How to Play Co-op in Enter the Gungeon

Here's how you get your multiplayer on in Enter the Gungeon.

Some co-op Enter the Gungeon on PS4 as well as PC is one of my household's main rainy day activities. Starting the game in co-op is basically the same no matter the platform, and it's easy as pie.

In order to start co-op, you need to have two inputs enabled.

On PC, this probably means one person is on keyboard and mouse and the other is on controller. On PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, or Xbox One, that means two users need to be signed in with controllers on for the game to recognize that you may want to do co-op.

Start the game like usual and have the person who will be player one choose their Gungeoneer. Walk a bit to the right and you'll see a pink-robed character, the Cultist, whom you can talk to and initiate co-op.

Things to Know About Enter the Gungeon's Co-op

First, is that one player has to play as the Cultist. Accept it and decide who plays as him.

The Cultist is really not all that bad, as he comes with a single-use cookie that can revive the other player and a passive item that increases his movement and damage if the other player is dead.

You can revive a dead partner by finding a chest, which they will burst from at full health at no cost to the living player. A dead partner will also revive after beating a chamber's boss.

Both players can drop weapons to give to the other by holding down on the D-pad or by holding F if you're using the keyboard.

Lastly, item synergies work between players. This is a pretty big boon and negates most negative aspects of playing the game in multiplayer.


Enter the Gungeon's co-op is much more fair than some similar titles and the difficulty raises only a tiny bit when playing multiplayer rather than solo. The amount of item synergies and surprises make it well-worth playing through with a partner.

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Published Dec. 30th 2019

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