Sonic Forces Beginner's Guide: Avatar Species, Unlocks, Tips, and More

Find out which Avatar Species to choose, how to unlock customization options, and tips for navigating levels in Sonic Forces.

How do you make the most out of your time with Sonic Forces? This game has more unlockables and customization options than any other title in the series, so it's important to know what to look for as you run your way from stage to stage.

To help with that, we'll go over creating and leveling your Avatar, unlocking new clothes and Wispons, completing SOS stages, collecting Red Star Rings, and more.

Let's get started. 

Which Sonic Forces Avatar Species Should You Pick?

For the first time in the series, you get the chance to create your own Avatar in Sonic Forces. There are 7 Species to choose from, and each of them has their own unique abilities to help you through the stage.

Here's a quick list of SF avatars you can choose from, as well as there unique abilities: 

  • Dog -- Restart with some Rings after a knock-out
  • Wolf -- Draws items towards you
  • Bunny -- Extends invincibility duration when hit
  • Bear -- Blows away enemies when performing a Wire Attack (Homing Jump Attack)
  • Cat -- Hold on to some Rings after taking damage
  • Bird -- Enables you to perform a double jump
  • Hedgehog -- Dropped Rings will remain longer after taking damage

No Species is a bad choice here, but some do excel at accomplishing certain things. For example, the Cat helps you stay alive if you're the type of person who runs into enemies a lot, the Bird is nice for precise air control, and the Wolf is really good for collecting Power-Ups and Red Star Rings. Choose whichever Species best suits your needs -- or your Sonic OC.

Complete Missions to Unlock New Clothes, Wispons, Stages, and Experience Boosts

After the first few stages, you unlock the Missions panel on the World Map. Completing most Challenge Missions earns you various articles of clothing and the occasional Wispon (read: Weapons). Defeating a Boss earns you a new type of Wispon, while other miscellaneous challenges allow you the chance to earn a better one. The Missions involving collecting Red Star Rings, however, unlock Extra Stages rather than clothes or Wispons.

Unlock Costumes Clothes Wispons Stages and Experience Bonuses in Sonic Forces Beginner's Guide

Daily Missions are another beast entirely. When you complete the daily objective, you earn a 30-minute 1.2x Experience Boost. You may even complete Daily Missions up to 2 days in advance, letting you benefit from the 30-minute boost as soon as you log on that day. Be sure to take advantage of it and do as many stages as you can in order to earn loads of Experience for your Avatar.

Finish Secret Stages and Extra Stages for Powerful Wispons

When you win back some territory from Eggman, you unlock a Secret Stage. Additionally, when you complete a Red Star Ring Mission, you unlock an Extra Stage. Secret and Extra Stages are difficult levels that put your abilities to the test. If you manage to complete one of these stages, you'll earn a Wispon that comes with 3 passive abilities.

Complete SOS Stages for Extra Experience

When you return to the World Map, there's a chance that one or more of the stages you've already completed will receive an SOS. An SOS may come in one of three different types.

  • Red SOS -- Complete the stage by playing as the character in distress. They only appear on Avatar stages.
  • Green SOS -- Complete the stage by playing as your Avatar with the ability to switch to the character in distress. They only appear on Avatar stages.
  • Blue SOS -- Save the character in distress by freeing them from their cage found within the stage. They appear on all non-boss stages.

If you are knocked-out at any point during an SOS stage, it's considered a failure, so stay on your toes. Completing an SOS nets you extra Experience Points after finishing the stage.

Rerun Stages with New Wispons

You'll be re-running stages a lot in Sonic Forces to get the Red Star Rings and complete the Time-Trial Missions. There are a bunch of different paths that you can take; some may be faster, others may be hiding secrets, but they're important to uncover.

If it's an Avatar stage, make sure you study it by rerunning it with different Wispons. Each Wispon type has its own unique ability meant to help you traverse the stage. Sometimes these are required to open the road to tricky collectibles or achieve the fastest times, so be observant. You may even need to come back to a stage later after unlocking a new Weapon type.

Character and Avatar Customization in Sonic Forces Beginner's Guide

With these tips behind your belt, you'll be able to rescue the world from Doctor Eggman and then some! Check back with GameSkinny for more Sonic Forces guides.

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Published Nov. 8th 2017

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