Halo Infinite: How To Use The Repulsor

This quick guide will tell you everything you need to know to use the Repulsor in Halo Infinite.

Halo Infinite includes plenty of things that veteran players will remember, but a few new things as well. 

The Repulsor is in fact one of those new things, and it's an item that can be extremely helpful if you know how to use it.

This quick guide will show you the ins and outs of the Repulsor, and what the best use cases for it are. 

Halo Infinite: How To Use The Repulsor

How It Works

The Repulsor works just like every other item, in that you just need to tap LB to use it. You only get up to five charges with it, and it'll sit on your Spartan's left arm. 

You can pick one up by just running over it when it is available in each map, or of course by taking it off your enemy after killing them. 

If you simply tap LB while standing still with the Repulsor, and nothing in front of you - then you'll get a whole lot of nothing from it.

A cool looking flash and sound, sure, but nothing of actual use. The Repulsor only works when interacting with something, whether that be a wall, another player, a grenade, or the floor. 

How To Use The Repulsor

You'll want to have the Repulsor handy for plenty of situations in Halo Infinite, but firstly lets tackle the classic scenario of turning the corner only to find an enemy in front of you. 

Using the Repulsor when you're directly in front of someone will send them flying backwards, a potentially good quick distraction to get the kill. 

It'll also send back any grenades that come your way, so long as you time it correctly. 

With the amount of grenades that get thrown in any given Halo match, you'll want to be using the Repulsor against grenades a lot.

Other Spartan's and grenades are frankly small stuff for the Repulsor though, since it should be noted that you can also send a Warthog flying, given the right angle and timing. 

So don't leave anything off the table: if you think you can move something with the Repulsor, you probably can. 

You can also use the Repulsor as a method of movement, which can make all the difference in shooters.

Jump up to a higher ledge by aiming the Repulsor towards the ground, or even move yourself around/away from an enemy by launching yourself against a wall. 

The best and frankly funniest use of the repulsor however is to simply knock an enemy off the map with it. Trust me, it's funny every time. 

That is the basics on how the repulsor works and how to use it. Clearly it's a well rounded item that can be helpful in many ways, you just need to be creative with it. 

It's a simple item with a lot of mechanical depth, a great addition to the Halo loadout.

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Published Nov. 29th 2021

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