Nintendo Platform RSS Feed | Nintendo RSS Feed on en Launch Media Network Overwatch 2: How to Set Up SMS Protect Wed, 05 Oct 2022 13:34:53 -0400 Bryn Gelbart

The follow-up and replacement to Blizzard's massively popular hero shooter Overwatch is finally here. Overwatch 2 is the same as the original in many ways, but it makes some fundamental changes to the way accounts are handled. One of the controversial new requirements in Overwatch 2 is that players are required to register a phone number before they are allowed to play the game, with many wondering how to set up SMS protection because of that requirement. 

For one, if you played the first Overwatch on a console, you'll need to merge your account with a new or previously existing account. That's where everything related to your Overwatch progression and characters will live. Due to the game requiring access, it also requires you to set up SMS Protect on your account. Here's what that means and the best way to quickly complete the process. 

SMS Protect Explained

SMS Protect is's way of attempting to keep games secure and cut down on cheating. By requiring a phone number to be linked to each Overwatch 2 player account, Blizzard can effectively prevent players from "smurfing" — or creating new accounts to play against lower-ranked players to gain an unfair advantage. 

SMS Protect and Prepaid Cell Phones

The unfortunate downside to Blizzard's Defense Matrix Initiative is that it prevents some people on prepaid cell phone plans from being able to play Overwatch 2 at all. Since the original game was shut down in favor of this sequel, there are no longer any other options for these potential users

Setting Up SMS Protect on Console

If you're playing on console, you'll need to go to a web browser to set up SMS Protect. You must follow these steps to proceed and play Overwatch 2

  1. Go to, and log in to your existing account or create a new one.
  2. Select your account name from the top navigation bar.
  3. From the dropdown menu, select Account Settings. This will send you to your Account Overview.
  4. From the navigation bar on the left side, pick Account Details.
  5. Scroll down to Add Phone Number; you'll be sent a security code to confirm your number. 
  6. Enter the code you receive in the on-screen box, and you'll be all set.

Setting Up SMS Protect on PC

The process for PC players is slightly different, but not too much so: 

  • Log into the application
  • Navigate to the Overwatch 2 page
  • Click Install on the bottom left of the page. 
  • Click Add a Phone Number in the pop-up box that appears.
  • You'll be automatically directed to in your browser, with a new window opening. Select Continue. 
  • Add your phone number in the field. Select Continue. 
  • Enter the code sent to your phone. Select Continue. 
  • Close your browser when you see the Account Complete page. 
  • Return to your application on your computer; you'll be able to start the installation process. 

That is everything you need to know about how to set up SMS Protect in Overwatch 2. Once you've set up your account, you should be powered up and ready for the 5v5 tactical of Blizzard's latest. For more on the new Blizzard shooter, look no further than our hub page for the game, where we'll continually keep you up to date with the latest news, tips, and tricks. 

Overwatch 2: Possible Fixes For Unexpected Server Error Occurred Wed, 05 Oct 2022 10:50:18 -0400 Sergey_3847

Overwatch 2 is out now on various platforms, and because it's F2P, its servers are jammed with new and returning players alike. If you've tried to jump into the game at launch, you may have encountered the "Unexpected Server Error Occured" message, which kept you from logging in and taking part in the action. 

This Overwatch 2 guide will attempt to provide two possible fixes for the bug. However, these aren't guaranteed to work. Rest assured, though, that Blizzard is working to remedy the issues, and once the server problems get fixed in the coming days and weeks, you should have no problem connecting to the game.

Change Your Server Location

One of the first — and easiest  things you could do to get around the error message is to change the location of your server. All players have access to three types of server locations in Overwatch 2. Here's how you can change them:

On PC:

  1. Start app.
  2. Select Overwatch tab.
  3. Select "Overwatch 2" game version.
  4. Click the "Globe" icon next to version selection.
  5. Switch to one of the three available servers:
    • Asia.
    • America.
    • Europe.

For example, if you typically play on the America's server, and you get the unexpected server error, then switch to either Asia or Europe, and try to connect once again. Keep in mind that this will change the playerbase you compete against. 

There is a large chance that one of these servers will let you in. Although you may also lose some of that latency speed, you will still get the chance to play Overwatch 2 early on.

Restart Your Internet Connection

Outside of the above option, this is always the go-to when you have connection issues. Simply restart your router, wait for it to reset, and try to reconnect to the Overwatch 2 servers (you may need to completely unplug your router, as well). PC players can also try to reboot their connection as an admin:

  1. Press the "Start" button.
  2. Type in "CMD" in the search bar.
  3. Start the command line app.
  4. Type in: ipconfig, and press Enter.
  5. Copy the IP address from the "Default Gateway" line.
  6. Paste the IP address into your internet browser and press Enter.
  7. Log in using "admin" as both your login and password.
  8. Go to "Management" tab.
  9. Press the "Reboot" button.

After the reboot, you can try to log in to the game; if there is no response or you continue to receive the error, wait for a bit and try again later. Unfortunately, that's about all you can do right now since the issue is more server-side than client-side. Hopefully, this "unexpected" error will get eliminated sooner rather than later. 

FIFA 23: Best Starter Packs Wed, 05 Oct 2022 09:04:38 -0400 Sergey_3847

All FIFA 23 players get to choose their first starter pack at the beginning of the game, which includes one national team. Currently, there are nine nations represented at the start, but not all of them are equal.

Our guide will provide you with the best starter packs in FIFA 23. Once you've chosen your pack, you can select players of that nation that will be a part of your ultimate team.

Best Starter Pack: France

It all comes down to the players that you get in the French nation, as that's where your squad-building challenges will get the biggest support.

Of course, nobody knows which players you get exactly from your starter pack since it's determined by RNG, but here are a few options that you may get and be very happy:

  • Karim Benzema — One of the best center forwards with a high shooting score.
  • Kylian Mbappé — One of the fastest strikers in the game.
  • N'Golo Kanté — Excellent defensive player, and one of the best central midfielders.
  • Kingsley Coman — Another high-pace and high-acceleration left midfielder.
  • Christopher Nkunku — A favorite of many, the second best center forward after Benzema.

Alternative Best Pack: England

Players get to choose only one pack at the start, and you just might not want to start with France. If so, England would be the next best choice for your starter pack.

Here is a short list of some of the best English players in FIFA 23 you may get:

  • Harry Kane — A truly great striker, who has some of the best passing skills in the game.
  • Trent Alexander-Arnold — Another excellent player with huge passing skills, but this time in the right back defensive position.
  • Raheem Sterling — This left wing offender has too much speed under his sneakers. You'll love him!
  • Kyle Walker — Set Walker against Sterling in the right back, and watch them compete who's faster.
  • Jamie Vardy — The second best striker in the English team right behind Kane.

Related guides

Those are the best starter packs in FIFA 23. Also, be sure to check out the rest of our FIFA 23 tips and tricks articles on our dedicated hub page.

Hokko Life: How to Increase Backpack and Storage Capacity Tue, 04 Oct 2022 16:09:43 -0400 Jonathan Moore

With so many items and crafting materials to collect, it's no surprise you'll want to increase your backpack and storage capacity as soon as you can in Hokko Life. Slots are at a premium in the early going, and it's likely you'll have to do some creative sorting and selling to carry and store everything you need.

This Hokko Life guide tells you how to increase your backpack carrying capacity and how to build storage chests to keep around your house. It will also quickly go over how to dismantle items if you need to break something down for more space. 

How to Increase Backpack Carrying Capacity

You start with 16 backpack slots initially, which fill up very quickly. To add more space, you'll need to complete two Mayor Merits, little challenges that unlock myriad different things in Hokko Life, like the fishing rod, the pickaxe upgrade, and the ability to demolish and move houses.

The two you need to complete here are found in the first subsection (the blue sub-tab with three people) of the Mayor Merits tab in your player menu.

