same move you just did, if you didn't like where the Ninja Bears jumped to. By doing so, it greatly relieves the frustrations of Ninja Bears, and Ninja Bears become quite good (when you have a bot saved) for those times where the Bears can't move into the right position for you. Sometimes I undo just for fun when I want to see what I have coming next, so that I can plan my next move.

    7. Avoid buying anything from the store unless you desperately need to. With #6, it should save you from buying the limited items (Grass, Bush, Tree, Crystal, Bots) simply by undo-ing and seeing a move ahead (thank goodness Undos are unlimited [though only undo-es 1 move). As a benchmark, I hit 8 million points, and only bought 1 tree, 1 bush, and 2 grass.

    So at the end of the day, since Mansions aren't penalized for destruction, thats the best level to destroy. If you have no Ninja Bears or Mansions to destroy, then destroy a basic White house or Red House (i've even had such a clean board i started bott-ing bushes). If you get a choice to destroy a basic Red House or a nicer Red House, always destroy the basic one, since you lose fewer points (you lose the same amount of points you gained when you completed the Red House in question).

    The strategy of a true Triple Town master is not to figure out how to build up stuff. But how to maximize the potential of the land, and realizing the value of open space.

    To play this strategy takes time. My current game, I am at 13 million, and I have been playing this game for five months (though I play only in my spare time, and I try to limit myself to just the free turns unless I'm on the subway :D). However, it really is fun to play this strategy, and I highly recommend it. You will be a Triple Town Master that no one else (that doesn't hone their skills in this strategy) can beat!
  • Jacare_3444
    My favourite game. Me and my friend compete for the highest score in my iPad. Currently I am holding top spot at 5.9mil.

    Just want to share a few more tips.

    1. In the beginning try getting higher multiplier. You can do this by opening chest or combining more bear or tree for a house. So instead of the standard 3 tree for a house, go with 4,5 or 6. If you combine it correctly you can earn up to 0.6 multiplier or 0.8 multiplier for bear.

    2. You can try making 2-3 flying castle or 1 grand flying castle. Combining 3 castle with a crystal. 1 grand flying castle is worth 2.5x a normal flying castle.
  • Amanda Wallace
    Former Staff Editor
    Impressive! I'm just a little over 4mil. (I've also never successfully combined two flying castles yet).

    Great tips though. Thank you!

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