How to Catch Chickens in Sea of Thieves (With Chicken Locations)

Need help capturing chickens in Sea of Thieves? This guide has you covered.

Earning coin in Sea of Thieves can require some extensive legwork. Plundering unsuspecting ships, recovering chests for the Goal Hoarders association, and felling notorious undead captains for the Order of Souls all carry a considerable risk of death; however, for more pacifist pirates, shipping cargo and captured animals are equally worth their weight in gold. We’ve provided a quick reference guide to help you catch elusive chickens and secure them on board your vessel to help you unlock more rewarding voyages, cosmetics, and equipment items.

A man stands in front of a map at the Merchant Alliance in Sea of Thieves

Purchasing a Voyage from the Merchant Alliance

Pirates can begin their Merchant Alliance adventure by speaking to a faction representative at any of the Outposts and browsing their wares. Available quests will include shipping cargo, so be sure to purchase the voyage that involves capturing animals.

Visit your ship’s voyage table to propose the mission, as doing so will unlock access to the coop. Merchant Alliance missions have a time factor that necessitates expediency, so you can track your progress via your pocket watch located in the inventory panel (hotkey “Q”). If a voyage requires several animals to be captured, you will ultimately need an equal number of coops on board.

Note: Just as there are different pigs and snakes in Sea of Thieves, chickens also come in variety: White Feathered, Red Speckled, Black Plumed, and Golden. Be sure to capture the correct one for the voyage to be completed.

A caged chicken in Sea of Thieves

Capturing a Chicken in Sea of Thieves

Merchant Alliance voyages that involve capturing animals do not provide locations, as opposed to Gold Hoarders or Order of Souls voyages. Instead, players will need to utilize their vessels to locate animals by searching islands throughout the map. While pigs are more ubiquitous than chickens, both can be found on islands with an abundance of greenery.

Capturing a chicken is relatively simple. Once you’ve anchored, bring your chicken coop onto the island and locate the animal specified in your Merchant Alliance mission. Walk toward the animal and press your activation key. With the chicken safely inside its coop, you can proceed back to your vessel.

Note: Chickens can drown if the cage is held underwater. Keep the animal above the waterline as you travel to your ship. If you accidentally captured the wrong animal, you will need to dispose of it by cutlass or pistol before selecting the correct one. (Sorry, pacifist pirates.)

Turn in your chicken coop to any Merchant Alliance representative to complete the voyage.

a map of The Shores of Plenty in Sea of Thieves

Known Chicken Locations in Sea of Thieves

Chickens can be found at the following islands in Sea of Thieves:

  • Barnacle Cay
  • Cannon Cove
  • Chicken Isle
  • Crook's Hollow
  • Marauder's Arch
  • Old Faithful Isle
  • Salty Sands
  • Shipwreck Bay
  • Thieves’ Haven
  • Twin Groves
  • Wanderer's Refuge


Following these tips will help you earn reputation points for the Merchant Alliance (and gold) and make you a master chicken snatcher. Be sure to check back with GameSkinny for more on Sea of Thieves, and if you haven't already, view our other Sea of Thieves guides.

Published Apr. 7th 2018

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