Lords of the Fallen Boss Fight Guide - First Warden

Here's some tips for fighting and surviving the first boss fight in Lords of the Fallen.

Now that the action RPG Lords of the Fallen is finally out, maybe some tips are now in order to help aid in your survival against enemy threats such as the boss fights. That's where I come in. I will be your go-to-person for GameSkinny in your Lords of the Fallen quest.

I will be providing tips and guides along my own playthrough. This is the first in helpful tips to get you through your first out of 10 boss fights--that's right I said 10. From what I understand the health segments I'll be discussing are typical throughout the game for the bosses we'll all be encountering.

First up - First Warden

The First Warden is the first boss you encounter in Lords of the Fallen. This guy is wearing a bountiful amount of armor. Got enough bling, dude? Not only that, he's wielding around a flaming sword and get this--a skull-faced shield! This guy is a beast if I may say so (makes me wonder what the others will look like).

His attacks consist of the pretty basic moves, a powerful shield charge, heavy arm swing and a 4 strike sword combo. His powerful shield charge is pretty hard to avoid and will knock you down. His arm swing can be avoided as long as you pay attention--thanks to the wind up time. The sword strikes are fast but can be blocked.

Blocking is your friend

Paying attention to the health bars are important, not just yours but his as well. The First Warden has 4 segments in his health bar. When you get him down to each segment, you'll almost get a strip show (sort to speak). He removes a piece of armor but upon doing so, he gains a new ability. This ability stays with him throughout the fight but again upon lowering to another segment, an additional ability is gained.

When you get him down to the first segment, the ability will come as a sweeping shield bash with a sword follow through. His overarm strikes will gain an ability to shoot fire at this point. Blocking with your shield and striking just as he's finished swinging is your best measure to take him down. Don't stand still or you're as good as dead. When he gets his sword trapped in the floor, use that opportunity to get those heavy attack hits on him but stay at arm's length.

Once the First Warden gets down to the third segment that you really need to truly worry. All of his armor is removed and he spins his two handed sword at you like a rabid beast until one of you is dead. Each strike is harder and faster than ever before--so be on your toes! If you have any spell abilities available--use them here. It'll get his attention and then you can go for the kill. Rolling away to avoid his strikes, blocking with your shield and striking just as he's finished swinging is your best measure to take him down. Remember don't stand still or you're dead.

As I get further, more tips and guides will be available in my Lords of the Fallen Guide Directory, so keep watching.

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Published Oct. 29th 2014

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