  • Backpack Upgrade 1: +8 slots. Make 5 Villager deliveries.
  • Backpack Upgrade 2: +8 slots. Make 10 deliveries, sell any 50 items, and reach the Small Wood.
    • To reach the Small Wood, take the path into the Woods from the Torii Gate in the northern part of the Village. When you load into the Woods, follow the path north, then east when it turns right up the hill. Follow that path east, past the fork and the grassy area with the bench. Use the bomb to blow up the rocks at the end of the path. 

These Mayor Medal challenges will take a while to complete, as some Villager Deliveries can prove difficult or time-consuming. When all's said and done, you'll have a total of 32 slots in your backpack

How to Unlock the Fishing Bag

 You can also unlock a fishing bag to store your various Baits from your main backpack inventory separately. First, unlock the three different Fishing Baits under the Insects and Fish sub-category in the Mayor Merits tab. Then catch 10 unique fish and use bait 15 times to get the fishing bag, which shows to the left of your backpack inventory. 

How to Get Storage Chests

Unlike some other life-sims, Hokko Life doesn't have a blueprint for chests, so you may be wondering how to store items for later in your home. 

One of the game's key components is building furniture and unique items yourself through the Design Table, which is found in the Workshop and Unlocks while building the simple bridge. 

As you play through Spring, make sure to speak to the townsfolk for more Design Table requests. Eventually, Niko will ask for a Simple Cupboard, giving you the design; build one for 11 Wooden Planks, and complete their quest. Hokko Life doesn't tell you, but the Cupboard is the only "actual" storage chest in the game. It has 24 slots.

You can certainly build your own storage containers once you get through all of the Design Table tutorials. Just choose the Blueprint icon at the table, Large Storage Item at the bottom of the list that appears, and build within the dimensions for your own unique box.

There are plenty of great tutorials on YouTube that showcase other players' creations that may give you a spark of inspiration. You can also visit the city to download creations if you have other players' shop code. 

It's worth noting that you can move storage items without emptying them first.

How to Dismantle and Deconstruct Items

If you need crafting materials but don't want to go out and source them yourself, you may want to break down an item you're not using, such as a bookshelf or bed. 

To break an item into its initial crafting components (e.g. Wooden Planks, Stone, etc.):

  • Pick the item up and place it in your backpack. 
  • Interact with the Workbench in the Workshop
  • Look in the bottom center for the "Dismantle" button (ex: Triangle on PlayStation)
  • Choose the item
  • Choose how many to deconstruct.
  • Press the button highlighted underneath the number you've chosen to break down. 

It's never a bad thing to have more backpack space or storage capacity. With all the farming and gathering you'll do, having more slots makes Hokko Life's day-to-day much more manageable. That's not to mention you won't have to worry about running to Moss' shop during fishing tournaments — a big quality of life upgrade — and picking up relics on the island won't be such a hassle. For more, head over to our Hokko Life guides hub.

Hokko Life Farming Guide Tue, 04 Oct 2022 15:16:07 -0400 Jonathan Moore

Farming and life-sims go hand-in-hand, and Team 17's Animal Crossing adjacent entry is no different. Whereas most games in the genre get you tilling the ground and planting crops right away, Hokko Life takes its time getting you on the farm. In fact, it's one of the last areas you'll likely unlock in the game. 

Since getting to the farm is fairly obtuse, this guide will lead you through the steps you'll need to take. It will also tell you how to unlock the farm's expansion and outline the crops and trees you can plant along the way. 

How to Unlock the Farm

Early in Hokko Life, Oma the innkeeper will tell you that new villagers and shopkeeps will appear at the inn around lunch each day. Which NPCs appear on any given day is random, and only one NPC visits every day, so be sure to visit every time you can. To unlock the farm, you'll need to speak with Aubrey at the inn; they're the deer with antlers, and a red, long-sleeve flannel shirt rolled up to the elbows. 

By the time you speak with Aubrey, it's likely that you've already accessed the woods on the northern side of the village; it's the path you take to reach the Mines. If not, you'll need to do the following to reach the woods:

  • Speak with Rosa, the Realtor (who appears at the inn during early spring).
  • Build any house once Rosa opens shop.
  • Have any villager move into the newly-constructed house.
  • Build the small stairs to reach the elevated portion of the village (the small stairs recipe is given to you by Rosa once a new NPC moves in).
  • Use the stone stairs leading through to Torii Gate north of the village to reach the woods. 

Once on the woods path, go down the second path to the left (if you've not spoken to Aubrey, this path will be blocked by a wooden fence, which you've likely seen opening the Mines and the Small Woods). After taking the path, you'll load into the farm area, with a barn and plenty of debris on the ground. Speak to Aubrey again, and he'll ask you to clean things up; in my experience, this includes the weeds and logs but not the stones. 

After clearing the weeds and logs from the area, speak with Aubrey once again, and they'll tell you about growing crops and give you the recipes for the watering can and the hoe

How to Craft the Watering Can and Hoe

Before you can do anything else farming related, you have to craft the watering can and hoe at the Workbench in the Workshop. Here are their recipes: 

  • Watering Can: x6 Steel. 
  • Hoe: x3 Wooden Planks, x3 Steel. 

Farming 101

With the watering can and hoe in tow, return to Aubrey, and ask them how to start farming. Of course, they'll tell you to till the ground with the hoe and water plots with the watering can. At the end of the conversation, you'll get x6 Tomato Seeds, and Aubrey will open up shop so you can buy more crop seeds, flower seeds, trees, fabrics, and other farm-centric supplies. 

You can farm anywhere in the area by equipping the hoe and using the interact button to create a plot on the ground. Equip plant seeds, stand over a tilled plot, and press the interact button to spread seeds; you can't place seeds on a plot that already has seeds.

Equip the watering can, fill it at the pond in the northeast corner of the farm, and use the interact button to water plots one at a time. The watering can holds six charges, and most crops can go 24-48 hours without water (trees don't need to be watered).  

You can eventually unlock the weather control device by sprinting for 3,600 seconds (60 minutes total), growing 12 types of vegetables, and traveling 40km. The device allows you to change the weather at will, making it rain for your crops whenever you choose

How to Unlock the Farm Expansion

You'll notice a section of land beyond the fence in the northern portion of the farm. Complete 10 villager food requests to open the farm expansion. Villager food requests become available after planting your first crops. Visit Oma at the inn to begin the quest chain; you'll have eight to 11 days to complete each request, and new orders become available three days after completing the previous request. 

Here are the first 10 you'll need to bring Oma:

  • x3 tomatoes. 
  • x3 lemons.
  • x4 strawberries.
  • x4 carrots.
  • x4 grapes.
  • x8 grapes. 
  • x6 chili peppers.
  • Upside-down cake (x2 wheat, x2 apples, x2 pears). 

You'll get the Expansion Project trophy and achievement. Note that the gate to the farm expansion area may open, and you may be able to enter the area, but the trophy/achievement may not pop until you revisit the next day

How to Get Fertilizer

As you might expect, fertiliser does two things in Hokko Life: it helps crops grow faster, and it increases the chance for plots to produce higher-quality yields, which turns into more money for you. However, you won't have access to fertiliser during your first couple of weeks of farming.

  • To get Fertiliser: Quality Grow, unlock the farm, and help Oma with their first recipe. Talk to them every day at the inn, and they'll eventually ask you to speak with Aubrey about increasing the quality of your crops. Go to the farm, and speak with Aubrey to get some growing tips. 
    • Fertiliser: Quality Grow recipe: x4 Weed Clumps. 
  • To get Fertliser: Quality Grow Pro, complete 10 Villager Food Requests (growing and taking crops to Oma). This item appears in Aubrey's shop after unlocking the farm expansion. 
    • Fertiliser: Quality Grow Pro recipe: x4 Weed Clumps, x2 Clay, x2 Stone.

All Seeds and Items in Aubrey's Shop

Here are all of the items you can buy from Aubrey's shop for your farm. We've included their growing time and season, as well as the cost for each seed packet or fabric recipe. Note that seeds must be planted in square holes tilled with the hoe, and trees, just like conifers and mahoganies, must be planted in round holes dug by the shovel. 

