Xenoblade Chronicles X Armor Augment Quick Reference Guide

Need to know what all the battle traits on your armor mean? Then, check this guide out for the info on all of them!

Xenoblade Chronicles X has many battle traits you can have on your armor. These are passive abilities that help you in combat. There is no way to see a description of these traits unless you upgrade them or buy augments at the AM terminal in Armory Alley.

I'm going to make things easier by listing the different types of battle traits/augments you can get on your armor and what they do.

This guide will go over armor augments/battle traits in Xenoblade Chronicles X including:

  • Armor Augments/Battle Traits Types - The different types of battle traits you can have on your armor.
  • Armor Augments Info - What each armor augment does.

Armor Augments/Battle Traits

There are 10 types of battle traits you can have on your armor by default, or added from an augment.

  • Stat Increase
  • Skell Enhancement
  • Attribute Resistance 
  • Debuff Resistance
  • Antidamage Measures
  • Overdrive
  • Art Mods
  • Soul Voice
  • Special
  • Anticlimate Measures

I'm going to separate the different types of battle traits/augments for your armor into each category. If you need more info on some of the general terms or basics of the game, check out my Beginner tips and tricks.

Stat Increase

  • Max HP Up/Boost - Up Increases Maximum HP by a certain number. Boost increases it by a percentage.

Xenoblade Chronicles Armor Stat Battle trait

  • Max TP Up/Boost - Increases Maximum TP.
  • Evasion Up/Boost - Increases Evasion.
    • This increases your chance to dodge an attack.
  • Potential Up/Boost - Increases Potential.
    • This increases how much HP is recovered when you complete a soul challenge and how much damage you do with Tension Arts, Arts that use TP.

Skell Enhancement

  • Max HP Drive - Increases maximum Skell HP by a percentage.
  • Max GP Drive - Increases maximum Skell GP by a percentage.
  • Melee Accuracy Drive - Increases  Skell Melee Accuracy by a percentage.
  • Ranged Accuracy Drive - Increases  Skell Ranged Accuracy by a percentage.
  • Evasion Drive - Increases Skell Evasion by a percentage.
  • Melee Attack Drive - Increases Skell Melee Attack by a percentage.
  • Ranged Attack Drive - Increases Skell Ranged Attack by a percentage.
  • Potential Drive - Increases Skell Potential by a percentage.
  • Bind: Refuel - Boost fuel recovery by a number of units per second when binding an enemy.
  • Fuel Efficiency Up - Boost Fuel Efficiency when fighting in a Skell.
    • Higher Efficiency means you use less fuel. 

Attribute Resistance

  • Physical Resistance Up - Increases resistance to Physical attacks.
  • Beam Resistance Up - Increases resistance to Beam attacks.
  • Electric Resistance Up - Increases resistance to Electric attacks.

Xenoblade Chronicles X Attribute Resistance Battle trait

  • Thermal Resistance Up - Increases resistance to Thermal attacks.
  • Ether Resistance Up - Increases resistance to Ether attacks.
  • Gravity Resistance Up - Increases resistance to Gravity attacks.

Debuff Resistance

  • Resist Stagger - Increases resistance to the Stagger debuff.
    • Stagger knocks targets off balance and makes them vulnerable to Topple and Bind.
  • Resist Flinch - Increases resistance to the Flinch debuff.
    • Flinch makes the target unable to act for a certain amount of time.
  • Resist Topple - Increases resistance to the Topple debuff.
    • Topple makes the target vulnerable to further attacks.
  • Resist Knockback - Increases resistance to the Knockback debuff.
    • Knockback pushes the target back a certain distance.
  • Resist Launch - Increases resistance to the Launch debuff.
    • Launch sent the target flying away.
  • Resist Stun - Increases resistance to the Stun debuff.
    • Stun makes the character faint.
  • Resist Sleep - Increases resistance to the Sleep debuff.
    • Sleep stops the target from acting until it gets attacked.
  • Resist Taunt - Increases resistance to the Taunt debuff.
    • Taunt causes the target to attack the user.
  • Resist Control - Increases resistance to the Control debuff.
    • Control makes the target an ally.
  • Resist Virus - Increases resistance to the Virus debuff.
    • Virus causes makes the target unable to use ranged weapons.
  • Resist Blackout - Increases resistance to the Blackout debuff.
    • Blackout reduces the target's accuracy, evasion, and ranged weapon damage.
  • Resist Fatigue - Increases resistance to the Fatigue debuff.
    • Fatigue decreases the target's melee damage.
  • Resist Slow Arts - Increases resistance to the Slow Arts debuff.
    • Slow Arts causes the target's Arts to cooldown slower.
  • Resist Resistance Down - This resists effects of lowering one of the 5 resistances. 
  • Resist Time Bomb - Increases resistance to the Time Bomb debuff.
    • Time Bomb causes the target to take a large amount of damage after a certain amount of time.
  • Resist HP Recovery Down - Increases resistance of the HP Recovery Down debuff.
    • HP Recovery Down reduces the amount of HP recovered by Soul Voices and Arts.
  • Resist Blaze - Increases resistance to the Blaze debuff.
    • Blaze causes thermal damage over time.
  • Resist Debuff Resistance - Increases resistance to having your debuff's duration lowered.

