How to Slay the Arch-Tempered Kirin in Monster Hunter: World

The Arch-Tempered Kirin hunt just went live for PC players, and it's a tough one. Come out on top by following our in-depth guide.

In terms of new Monster Hunter: World content, PC players are slowly but surely catching up to console players; all platforms should be receiving new content simultaneously within the next few months.

The Arch-Tempered Kirin just arrived on PC today, and there are some good reasons to go take him down—but it won't be easy. You'll need some top-tier gear and a lot of patience to prevail.

Well Prepared is Half Done

Like most of the more challenging hunts in Monster Hunter, you'll get nowhere if you run in without doing lots of research and planning. For PC players, this has perhaps never been more true than it is now.

The Arch-Tempered Kirin hits brutally hard and has a respectable amount of HP. Even the beefiest hunters aren't totally immune to one-hit knockouts, so you'll need to bring your absolute best gear and thoroughly rehearse your tactics.

This monster is identical to the regular Kirin in terms of his attack patterns—he mostly just has way higher stats. You'll need as much thunder resistance as you can possibly muster, as well as plenty of physical defense. Thunder Charm III would be an excellent choice for your necklace slot.

If you normally play glass cannons, that probably won't fly here, unless you're absolutely world-class at dodging. You may need to sacrifice some offensive potential in exchange for survivability and settle in for a long fight, at least for your first few runs.

For co-op runs, having a dedicated group healer is a very good idea. Arch-Tempered Kirin's already potent attacks become ridiculous in multiplayer settings. Someone with Wide-Range Level 5 standing by to heal the whole group at a moment's notice is hugely helpful.

Before starting the A Whisper of White Mane event quest, make sure you:

  • Hit up the canteen and order a meal that offers a large elemental defense boost (or, if you're feeling extra confident, a Lucky Liquor Platter for better drop rates);
  • Are very comfortable with your weapon and how its attacks affect your ability to block or dodge;
  • Bring weapons with high elderseal and/or fire damage;
  • Ensure that you are completely immune to paralysis;
  • Pack a Thunderproof Mantle and a Health Booster in your special item slots, as well as a full backpack of your strongest potions and buffing items.

Picking a Fight

The Arch-Tempered Kirin's moveset is basically identical to his little brother's. If you haven't taken down several regular Kirins already, it's advised to go do that before challenging this beast.

Whether or not you choose to take on the Arch-Tempered Kirin solo is largely up to you. Fighting him alone isn't as suicidal as it might seem, as long as you're patient and careful. But be aware—he gets a lot more HP and hits even harder if you bring friends.

Incoming anecdote: at least on PC, some Monster Hunter: World players can be more of a liability than an asset. This fight absolutely demands respect for the monster and its offensive abilities. Overeager teammates summoned via the SOS Flare may very well get themselves killed and fail the mission in short order, especially while this hunt is still new on Steam. Unless you've got a group of friends you know and trust, consider flying solo.

Watch Your Feet and Don't Get Greedy

The thunder horse's most dangerous attack is his AoE lightning field, which can hit the battlefield in a variety of different patterns. He's also prone to chaining it several times, especially when he gets low on health. Be careful not to commit to long, slow weapon combos that can't be canceled, at least until you're highly confident about the timing.

Watch the ground carefully and avoid this attack at all costs. Even if it doesn't kill you outright, getting caught in the line of fire can inflict paralysis, leaving you hugely vulnerable to the next wave. (Hopefully you brought three anti-para decorations or their equivalent in armor skills.)

Keeping him locked under elderseal will reduce the frequency of his two most annoying habits: his AoE lightning blast and his virtually impenetrable temporary body armor.

His melee attacks are also powerful, but aren't as deadly as his lightning-based attacks. Watch out for his charging headbutt, which can incapacitate you long enough to be finished off by a lightning attack.

Keep your health full at all times; your Health Booster can help, without leaving you quite as vulnerable as using potions does.

When you move in to attack the boss, aim for his head unless you have a weapon with white sharpness; anything less might bounce off his thick body armor.

Once you've damaged the boss enough that he starts to conjure his lightning field more frequently, equip your Thunderproof Mantle as needed—it might help you survive two hits if you get caught in a nasty combo.

In short: attack conservatively and don't get hit. Not to be cheeky, but while this fight is challenging, it's not complicated. Keep up the pressure and stack tons of barrel bombs on his head when he goes to sleep.

Even if it takes a while, you'll eventually claim victory.

Reaping the Rewards

The Arch-Tempered Kirin can be turned into spiffy clothes like all other monsters. It also drops several other things to watch out for:

  • Rare Kirin parts, at a higher rate than the regular Kirin;
  • Kirin tickets (~0-2 per run, used to craft the Kirin γ armor set and the Blossom layered armor set;
  • Warrior and Hero streamstones—many players claim that this monster drops rare streamstones at a much higher rate than anything else in the game, but this hasn't been substantiated with rigorous testing yet.


There you have it! The Arch-Tempered Kirin may be challenging, but at least he's not all that complicated. Keep an eye on our Monster Hunter: World guide page for more guides and tips as the game receives new updates.

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Published Dec. 1st 2018

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