Crops and Trees
  • Asparagus Seeds: 7 days. Spring. 13 gold. 
  • Aubergine Seeds: 9 days. Fall and winter. 26 gold.
  • Beetroot Seeds: 9 days. Fall and winter. 20 gold.
  • Blueberry Seeds: 11 days. Summer. 26 gold.
  • Broccoli Seeds: 10 days. Spring. 22 gold.
  • Brussel Sprout Seeds: 10 days. Winter. 22 gold.
  • Cabbage Seeds: 7 days. Every season. 14 gold.
  • Carrot Seeds: 6 days. Summer and fall. 14 gold.
  • Pineapple Seeds: 13 days. Spring. 30 gold.
  • Onion Seeds: 8 days. Spring, summer, fall. 22 gold.
  • Kale Seeds: 8 days. Fall and winter. 20 gold.
  • Grape Seeds: 9 days. Summer and fall. 18 gold.
  • Daikon Seeds: 5 days. Fall and winter. 14 gold.
  • Corn Seeds: 8 days. Summer and fall. 20 gold.
  • Chili Pepper Seeds: 10 days. Fall. 22 gold.
  • Chard Seeds: 9 days. Spring and winter. 20 gold.
  • Potato Seeds: 7 days. Spring, summer, winter. 14 gold.
  • Pumpkin Seeds: 13 days. Fall. 30 gold.
  • Rhubarb Seeds: 6 days. Spring. 13 gold.
  • Strawberry Seeds: 6 days. Spring and summer. 14 gold.
  • Tomato Seeds: 4 days. Summer. 12 gold.
  • Watermelon Seeds: 13 days. Summer. 30 gold.
  • Wheat Seeds: 5 days. Fall. 12 gold.
  • Apple Tree: 9 days. Summer and fall. 120 gold.
  • Cherry Tree: 10 days. Summer. 104 gold.
  • Lemon Tree: 6 days. Spring and summer. 46 gold.
  • Orange Tree: 6 days. Spring and winter. 46 gold.
  • Peach Tree: 10 days. Summer. 104 gold.
  • Pear Tree: 8 days. Fall and winter. 120 gold.
  • Conifer Seeds: 2 days. 4 gold.
  • Mahogany Seeds: 3 days. 6 gold.
  • Small Shrub Seeds: 2 days. 5 gold.
  • Blue Flower Seeds: 2 days. 5 gold.
  • Brown Flower Seeds: 2 days. 5 gold.
  • Grass Seeds: 2 days. 5 gold.
  • Green Flower Seeds: 2 days. 5 gold.
  • Purple Flower Seeds: 2 days. 5 gold.
  • Red Flower Seeds: 2 days. 5 gold.
  • Yellow Flower Seeds: 2 days. 5 gold.
Fabrics and Other Items
  • Banana Fabric: x1 fabric, x2 yellow dye, x2 light yellow dye. 38 gold.
  • Blueberries Fabric: x1 fabric, x2 Fabric dye base, x2 blueberries. 38 gold.
  • Pumpkin Flannel Fabric: x1 fabric, x1 base, x2 pumpkin. 38 gold.
  • Strawberry Flannel Fabric: x1 fabric, x1 base, x2 strawberry. 38 gold.
  • Tools Flannel Fabric: x1 fabric, x1 blue dye, x1 red dye, x1 green dye. 68 gold.
  • Farm Tools Fabric: x1 fabric, x1 light yellow dye, x1 green dye, x1 red dye. 68 gold.
  • Veggie Collection Fabric: x1 fabric, x1 aubergine, x1 carrot, x1 chili pepper. 68 gold.
  • Watermelon Slice Fabric: x1 fabric, x1 base, x2 Watermelon. 38 gold.
  • Long Hay Bale: x10 grass tuft, x5 weed clump.
  • Square Hay Bale: x10 grass tuft, x5 weed clump. 

Farming is a big part of Hokko Life's endgame, and it's one of the more compelling mechanics in Team 17's life-sim. It's too bad it's not available sooner. Regardless, now you know how to grow crops, expand the farm, get fertilizer, and more, securing your life in the village for years to come. Here's everything you need to know about fishing if you're the angling sort.

Hokko Life Fishing Guide Tue, 04 Oct 2022 14:48:11 -0400 Jonathan Moore

A big part of Hokko Life is sitting back and smelling the roses, and one of the best ways to relax is by casting a line and waiting for a bite. It's a great way to fill in the gaps between resident quests and waiting for trees and crops to grow, and you can get some good money from it, too. But actually unlocking the mechanic can be a bit of conundrum: the game doesn't do a good job of explaining what to do. 

This Hokko Life guide tells you how to unlock fishing and get the fishing rod, how to the mini-game's mechanics work, and how to get and use bait. That last part isn't terribly important, but it can shave down some of the time and effort you spend fishing if you want to move on to other things. 

How to Unlock Fishing and Get the Fishing Rod

Before you can start fishing, you'll need to meet Rosa the Realtor. They'll show up at the Inn within your first couple of days in town; be sure to check in around lunch time each day for a chance to meet them. Speak to Rosa, and they'll move their real estate agency into town after a few days' time, just to the right of Moss' shop. 

Next, you'll need to speak to any other villager in the Inn and invite them to move into your village. Go speak to Rosa, and build any house; it doesn't matter which of the six options you choose, though the first choice requires the fewest number of resources. Once you move a resident in, Rosa will give you the design blueprint for the Simple Stairs; you need these to reach the second level on the north side of the village. 

Go to the Workshop, and build the Simple Stairs with x15 Wooden Planks. Place the stairs either behind the workshop or to the right of the waterfall to access the second level of the village area. Go to the very back of the area (to the extreme north), and you'll find a set of stone stairs under a Torii Gate. Take these steps to advance to the next area, the woods. 

Take a left as soon as you load in, and you'll come to a waterfall and a gap in the path. Here, you'll receive the Log Bridge blueprint. Go back to the workshop and bring x22 Wooden Logs to build it. (Constructing the Log Bridge is far cheaper than crafting the initial Simple Bridge blueprint: x22 Wooden Logs to x54 Wooden Planks, which cost x2 Wooden Logs to make). 

Return to the gap at the waterfall, and place the Log Bridge to cross over. Enter the Grove by following the path all the way to the left. 

Once in the Grove, you'll see a pond with tons of trash piles on the ground around it. Pick up all of the trash and stash it in your backpack. Exit the area, and you'll run into a new NPC, Derris, just before the bridge and waterfall. They'll thank you for cleaning up all the trash and mosey off to the Grove. 

Go back to the Grove, and speak with Derris. He'll give you the fishing rod at the end of your conversation. 

Fishing Rod Recipe

Interact with the crafting workbench in the Workshop to craft the fishing rod: 

  • x3 Wooden Logs.
  • x3 Grass Tufts.

How to Catch Fish

Catching fish is pretty simple. Go to any body of water, such as the pond at the Grove, the river running through the village, or the ocean to the east of the village, and look for dark silhouettes swimming around. Note: there is no way to know which fish you'll catch. It's mostly random, reliant on season, time, and weather. 

Aim toward the silhouettes in the water, and press the Interact button to cast your line. The fastest way to catch fish at this point in the game is to cast in front of them whenever possible. Unlike Stardew Valley, for instance, there is no casting power in Hokko Life; the line goes the same distance every time. You'll have to experiment with where to stand for the perfect cast until you get the feel for it. 

Eventually, a fish will approach your bobber and boop it a few times (usually at least three to four times) before latching on to the hook. When they do, a circular meter will appear, with your platform's interact button in the center. Press the interact button before the meter depletes to hook the fish; press the interact button when the meter is in the bottom, center orange portion to guarantee hooking a treasure chest, as well. 

With the fish on the line, two horizontal meters will appear: 

  • The top blue meter represents the "distance" between you and the fish at the end of the line, or how far you have to reel it in. 
  • The bottom tan/orange/red meter represents line tension. 

You'll also notice directional inputs appear above the two meters, indicating which way you should press either the left control stick or push your mouse to reel the fish in. Most fish take the line out very slowly, and you may not even notice it moving to the right; rarer fish will take the line out much faster, increase tension more quickly, and cause the directional inputs to flash more rapidly. 