Antidamage Measures

  • HP Rebound - Grants a chance to recover HP when taking damage.
  • TP Rebound - Grants a chance of getting TP when taking damage.
  • Taunt: Barrier - Grants a chance to receive a Barrier when taunted.
    • Barriers absorb a certain amount of damage.
  • Taunt: Decoy - Grants a chance to activate Decoy when taunted.
    • Decoy allows you to evade a certain number of enemy attacks.
  • Taunt: Supercharge - Grants a chance to activate Supercharge when taunted.
    • Supercharge doubles the damage of your next attack.
    • They also have Supercharge, Barrier, and Decoy activation traits for Topple and Stun.

Xenoblade Chronicles X Stun Decoy armor augment

  • Reflect Damage Up - Increases the amount of damage you can reflect back to the attacker.


  • Overdrive: Recover HP - Recovers HP when activating Overdrive.
  • Overdrive: Gain TP - Gains TP when activating Overdrive.
  • Extend Overdrive - Increases the duration of Overdrive.

Art Mods

  • Extend Aura - Increases the duration of Aura effects.
  • Aura Rapid Cooldown - Reduces the cooldown of arts when an Aura is active.
  • Aura: Refuel - Recovers fuel when using an Aura.
  • Extend Taunt - Extends the duration of Taunt effects from your Arts.
  • Extend Control - Extends the duration of Control effects from your Arts.
  • Extend Virus - Extends the duration of Virus effects from your Arts.
  • Extend Blackout - Extends the duration of Blackout effects from your Arts.
  • Extend Fatigue - Extends the duration of Fatigue effects from your Arts.
  • Extend Slow Arts - Extends the duration of Slow Arts effects from your Arts.
  • Extend Debuff Res Down - Extends the duration of Debuff resistance lowering effects from your Arts

Soul Voice

  • Danger Surge - Increases the chance to activate the HP Risk Soul Voice.
  • High Danger Surge - Increases the chance to activate the HP Peril Soul Voice.
  • Incapacitation Surge - Increases the chance to activate the Last Words Soul Voice.
  • Aura Surge - Increases the chance to activate the Aura Ready Soul Voice.
  • Overdrive Surge - Increases the chance to activate the Activate Overdrive Soul Voice.


  • Reinvigorate - Increases the amount of HP recovered when you get revived.
  • EXP Boost - Increases the amount of experience you receive.
  • Visual Cloaking - Reduces enemy detection by shrinking the enemy's field of view.

Xenoblade Chronicles X EXP Boost Battle Trait

  • Aural Cloaking - Reduces enemy detection by reducing how far they can hear.
  • Terrain Damage Reducer - Reduces the amount of damage taken from Terrain.
  • Antispike - Grants a chance to evade spike damage.
  • Resistance Reducer - Reduces enemy debuff resistance by a certain amount when landing an attack.
  • Treasure Sensor - Increases item drop rate.
  • Untouchable Dash - Increases evasion when sprinting.
  • Focused Evasion - Increases evasion when within enemy melee range.

Anticlimate Measures

  • Fog Screen - Grants immunity to the effects of Fog.
  • Rain Screen - Grants immunity to the effects of Rain.
  • Heavy Rain Screen - Grants immunity to the effects of Heavy Rain.
  • Heat Wave Screen - Grants immunity to the effects of Heat Wave.
  • Sandstorm Screen - Grants immunity to the effects of Sandstorm.
  • Thunderstorm Screen - Grants immunity to the effects of Thunderstorm.
  • EM Storm Screen - Grants immunity to the effects of Electromagnetic Storm.
  • Energy Mist Screen - Grants immunity to the effects of Energy Mist.
  • Rising Energy Mist Screen - Grants immunity to the effects of Rising Energy Mist.
  • Brimstone Rain Screen - Grants immunity to the effects of Brimstone Rain.
  • Spore Screen - Grants immunity to the effects of Spore clouds.
  • Weather Master - Reduces weather damage by a certain amount.

That wraps up all of the Armor Battle Traits/Augments for Xenoblade Chronicles X. Let me know if you have any questions!

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Published Dec. 14th 2015

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