Fallout 76: Fastest Ways to Get Rare Plans in Mutation Invasion

Here are the fastest ways to get rare plans in the Mutation Invasion event for Fallout 76.

Playing Fallout 76 during an event is a worthwhile endeavor.  With a new mutation and rare plans as a potential reward, Mutation Invasion is one you will want to take part in.  Here are the fastest ways to get rare plans in Fallout 76: Mutation Invasion. 

Fastest Ways to Get Rare Plans in Fallout 76

Mutant Party Packages

When you complete a Mutated Event with 3+ Fallout 1st members, you are guaranteed a Mutant Party Package. Mutated Party Packages have an increased chance of dropping rare plans, 50% instead of 25 in the regular Mutant Packages.

Find a few friends who are Fallout 1st members or stick with a group that has a bunch to take advantage of this. 

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Daily Ops

When completing Daily Ops, you want to be aiming for the Elder tier. While you have a chance with the other tiers to get plan drops, the Elder tier will give you the highest chance.

In order to obtain Elder tier, you will need to complete the op in under 8 minutes. Plan on having a high level party, if possible. 

Asking Other Players

The fastest way to get rare plans from the Mutation Invasion event is to buy them from other players. The plans that are being dropped, while rare, are not exclusive to this event. If you are looking for a specific set of plans, asking on forums or in game chat is going to be the fastest way to obtain those plans. Otherwise you can just join the events and hope to get plan drops in your rewards. 

Those are the fastest ways to get rare plans during the Mutation Invasion even in Fallout 76. For more help, locations and event details check out our other Fallout 76 guides.

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Published Mar. 6th 2023

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