The most important thing is to keep an eye on the bottom meter: the darker the color, the closer your line is to snapping. You can safely keep the meter in the orange/middle portion of the bar, but immediately release any directional input if you see three red exclamation points on the right side of the bar.

Every time you catch a new fish or gain a new size record for a fish you've already caught, visit Derris for a small gold reward. This reward is separate from the sales price of a fish at Moss' shop. Rarer fish demand slightly larger rewards. 

How to Craft Fishing Bait

Bait causes fish to bite faster and somewhat decreases the difficulty of catching all fish, but most noticeably, rarer fish. There are three types of bait: Worm Bait, Insect Bait, and Fish Guts Bait. To unlock them, you'll need to complete the nodes on the first line of the nature Mayor Merits category (the category with the fish and butterfly symbol in the Mayor Merits tab).

You can craft Bait at the Workbench in the Workshop:

  • Worm Bait: x2 Worms (found anywhere)
    • Dig 30 holes with the shovel.
    • Catch 25 fish from any body of water. 
  • Insect Bait: x2 Peacock Butterflies (found in the Meadows)
    • Complete Worm Bait requirements.
    • Catch 25 insects/butterflies.
    • Catch any 50 fish.
    • Use any bait 15 times.
  • Fish Guts Bait: x2 Tadpoles (found in The Grove)
    • Complete Worm and Insect Bait requirements.
    • Catch any six unique fish.
    • Use any bait 15 times. 

You can also find more Worm Bait by fishing up treasure chests, which you'll need to do to complete other Mayor Merits. You must craft the other two Bait types. 

To attach bait, have bait in your backpack/inventory and equip the fishing rod (have it in your hand). You'll see a small tab appear on the left side of the screen with a button/key assigned to it (example: L2 on PlayStation). Press that, highlight the bait, and press the interact button. If you did it correctly, you'll see a bait icon appear on the left side of the fishing rod icon at the bottom of the screen and a number on the right. 

Fishing Challenges

Speak to Derris after meeting him, and he'll eventually give you a fishing challenge. You'll either have to catch any five fish in five minutes or any 10 fish in 10 minutes; these criteria seems to be given randomly. He will give you a new fishing challenge every seven in-game days. For example, mine appear every Tuesday. You can find Derris for these challenges either at the beach east of the village or in The Grove in the woods north of the village. 

You'll need to complete fishing challenges to unlock Mayor Merits and get the Fish Challenger trophy and achievement. It will take you 70 in-game days to get the trophy/achievement, 140 in-game days to meet the fishing challenge criteria for the fishing rod upgrade, and 210 in-game days to meet the fishing challenge criteria for the fish trap.

Fishing Tournaments

Alongside fishing challenges, Derris will invite you to participate in fishing tournaments on the 17th of every month (every season). A letter from Derris will appear in your mailbox a few days before each tournament. On the day of the competition, go to the beach, and speak with Derris.

They'll tell you which random fish you'll need to catch to move up the leaderboard, which can be found near the pier. You can also see on the leaderboard how many fish you'll need to catch to win gold, silver, and bronze in-game trophies.

Keep in mind that Tournaments can task you with catching any fish species anywhere on the map; though you'll start Tournaments at the beach, you may have to catch fish at the beach, in the river, or at the pond. The only way to know where to look is to know which fish can be found in each location.  

You'll need to compete in four fishing tournaments for the Gold Medalist  Fishing trophy and achievement. That in itself will take you at least one in-game year to complete, depending on when you first find Derris at The Grove. You'll need to compete in 20 fishing tournaments for some Mayor Merits, over the course of a whopping five in-game years.

That's everything you need to know about fishing in Hokko Life. The mini-game can be a great source of income alongside bug catching, especially in the early game. There's no reward for catching all of the two dozen plus fish in the game, but if you're patient enough, you can take pride knowing you've caught em' all. For tips on farming, head over to our comprehensive guide on that mechanic right here

The DioField Chronicle: Best Characters Tier List Tue, 04 Oct 2022 14:06:24 -0400 Hayes Madsen

The DioField Chronicle has an array of different characters to choose from, letting you build your ideal party from a selection of four different classes.

You'll unlock new characters sequentially as you make your way through the story, but eventually you'll have to decide who you really want in your party. With that in mind, our best characters tier list should help you make that decision. 

S Tier

  • Andrias (Soldier) — Andrias is by far the best character in the entire game, and the only one that can use the Assassin build. Andrias' damage is absolutely absurd, especially if you fully upgrade his weapons and abilities. Moves like Shadow Step also set Andrias up for ambushes on top of causing damage. He is the main character so it's no surprise, but Andrias should always be a part of your party. 

  • Shivat (Magicker) — Upgrading the right abilities for Shivat essentially guarantees he never runs out of EP, guaranteeing you always have magic attacks and healing. His healing abilities are the best in the game, and most of his other magic focuses on defensive options as well. 

  • Zoruaq (Cavalier) — Both wyvern riders in the game are forces to be reckoned with, but Zoruaq manages to eke ahead of Chappleman purely because of his recovery abilities, which let the character heal himself whenever he causes damage. Zoruaq is superb at crowd control, and his high movement speed means you can also position him around the battlefield with ease. 

  • Umarida (Sharpshooter) — Umarida stands above the other sharpshooter purely because of her insane range and high crit rate. Chain Attack is a great skill for crowd control, while moves like Railgun can be effective against single enemies and groups. Make sure you invest in Umarida's crit abilities, as it'll make her much more effective in battle. 

A Tier

  • Fredret (Cavalier) — Fredret is a solid unit that boasts high defense and attack, and because of that he can function as both a tank or DPS. His versatility is what makes him such a great pick, on top of the sheer speed as a Cavalier. Fredret has an ability called Insult to Injury that boost damage by 30% against enemies with status effects. This can be a great pair with Andrias who can poison enemies with his Dagger Throw. 

  • Chappleman (Cavalier) — Chappleman comes in close to Zoruaq in terms of usefulness, and has all the same crowd control abilities. Where Zoruaq focuses on soaking up damage and healing, Chappleman focuses on auto-attack and speed buffs, which can help him hold his own against multiple units at once. 

  • Donovar (Soldier) - Donovar is essentially a hybrid tank, and like Zoruaq his abilities let him heal whenever he causes damage. Again, that's a hugely useful benefit, even if Donovar doesn't have the sheer stats that Zoruaq does. Still, Donovar is a great choice that can tank and cause tremendous AoE damage, all at the same time. 

  • Estalt (Magicker) — Estalt has the best damage output of all the magicker in the game, but as a tradeoff his healing leaves a lot to be desired, as he doesn't get any abilities that boost healing. Still, he can be utterly deadly with the right party composition, especially if you invest in two abilities, Chaser and Focus. These two abilities means that his damage increases by 30% during cooldown and his cooldown is 30% faster, which ultimately means more damage. 

B Tier

  • Waltaquin (Magicker) — Waltaquin is essentially your average Magicker, she has good healing and damage, but doesn't excel in either. Her biggest benefit is that abilities can reduce the EP cost of skills, while raising her overall EP, meaning you'll be able to cast for longer. 

  • Izelair (Soldier) — Izelair is a pure tank, which is fine for the early chapters of the game, but once you unlock the more specialized hybrid tanks they're usually the better choice. Still, Izelair is a great pick if you want a unit that can take all of the enemy's attention and soak up damage. If you plan on using Izeliar invest in her Rude Health ability early on, as it lets here recover 1% HP every three seconds, which is a huge boon. 

  • Iscarion (Sharpshooter) — Iscarion doesn't have very high damage output, but he can be especially useful for stunning and interrupting enemies, as well as laying traps to protect your flank. The standard archer is very much about positioning, and making sure you're flanking enemies. 

