FFXIV: How to Get Gripgel in FFXIV

Gripgel is used to make the new Indagator equipment in FFXIV, here's how you can get this new material.

Gripgel is a new crafting material added to Final Fantasy XIV with patch 6.3 and is used to make the new Indagator equipment, but you won't find it in gathering nodes as either a Botanist or Herbalist.

You'll have to do something a little different to get your hands on some Gripgel, unless you want to spend on the Market Board.

How to Get Gripgel in FFXIV

Aside from the obvious Market Board option, the less costly and normal method includes crafting. Specifically, mass crafting collectables to get White Crafters' Scrips.

Each Gripgel costs 500 White Crafters' Scrips, which can take a little bit to accumulate. You'll want to target some specific collectables for turn-in and rev up an effective macro with your favorite Disciple of the Hand, because each Indagator's equipment piece takes 2 to 4 Gripgels to craft.

How to Get White Crafters' Scrips in FFXIV

If you don't have Scrip Exchanges unlocked yet, you'll need to take on the quest titled "Inscrutable Tastes" found in Foundation at coordinates (X:10.1,Y:10.4). It's a relatively short quest to unlock the collectables system.

You'll want to visit a Scrip Exchange NPC found in any city's market area to see their rewards, as 6.3 added Purple Scrips to the mix. Different level tiers offer different types of scrips, and you'll want to focus on the white ones to make the Indagator magic happen. Setting up effective macros will make the whole process easier.

That's all you need to know about how to get Gripgel in Final Fantasy XIV, be sure to check out our other FFXIV guides on GameSkinny.


Published Jan. 25th 2023

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