Pokemon GO: How to Catch 5th Gen Unova Pokemon

Pokemon GO was updated in January 2020 with Trade Evolutions and new Pokemon breeds from Unova. Here's how to find them, and how to trade.

In the January 2020 update of Pokemon GO, several new Gen 5 Pokemon were added to the base roster. Originally hailing from the region of Unova, the new Pokemon are now available to find and catch in the wild, trade, and even hatch from eggs.

In addition to the new Pokemon, Trade Evolutions were also added, allowing you to evolve certain breeds of Pokemon in Pokemon GO simply by trading them with another player. Here's how to find the new Gen 5 Pokemon and Trade Evolutions in Pokemon GO.

New Gen 5 Unova Pokemon

Of the new Gen 5 Pokemon that are now available in Pokemon GO, here are a few of the ones that you can find while walking around in the wild:

  • Roggenrola
  • Tympole
  • Dwebble
  • Trubbish
  • Karrablast
  • Joltik
  • Shelmet

Catching any of these new 'mon is as simple as finding them in the world while playing Pokemon GO as you regularly would. There are other new Pokemon that aren't quite as easy to catch, however.

Here are some of the new Pokemon that hatch out of eggs:

  • 2 km Eggs: Venipede, Dwebble
  • 5 km Eggs: Roggenrola, Tympole, Trubbish, Karrablast, Joltik, Shelmet
  • 10 km Eggs: Timburr, Tirtouga, Archen, Axew

Finally, some of the new Pokemon characters are region-locked, and can only be found in the wild in their respective part of the world.

  • Throh: North America, South America, and Africa
  • Sawk: Europe, Asia, and Australia
  • Maractus: Southern United States, Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean, and South America
  • Sigilyph: Egypt, Greece
  • Red-Striped Form Basculin: Eastern hemisphere
  • Blue-Striped Form Basculin: Western hemisphere

Trade Evolutions

Trade Evolutions work much the same way in Pokemon GO as they do in other traditional Pokemon titles. By trading a certain Pokemon with another player, you can bypass the need for candies entirely.

The breeds of Pokemon that this evolution method works with are the same as in other games, meaning that if a certain breed evolves via trading in a traditional Pokemon game, it should also evolve through trades in Pokemon GO.

Classic examples of Trade Evolution-compatible Pokemon in Pokemon GO are Haunter, Graveler, Machoke, and Kadabra.

Here is the complete list:

  • Graveler to Golem
  • Alolan Graveler to Alolan Golem
  • Kadabra to Alakazam
  • Machoke to Machamp
  • Haunter to Gengar
  • Boldore to Gigalith
  • Karrablast to Escavalier
  • Shelmet to Accelgor
  • Gurdurr to Conkeldurr


That's all you need to know about the new Gen 5 Pokemon and Trade Evolutions in Pokemon GO, but be sure to check out our other Pokemon GO guides for more tips and tricks to keep you at the top of your game.

Published Jan. 14th 2020

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