  • Castavere (Cavalier) — Castavere's stats and abilities aren't quite as good as the other Cavaliers in the game, but he can still be useful with the right party. If you're planning on using Castavere you absolutely need to unlock two abilities. Casanova boosts all of his attributes by 20 when in a unit with a female character, meaning you should only use him if you have a female unit. At the same time his final ability, Charisma, increases all attributes by 10 for every 1 female leader. This means you can get a huge stat boost if the rest of your party is made up of female units. 

C Tier

  • Tremina (Sharpshooter) — Tremina simply doesn't have the stats or crit buffs to stand up to Umarida, making her the second choice, with one exception. Umarida has an ability called longing that boosts all of her attributes by 10 when in a unit with Iscarion. This means that you pairing the two together can be a good choice, especially since you'll have a unit with a wide array of ranged skills. 

  • Rickenback (Sharpshooter) — Rickenback pales to pretty much every other Sharpshooter in the game, and her boosts to Luck simply don't make up for her weaknesses in nearly everything else. She does have a chance of nullifying status effects, but generally, you won't have much trouble with those as it is. 

  • Catherine (Soldier) — Catherine can be an effective tank like Izelair, but she's simply not as effective as a whole. She has very low damage output, and skills like Critical Healing, which guarantees critical hits while healing, simply aren't useful in really any way. 

  • Hezeliah (Magicker) — Much like Waltaquin Hezeliah doesn't specialize in anything, but her damage and healing power aren't great compared to the other Magickers as well. Hezeliah's unique abilities boost her damage in relation to her defense attribute, but defense isn't something you typically want to focus on for a support unit anyway. 

That should give you an idea of how all the characters of The DioField Chronicle pan out. If you need any more help, make sure to check out our guides hub

The DioField Chronicle: How to Make Money Fast Tue, 04 Oct 2022 14:02:19 -0400 Hayes Madsen

Like any good strategy game, you'll need a lot of resources to really thrive and progress in The DioField Chronicle. They say money makes the world go around, and that's certainly true here as you'll need a ton of Guld in order to buy weapons, magilumic orb upgrades, and more. With that in mind here are a few tips on how to make money in The DioField Chronicle. 

How to Make Money Fast in The DioField Chronicle

Your primary way of making money is by completing missions, and the amount of money you get as a reward increases the further you get into the game.

If you're looking to grind for a lot of money you'll want to unlock the ability to play Practice Battles, which let you replay past missions. Luckily unlocking this feature is easy, as all you need to do is play through Chapter 1 until you complete the Coswell Volcano Expedition mission. 

Now you can head to the map in the laboratory room and replay any past mission. With that in mind, however, it's a good idea to advance through a few more chapters before you start grinding out missions, in order to get missions that reward more Guld.

But if you're looking to grind at any time, here's a list of the missions in each chapter that pay the most

  • Chapter 1: Central Knights' Exercises
  • Chapter 2: Secure the Supply Route
  • Chapter 3: Yewdean Forest
  • Chapter 4: Feeding the Necromancer
  • Chapter 5: The Ultimate Ingredient
  • Chapter 6: A Proper Mercenary
  • Chapter 7: Kelling Peninsula

As a quick note, whenever you buy a weapon you can simply sell the previous weapon that character had equipped, as there's no use for old weapons. It won't pay much, but it'll help you recoup a little bit of Guld.

How to Boost the Money You Make

You can actually boost the amount of money you make from each mission, which should obviously be a priority, but it's going to take a while.

You have an overall unit rank that raises as you complete missions, but the for the purposes of making Guld you need to raise your Shop Rank and Weapon Development Rank.

This is done by completing sub quests that pop up in chapters, and in the case of the Weapon Development Rank, you'll actually need to invest Guld in order to raise it. Below you can see what you need to do to raise each rank. 

Shop Rank

  • Rank 1 (Unlocks new items in shop) — Complete Coin for Comrades sub-quest in Chapter 1. 
  • Rank 2 (Increases Guld earned on mission by 5%) — Complete Experience Over Training sub-quest in Chapter 2. 
  • Rank 3 (Unlocks new items in shop) — Complete Business is Booming sub quest in Chapter 3. 
  • Rank 4 (Increases Guld earned on missions by 5%) — Complete An Unexpected Opportunity sub-quest in Chapter 4. 
  • Rank 5 (Unlocks new items in shop) — Complete Trust Earned Through Action sub-quest in Chapter 5.

Weapon Development Rank

  • Rank 1 (Increases Guld earned on missions by 5%) — Unlocks automatically during Chapter 2. 
  • Rank 2 (Unlocks new weapon developments) — Complete Keeping Up Weapon Maintenance sub-quest in Chapter 2. 
  • Rank 3 (Increases Guld earned on missions by 5%) — Complete A Honed Weapon's a Happy Weapon sub-quest in Chapter 3. 
  • Rank 4 (Unlocks new weapon developments) — Complete WEapons, Profits, and Merchants sub-quest in Chapter 4.
  • Rank 5 (Unlocks new weapon developments) — Complete Weapons Fit for a Fox sub-quest in Chapter 5. 

Now you should have a better idea of how to earn guld. For even more tips and help, make sure to check out our DioField Chronicle guides hub

FIFA 23: Around the World SBC Solved Tue, 04 Oct 2022 09:52:58 -0400 Sergey_3847

Part of the FIFA 23's Hybrid Nations advanced challenge, the squad-building challenge Around the World is one of the more difficult tasks you'll have to take on aside from actually winning matches.

Our guide will help you solve the Around the World SBC in FIFA 23. You will need to build a perfect premiere league team to complete it, and you may have to go a bit out of your way to get the rewards.

Build a Perfect Squad

Once you enter the Around the World SBC challenge, you will be tasked to create a team of premiere league players with the following conditions:

  • Exactly 10 nationalities in squad.
  • Minimum 8 rare players.
  • Minimum team rating of 81.
  • Exactly 2 chemistry points on each player.
  • Minimum 24 squad total chemistry points.

Of course, you can go ahead and build your own team as you see fit, but fortunately, the FIFA 23 community has already created a perfect squad for the lowest possible budget. Here it is:

  • GK 80: Mark Flekken (Netherlands).
  • RWB 77: Silvan Widmer (Switzerland).
  • LWB 80: Sergio Reguilon (Spain).
  • CB 78: Joseph Aidoo (Ghana).
  • CB 82: Andreas Christensen (Denmark).
  • CB 82: Gabriel Paulista (Brazil).
  • CM 80: Florian Neuhaus (Germany).
  • CM 82: Geoffrey Kondogbia (France).
  • CAM 81: Emil Forsberg (Sweden).
  • ST 82: Sebastien Haller (Ivory Coast).
  • ST 79: Rafa Mir (Spain).

Fix Web SBC Issue

Many players report that during the Around the World challenge the game doesn't roll out the rewards. This issue can be fixed in the FIFA 23 web application by doing the following:

  1. Go to FUT23 web app webpage.
  2. Login using your EA account credentials.
  3. Enter the Around the World SBC challenge.
  4. Build your squad as listed above.
  5. Right-click anywhere on the webpage.
  6. Select "Inspect Element" option.
  7. Go to "Console" tab.
  8. Input this line: UTSBCChallengeEntity.prototype.canSubmit = function() {return true;}
  9. Press "Enter" to confirm.

Now you can restart your FIFA 23 game and all the rewards from the challenge should be in place.

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That's all you need to know on how to solve Around the World SBC in FIFA 23. Also, be sure to check out the rest of our FIFA 23 tips and tricks articles on our dedicated hub page.

FIFA 23: How to Play Co-op Tue, 04 Oct 2022 09:48:43 -0400 Sergey_3847

The co-op in FIFA 23 is easy to get into, and is cross-platform for those who want to play with their friends on a different platform. There are also no downsides to playing co-op, as both players get the same amount of XP and rewards when playing cooperatively.

This guide will provide you with tips on how to play co-op in FIFA 23. First you need to add a friend to your friends list, and then you need to create a co-op session.

Add a Friend to Your Friends List

Before playing cooperative mode in FIFA 23, you must first add your friend to your game. Here's what you need to do:

  1. Go to the main menu.
  2. Press "R2" (PS) or "RT" (Xbox).
  3. This will open an EA Social screen.
  4. Select "Friend Requests" tab.
  5. Enter the EA ID of your friend into the search bar.

