Dishonored: Death Of The Outsider Guide to Robbing Black Markets

Why save up money to buy things you need when you could just rob the other thieves? Here's how to get into the black markets for missions 2 and 4.

The series may be (sadly) ending, but there's still plenty to do in DIshonored: Death Of The Outsider besides rushing toward the storyline's conclusion. From side contracts where you'll earn some extra money to robbing black markets blind, there's plenty of thieving fun to be had during your mad quest to murder an arcane god figure.

Below, we cover the specifics of how to break into the black markets found in Dishonored: Death Of The Outsider Missions 2 and 4, which makes it very simple to pick up new bone charms and extra equipment without actually having to spend any of your hard-earned coin.

Death Of The Outsider Mission 2 Black Market

During Mission 2 -- Follow The Ink, you can find a black market outlet in the underground walkway near the square with the big statue. Of course, you can just talk to the shop keeper and buy what he's got hidden back there, but what's the fun in that?

Billie is an accomplished thief who needs some extra tools to get the job done, so breaking and entering it is! Listening to rats usually gives clues about how to break into the game's many hidden areas, and it's no different here.

Make sure to listen to the rat's conversation out in the hallway by the shop keeper (they are milling around near a chair and next to the red section of floor).

 Learning the Black Market Passageway secret mission clue

The rats reveal a secret vent system that lets them move freely throughout the building, and thankfully, this time around, you don't have to go searching across the map -- it's literally right next to you.

Push aside the "Report All Theft" sign directly next to the rats to reveal a vent on the floor. Use Billie's Foresight power to travel through the vent, down a tunnel, and out another vent to reveal a new room on the other side of the building.

In the room you are exploring with Foresight, there's a bunch of equipment and a guy wandering around. Ignore all that and instead look for a chalk board on the wall by a door that has what we're seeking. The specific key combination to the black market back room -- 398 -- will be written on the board.

 Finding the combination

Pop out of Foresight mode to return to the hallway with the rats. Walk just past the black market shop keeper into the side room, and to your left, you will see a combination lock on a heavy steel door you "can't" open.

Set the numbers on the device to 398 to unlock the door and all the contents of the black market will be yours! Obviously, you have to go into stealth mode, or the black market shop keeper will immediately attack you. Just perform a lethal or non-lethal takedown and then you have free reign to open the metal shutters on the wall and steal the goods.

Inside the market room Billie will find two black bonecharms, two corrupt bonecharms, a health elixir, bullets, a grenade, a hook mine, a rewire tool, and a springrazor.

 Unlocking the Mission 2 black market door

Death Of The Outsider Mission 3 Black Market

During the Bank Heist mission, look for the green "E. Ciengeugos Druggist & Pharmacist" sign. Nearby you can teleport up onto a large pipe outside the building, then teleport across to an awning near an open window.

Teleport yet again to the next window in the row of buildings so if you look down, you should see the square with the statue and fountain. From there go across to the raised area near the "Cigars" sign. Now head down the double set of stairs through a door to find the painter working on a wall. 

Directly behind the painter is a wrench you need to grab, which can be used to access the bank through the roof... or to rob the level's black market!

 Finding the Painter

Now head down to the metal door by the railway that doesn't appear to have a way to open. Use the access wrench and attach it to the secure bolt locking the door.

Inside, climb up on the machine so you can see through the metal bars into the black market. Zoom in and shoot the red button located directly beneath the fan to open the black market door.

 Hitting the button

Now quickly run outside and around to the black market. The front door leading to the back room with the shutters will be open, and the shop keeper will have fled the room!

Death Of The Outsider Mission 4 Black Market

In Mission 4 -- The Stolen Archive, you don't need to find a combination door code. Instead, you just have to find the proper route to sneak into the black market.

What you are looking for are a series of pipes on the wall to your left that leads up to the apartments above. Use your powers to leap up onto the pipes and go through the open apartment window.

 Sneaking into the apartment

As with the previous black market, use Foresight to go through the vent in the floor near the rats, but this time, set a Displace marker on the floor where you pop out.

With the marker placed, jump back to the ground floor, then go inside the building normally and up the stairs to the black market shop at the end of the hallway. When you are near the shop keeper, activate Displace to pop in behind him. 

Take down the shop keeper and loot the key off his body to have free reign of this level's black market! Billie will find essentially the same loot load out here as in the earlier mission.

 Displacing behind the bars to enter the black market 

That's it -- you've robbed the black markets like a true master thief! Did anybody find any other ways to get into these shops undetected? Let us know in the comments section! And be sure to stay tuned for more Dishonored: Death of the Outsider guides

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Published Sep. 25th 2017

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