Dead By Daylight Bloodpoint Farming Guide

Want to quickly farm a ton of Bloodpoints to unlock new options along the Bloodweb? We show you the best strategy for either the killer or the survivors!

There's a lot more strategy and progression than you might think while cleaving your way through horny co-eds as a masked killer in Dead By Daylight.

Bloodpoints are the game's currency for progressing along the Bloodweb so you can unlock new abilities, items, offerings, and so on. If you want to try out different builds and play in new ways, you need to earn Bloodpoints fast.

Below we cover everything you need to know to earn the most Bloodpoints per match as either the survivor or the killer.

Survivors and killers earn Bloodpoints in very different ways, but no matter which you play, make sure to complete the daily rituals for a huge boost in points.

Note that some players don't like being in a match with farmers, as you have different end goals. The fastest way to go about this is to work together with a group of friends rather than going into a random lobby.

Survivor Bloodpoint Farming Strategy

As a survivor, you gain Bloodpoints from the following:

  • Remaining alive throughout the match
  • Repairing generators
  • Landing good and great skill checks
  • Tracking an objective with the map
  • Searching chests
  • Unlocking the exit gate
  • Interacting with the killer (struggling, escaping a bear trap, etc.)
  • Hiding near the killer
  • Helping other survivors (pulling them off hooks, healing them, etc.)

When starting the match, let someone else draw the killer away, then immediately head out to cleanse a totem, open a chest, or repair a generator to start accruing points.

From there, your goal is to be as helpful to other players as possible while hindering the killer. Always help survivors off hooks (but hide nearby first and make sure the killer isn't standing there waiting to attack you as well).

Keep going back and forth between repairing generators, cleansing totems, and helping survivors. To make this strategy work, you are going to need a few perks in particular.

Start with David King as your primary survivor so you can use the We're Gonna Live Forever perk, which provides a 25% stackable bonus to Bloodpoint gains whenever you rescue a survivor or take a hit while protecting another player.

If you use this perk four times in a match, you'll be doubling your Bloodpoint gains. Getting David to level 30 lets you teach the perk to any other survivor and keep the Bloodpoint gains no matter which character you prefer.

To maximize Bloodpoint gain you're going to interact with the killer frequently, which means you'll need to heal often. Claudette Morel's Self-Care perk lets you heal yourself without a med-kit, and can be taught to other survivors at level 40.

Two other perks in particular are helpful for farming Bloodpoints by getting to locations faster and avoiding the killer.

First up is Sprint Burst (obviously for increasing your speed), followed by Borrowed Time for dealing with a killer who hangs out by the hook to snag altruistic players trying to help their buddies.

Killer Bloodpoint Farming Strategy

For the killer, getting Bloodpoints quickly is all about harassing survivors in every possible way. As a killer, you gain Bloodpoints from:

  • Chasing and catching survivors
  • Destroying objects like pallets and wounding survivors
  • Interrupting survivors mid-animation (note that killer interrupt animations were shortened with the Shattered Bloodline DLC)
  • Placing survivors on hooks
  • Deviousness, AKA using your killer's power effectively (Bloodpoints granted for the Wraith using Stalker and Surprise Attack were increased by 100% with the Shattered Bloodline DLC)
  • Staying in a match after survivors disconnect early

As the killer, to maximize your points you don't want to kill all the survivors immediately. Instead, let them stay alive to be hooked repeatedly, and make sure to damage the generators and pallets.

If you get a group of survivors who are willing to play along, you can net a ton of points just by chasing and hooking and then purposefully letting them go free.

Using the Bloody Party Streamers offering gives all players in the match a 100% bonus to Bloodpoints, so that's a very nice thing for the killer to do for everyone to have fun.

In terms of perks, the Cannibal's unique ability Barbecue & Chili gives you a big Bloodpoint bonus the first time you hook a survivor.

This perk is teachable when the Cannibal hits level 35, so you want to do that quickly if you intend on farming with a different killer.

The generic perk Distressing is also critical to effective Bloodpoint farming, as it gives a 100% bonus to all Bloodpoint gains from the deviousness category!

If you've mastered how to use one particular killer's power, this perk should be a no-brainer.



What's your most effective Dead By Daylight Bloodpoint farming strategy? Let us know your preferred technique below, and be sure to check out our other guides here: 

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Published Sep. 22nd 2018

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