Once the system identified your friend's tag, press the "Add" button to add them to your friends list. This isn't platform restricted, so you shouldn't have issue adding friends cross-platform.

Create a Co-op Session

When you have your friend added, you can actually create a co-op session to play together. Follow these steps to begin:

  1. Go to "Ultimate Team" screen.
  2. Select "Play" tab.
  3. Click on the icon with two players (bottom left).
  4. Press the "Teammate" button.
  5. Add your friend from the list.

Once your friend has been added to your session, you can choose one of the following modes:

  • Squad Battles.
  • Division Rivals.
  • Friendlies.

If you want to end the co-op session, then you need to press the "Square" (PS) or "X" (Xbox) button.

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That's all you need to know on how to play co-op in FIFA 23. Also, be sure to check out the rest of our FIFA 23 tips and tricks articles on our dedicated hub page.

Hokko Life Review: A Familiar Experience Mon, 03 Oct 2022 10:18:33 -0400 Alex Perez

The start of the fall season typically marks the beginning of what many consider the “gauntlet” of juggernaut game releases. This year is no different. But on top of the big releases like Gotham Knights, God of War Ragnarok, and Callisto Protocol, there are plenty of smaller scale games that come out around this time that can be diamonds in the rough. 

Hokko Life is a cozy farm/life-sim that mirrors a lot of what Animal Crossing does and is entering its 1.0 release (it’s been available on PC in Early Access June 2021). While it offers an interesting blend of ideas, like deeper customization, a bigger area to explore outside of the village and town, and an array of bugs and items to collect,  there are a lot of games that do better than what Hokko Life is trying to do.

Hokko Life opens almost exactly like Animal Crossing for the Nintendo Gamecube. You’ll start by creating and customizing your character, though the suite is surprisingly limited for a game that establishes deeper levels of customization in other areas later on. Once you’ve selected your hair and other features, there is a very brief cutscene of your character on a train and … you’re at your destination – a town in need of sprucing up. 

You’ll quickly find yourself at the local inn, chatting with the residents, and moving into the village nearby before starting your quest to revive the area and bringing in new citizens and shops. It’s a very run-of-the-mill introduction, though an accessible one that doesn’t burden you with too much information or too many mechanics. 

Hokko Life starts slow, perhaps slower than other games in the genre. In the first few days, you're told to just "enjoy life" while waiting for things to happen. However, there isn’t much to do in those initial days except chop trees, pick flowers, and catch bugs. The tools to mine, dig, fish, and craft are all given quite a few days after you arrive. That means there’s a lot of standing around or going to bed very early. It’s an odd and unnatural design choice, which leads you to cutting most of your initial week or so short just to get to what’s after.

As you progress, unlocking more blueprints, meeting new anthropomorphic animals searching for new horizons, and generally exploring the world around you, the gameplay loop remains just about the same as when you first hopped off the train. From chopping down trees for wood and planting new trees to create more wood (there’s a lot of chopping and planting), to mining rocks for ore and charcoal, fishing, catching butterflies, and crafting new designs and items to customize the village and its homes, there aren’t too many big surprises along the way for life-sim fans. 

While easing players into the mechanics like this is a nice idea, it’s a double-edged sword. It gives them time to understand things, but it also takes a long time to get into the meat of Hokko Life. Once you finally – and truly – arrive, you’ll be met with an extremely simplistic and sometimes frustratingly opaque suite of mechanics and systems.

Even helping new residents move in the early going isn’t as straightforward as it seems: gather materials, choose a design, place a house, and wait for it to build. Your first new citizen is given to you, but the rest require you to meet them at the Inn. The game never tells you that, meaning you could easily miss out on new shopkeeps and other interesting characters, leaving you to amble around the village aimlessly. 

Despite its simplicity and initially obtuse nature, there is a lot to do in Hokko Life once you reach the middle parts of Spring. The map begins to open up, with you gaining access to new areas like the mines and the farm (if you focus on the right in-game challenges, like waving at certain number of neighbors or picking "X" number of flowers).

The problem with that burgeoning map size is that Hokko Life has long loading screens everywhere. There’s a lot of back and forth with buying and selling things, getting crafting materials, talking to one resident before running to another to deliver an item. That’s normal for a life-sim, the issue is that these transitions are rough at best. 

The town square is separated from the village, which requires a loading screen. Heading to the beach from the village requires a loading screen. Going north towards the mines requires three loading screens. And so on. It all works to form a quite unfriendly user experience, and while time is not the enemy here like it is in Animal Crossing (you can just sleep to the next day or even sleep to the evening), there is maybe a bit too much traversal and thumb-twiddling. 

Hokko Life can have its relaxing moments, though. There are times where mining rocks for charcoal, copper, and iron, planting and tending a forest or garden, or making a unique furniture design puts you into a nice flow state, where the loop feels not only fun, but also gratifying. The soundtrack also adds a layer of comfort.

The songs are very easy to listen to and are quite cozy; they help encapsulate the overall zen aesthetic of the game. The sound design is well done, too, full of calming sounds like waves crashing softly or birds chirping gleefully in the distance, all of which coalesce with the soundtrack to create natural soundscapes that make each biome and season feel alive and soothing.

Though the game has been in Steam Early Access for more than a year, there are still bugs that plague the overall experience, at least during our review period. Early on in my playthrough, a bridge leading to a new area just completely disappeared. To reach the resources on the other side, I wasted an entire in-game week just to plant trees, harvest them, and rebuild the bridge. The game even made the very bizarre choice of prioritizing the growth of a tree that was placed next to the bridge instead of the construction of the bridge.

There were also issues with the in-game recipe shop offered by the master crafter, Sally. Often, the game wouldn’t load the designs that were offered, and I had to restart the game twice before it fixed itself. It was a very bizarre situation that really hampered the experience.

Hokko Life Review – The Bottom Line


  • Great sound design.
  • Excellent soundtrack.
  • Crafting experience is surprisingly deep and has a ton of freedom to it.
  • No fighting against the clock, whether real-time or in-game


  • Villagers aren’t well designed.
  • The shops’ daily rotations are extremely limited.
  • Bugs.
  • A few too many loading screens.
  • Early game is slow with no clear direction.

Hokko Life may add some quality-of-life features to the life/farming-sim genre, such as bulk building and a robust crafting system, but it ultimately feels directionless, lacking the charm many other genre titles have.

Some of its systems are unique and add a new layer to traditional mechanics that other games should employ, but there’s a lot of waiting around “to do things,” and it’s often unclear what’s required to move the game forward. Hokko Life can be fun at times; you just have to really work for it.

[Note: Team 17 provided the copy of Hokko Life used for this review.]

FIFA 23: How to Do Griddy and Other New Celebrations Mon, 03 Oct 2022 09:39:15 -0400 Sergey_3847

There are seven new celebratory moves and four signature moves in FIFA 23 that players can perform after scoring a goal using specific key combinations. These small celebrations add those special moments to each goal that stay in every soccer fan's memory.

Our guide will show you how to do Griddy and other new celebrations in FIFA 23. Simply follow the steps below, and soon all your goals will have their own special celebration moments.

How to Do Griddy (Eyes and Arms)

Griddy is the most popular celebratory move in FIFA 23, which originates from American football. In this case, players perform a little dance and imitate big "OK" eyes with their hands.

  • PC: LCtrl (hold) + Up + Up
  • PlayStation: R2 (hold) + Up + Up
  • Xbox: RT (hold) + Up + Up
  • Switch: Zr (Hold) + Up + Up

How to Do Gamer Celebration

The Gamer move was inspired by a famous Portuguese soccer player Diogo Jota, who is a huge fan of video games. In this move, players sit down on the grass and imitate playing a game using gamepad.

  • PC: D (hold) + Right + Left
  • PlayStation: R1 (hold) + Right + Left
  • Xbox: RB (hold) + Right + Left
  • Switch: R (Hold) + Right + Left

How to Do Eye of the Storm

This move is similar to Griddy, but in this case, players put one hand to the eye, and roll their fingers with the other hand.

  • PC: D (hold) + Full Circle (counter-clockwise)
  • PlayStation: R1 (hold) + Full Circle (counter-clockwise)
  • Xbox: RB (hold) + Full Circle (counter-clockwise)
  • Switch: R (Hold) + Full Circle (counter-clockwise)

How to Do Slide Salute

Here is another iconic real-life move inspired by the famous French soccer player Kylian Mbappe. In this move, players slide on their knees and give a salute with one hand.

  • PC: D (hold) + Right (hold)
  • PlayStation: R1 (hold) + Right (hold)
  • Xbox: RB (hold) + Right (hold)
  • Switch: R (Hold) + Right (hold)

How to Do Slide and Flex

If you like the slide move, but don't like the salute, then use this move instead, which is a simple slide and flex.

  • PC: D (hold) + Down (hold)
  • PlayStation: R1 (hold) + Down (hold)
  • Xbox: RB (hold) + Down (hold)
  • Switch: R (Hold) + Down (hold)

How to Do Arm Swing

Arm Swing, also known as Boneless Walk, allows players to swing their arms in a free way.

  • PC: LShift (hold) + Right + Left
  • PlayStation: L1 (hold) + Right + Left
  • Xbox: LB (hold) + Right + Left
  • Switch: L (Hold) + Right + Left

How to Do Billionaire Strut

This move is a simple arrogant strut, when players walk freely holding their head up high.

  • PC: LShift (hold) + Down (hold)
  • PlayStation: L1 (hold) + Down (hold)
  • Xbox: LB (hold) + Down (hold)
  • Switch: L (Hold) + Down (hold)

How to Do Signature Moves

In addition to the seven moves above, there are four new signature moves that are specifically designed for these four players:

  • Mbappe's Money.
  • Firminho's Low Five and Flex.
  • Haaland's Signature.
  • Pulisic's Eye of the Tiger.

In each of these cases the key combos are the same:

  • PC: RMB (hold)
  • PlayStation: X (hold)
  • Xbox: A (hold)
  • Switch: B (Hold)

That's everything you need to know on how to do Griddy and other new celebrations in FIFA 23. If you were looking for possible fixes to Anti Cheat error in FIFA 23, then follow the provided link.

The DioField Chronicle: How to Unlock All Characters Fri, 30 Sep 2022 16:24:40 -0400 Hayes Madsen

The DioField Chronicle is a complex strategy RPG that provides a ton of options for building up your characters. While you can only take four characters into each battle, the game actually has over a dozen to choose from, and each one is a little bit different. To best diversify your team, you'll want to know how to unlock and recruit them all.

This guide to The DioField Chronicle takes you through each chapter and quickly outlines what you'll have to do to unlock and recruit every character. 

How to Recruit Every Character in The DioField Chronicle

There are a total of 16 playable characters in The DioField Chronicle, and almost all of them are unlocked automatically as you progress through the main story. However, there are three optional characters that can easily be missed if you're not completing every subquest. 

Characters are separated into four different classes, and each one has its own playstyle quirks. Below you'll find how to unlock every character in the game besides Andrias, Fredret, and Izelair, who are unlocked from the very start. 

Chapter 1

  • Iscarion Colchester (Sharpshooter): Finish the main mission "End the Bandit Menace."
  • Waltaquin Redditch (Magicker): Finish the main mission "Redditch Estate Recon."

Chapter 2

  • Shivat Malzin (Magicker): Finish the main mission "End the Aardwolves."
  • Rickenback Madea (Sharpshooter): Finish the main mission "Harbinger of Discord."
  • Optional Character: Donovar Sullion (Soldier): Complete the subquest "A Shield For the People." Talk to Lorraine at the start of Chapter 2 to take on the quest.

Chapter 3

  • Castavere Bunnow (Cavalier): Complete the main mission "Defend Duke Hende."
  • Estalt Yewfare (Magicker): Complete the main mission "Escort the Priests."
  • Umarida Bareas (Sharpshooter): Complete the main mission "The Blue Foxes Laugh."

Chapter 4

  • Tremina Umbert (Sharpshooter): Complete the main mission "Quell the Riots Again."
  • Catherine (Soldier): Complete the main mission "Rescuing Catherine."
  • Optional Character: Zoruaq Qigan (Cavalier): Complete the sub quest "A Warrior Gets His Wings." This subquest is unlocked after "Truth and Lies Laid Bare."

Chapter 6

  • Hezeliah Shaytham (Magicker): Complete the main mission "An Army Approaches."
  • Optional Character: Chappleman (Cavalier): Complete the sub quest "Give to Those Who Reach Out." This quest can be undertaken near the start of Chapter 6. 

Now that you know how to unlock every character in The DioField Chronicle, your army should be stronger than ever. If you need any other tips or help, make sure to check out our guides hub for The DioField Chronicle

The DioField Chronicle: How to Upgrade Magilumic Orbs Fri, 30 Sep 2022 16:09:55 -0400 Hayes Madsen

The DioField Chronicle gives you plenty of strategic options during battle, but by far one of the most powerful are Magilumic Orbs. These items essentially work like Summons in Final Fantasy and can devastate the enemy army or give your own a massive boost.

While Magilumic Orbs are already incredibly powerful to start, you can make them even more useful through upgrades. This guide for The DioField Chronicle tells you how to do that, as well as how to unlock all of the Orbs in the game. 

How to Make Magilumic Orbs More Powerful

The DioField Chronicle will automatically walk you through the process of upgrading Magilumic Orbs, but you'll have to make it to Chapter 2 first. Once there, talk to Iscarion, who will direct you to the Magilumic Researcher, giving you a basic rundown of how the upgrade process works. 

However, you need two things to upgrade orbs:

  • Gold: Always awarded by completing missions.
  • Jade Crystals: Awarded for completing optional objectives. 

Any time a mission has a treasure chest, opening it will award you one Jade Crystal. Alternatively, you can use Gold to purchase Jade Crystals at the shop, but this option only opens up starting in Chapter 5.

If you find yourself low on Gold, the best way to get more is to replay past missions, as each mission will give you the amount of Gold listed as a reward each time. 

Once you have the supplies you need, head to the Institute, and open the "Magilumic Orb" option. Each orb has eight different upgrades that can be purchased; the cheapest will cost 1,500 Gold and 1 Jade Crystal,  and the final upgrade will cost 20,000 Gold and 3 Crystals. 

You can purchase these upgrades at any time; however, you'll notice that the final three are initially locked. To unlock these upgrades, you'll need to increase your Magilumic Orb Research Rank to Level Four, which is done by completing quests and paying to upgrade it. The quests where you pay to upgrade the rank will unlock as you complete story missions, as noted below:

  • Rank 1: Chain of Captivity  Complete Nobleman is Coming in Chapter 1.
  • Rank 2: Request: Additional Funds  Complete Harbinger of Unrest in Chapter 2.
  • Rank 3: Urgent: Funds Depleted  Complete Defend Teggaria Base in Chapter 3.
  • Rank 4: Emergency: Stolen Funds  Complete Recapture Teggaria in Chapter 4.
  • Rank 5: Appeal: Last Push for Funds  Complete A Patriotic Future in Chapter 5.

How to Unlock All Magilumic Orbs in The DioField Chronicle

There are six Magilumic Orbs in The DioField Chronicle. The good news is that all of them will be unlocked automatically as you progress through the main story. 

  • Bahamut  Unlocked from beginning.
  • Goldhorne  Reward for completing Coswell Volcano Expedition in Chapter 1. 
  • Fenrir  Reward for Completing Harbinger of Discord in Chapter 2.
  • Salamander  Reward for completing Escort the Priests in Chapter 3.
  • Coeurl  Reward for completing Survey for Jade in Chapter 4. 
  • Ouroboros  Reward for completing Mockery of an Alliance in Chapter 6.

That's everything you might need to know about Magilumic Orbs in The DioField Chronicle. Make sure to check back for even more tips and guides. 

Best Switch Minecraft 1.19 Seeds for October 2022 Fri, 30 Sep 2022 09:34:43 -0400 Gavin Burtt


Seed: 6168669096356993368


Coordinates: At spawn
Biomes: Ocean, Taiga, Deep Dark


Of course we're saving the best for last. This seed is absolutely ridiculous, spawning players on a taiga survival island (this one actually has trees), complete with a small village, giving players some quick and easy food, as well as trading.


Directly below this island, players can find an unreal Ancient City, which intersects a lush cave ravine where an End portal is found. Not only that, but on just the opposite end of the city, a mineshaft can be found that cuts through a ruined portal and through the Ancient City itself.


If you're interested in finding more 1.19 seeds to play, check out our other lists in the Minecraft seeds hub!


Seed: 340883181811974


Coordinates: At spawn
Biomes: Taiga, Lush Caves, Deep Dark


This seed is nothing short of gorgeous, and players don't need to walk far to find it at all, spawning on the cliffs above. Jump down into the frozen lake (mind the ice) to find a massive lush cave opening. 


In these lush caves, players will find the start of a deep dark cave, as well as loads of caverns that expand into massive cave systems. Setting up a home on this lake would give players both a great view and easy access to countless resources.


Seed: 3085101573916449112


Coordinates: At spawn
Biomes: Ocean, Mountains, Deep Dark


This one's for the veterans who love a good challenge. Players will spawn on the survival island above, a large stony blob with not a single tree. But how can you even get anywhere if you don't have a tree? Well, the nearby shipwreck 315, 62, -1126 should give enough wood to get started.


With that wood, players can build some tools to dig down through their home island. Dig down far enough to find a massive Ancient City directly beneath the survival island, filled with loads of loot (and a Warden) to get players on their feet.


Seed: -4260329793259271562


Coordinates: -428, 79, 674
Biomes: Savannah, Plains, Forest


This seed features a really neat village generation on a small island, enclosed by a wide river on all sides. Past this river, depending on the direction headed, players can find birch forests and savannahs.


It's a short walk, but this island is a great place to call home. Players can expand the island out with bridges that connect to the various biomes, or build a dam around the island to better protect it.


Seed: 868565863016403259


Coordinates: -151, 62, 196
Biomes: Ocean, Mountains


How about a bit of a goofy one? Players who travel by boat out to the coordinates above will find one of the weirdest mountain generations they'll ever see, appearing as a sort of shattered, hollow mountain.


There isn't much for resources here, so players should bring loads themselves. This odd stone formation has loads of potential for a very unique ocean base.


Seed: -6709148406763899126


Coordinates: 108, 127, 75
Biomes: Dark Oak Forest, Plains, Taiga, Mountains


Yet another short hike is required for this seed, but it is certainly worth the time spent. Players who head to the coordinates above will find a small plains biome that intersects a taiga biome, overlooking a dark oak forest in a valley.


In that dark oak forest lies a massive Woodland Mansion. If cleared out and well lit, this entire area could make for a fantastic starter base, giving players loads of resources and an incredible view of the surrounding area.


Seed: -1854402075


Coordinates: -372, 63, -280
Biomes: Savannah, Mountains


There's more than meets the eye with this particular seed. Believe it or not, the bizarre village at spawn, which feature houses that climb up a mountain, isn't even the highlight of this seed.


Players who set out to beat the game will find something very peculiar. At -1375, -19, 1835, an End portal can be found in a stronghold. At -1348, -37, 1828, just a few dozen blocks away, another End portal can be found. It is incredibly rare for seeds to generate strongholds this close to one another.


Seed: 6168986554


Coordinates: -852 122 -567
Biomes: Taiga, Mountains


Admittedly, this seed will start with a bit of a hike, as players set out for the coordinates above. Here, a pillager outpost can be found overlooking a taiga valley, filled with podzol and spruce trees.


In the background, massive mountains can be seen, making for a scenic area to set up a home base. Endless Pillager spawns also allow for relatively easy experience farming as well.


Seed: -7512288024976295981


Coordinates: At spawn
Biomes: Plains, Swamp, Mountains


This is proof that a world doesn't need to be filled to the brim with natural structures to be a great seed. Players here will spawn inside of a massive plains valley, fully enclosed by forested mountains on all sides.


This spawns makes for a beautiful building location, and players will have loads of resources immediately available for them to do so. The valley floor would make a great landscape for a player-made village or city.


Seed: 9008355401877120259


Coordinates: 160, 63, 283
Biomes: Savannah


This seed drops players in an expansive savannah biome, with loads of natural structures to explore. As you can see above, a beached acacia shipwreck can be found just feet away from a small village.


Better yet, just to the right of frame, a Pillager Outpost overlooks this poor village. Players will need to act quick to spare the villagers here, and the close proximity of the outpost to this village makes for a great opportunity for players to farm raids.


The Minecraft 1.19 Wild Update has not changed world generation too significantly, adding just a few new biomes, as well as Ancient Cities. However, that doesn't mean that new, incredible seeds aren't being found on the regular, ever since the massive changes that came as part of the 1.17 and 1.18 Caves and Cliffs Updates.


Environment generation is more or less the same on Java Edition and Bedrock Edition as of this update; however natural structures still differ. The 10 seeds picked out for this list are all intended for Bedrock Edition, so what you see is what you get for the Nintendo Switch version of Minecraft.



Temtem Review: A Challenging Twist on Monster Catching RPGs Thu, 29 Sep 2022 18:17:32 -0400 Josh Broadwell

Child meets monster, leaves town on an adventure, and saves the world in their spare time. The formula is one we've seen multiple times since Game Freak first loosed Pokemon on the world, and while Temtem may stick a bit too closely to that basic concept, there's a clever and rewarding RPG underneath those similarities.

Temtem begins on a note familiar to most Pokemon-alikes. You, a young critter enthusiast, wake up on a momentous day. The moment you meet your first Temtem is here at last, so off you go to impose yourself on the local professor, yet another academic expert who sets up shop in a backwoods hamlet. 

The story unfolds as you might expect. A nefarious group of ne'er-do-wells who see Temtem as tools get up to some mischief that only you can stop, and your end goal is defeating the region’s top trainers – er, tamers – and claiming the title of champion for your own.

Temtem wears its Pokemon inspirations a little too proudly in this regard. Game Freak’s legendary franchise popularized the genre, so the appeal of adopting this model is fairly evident, even if it does miss the opportunity to create something more interesting. If you want a meatier RPG story, Monster Crown or the older Dragon Quest Monsters entries should be your go to games.

As far as mechanics, Temtem differentiates itself from other critter catchers in some surprising ways as soon as your journey begins. Your three starter Temtem are equivalent to Pokemon’s Psychic, Fighting, and Rock types, which opens some much more interesting and detailed battle options than you get with the usual introductory Grass, Water, and Fire types. Picking Houchic, for example, gets you a status effect move and a powerful special attack from the start.

Designs are a bit of a mixed bag, though critiquing any monster catcher comes with the obvious baggage of personal bias. Saying Crystle the Crystal Temtem seems a bit tacky completely overlooks the fact that Pokemon's equivalent Rock type is literally a well-coifed stone called Geodude, and most of us were fine with that at the time.

Personal preference aside, what stands out about Temtem's design is how fresh and exciting the game's overall visual direction is. Few games have such a bold look, and it does more to set Temtem apart even compared to its combat systems.

The other, even more interesting mechanic unique to Temtem is stamina. Pokemon, Coromon, and the like use a familiar point-based system to determine what moves you can use, and unleashing attacks gradually drains your points until you replenish them with items. Temtem uses a fluid system. Every move costs a set amount of stamina, which you can recover either naturally over time or in larger proportions by skipping a turn.

It results in a surprisingly deep and satisfying combat system, even if the learning curve is a steep one.

Temtem expects you to make the most of every turn. You might face the Temtem version of Rattata and other bland early-game monsters, but unlike the humble Pidgey, these creatures can, and will, hurt you badly. Crema took complaints about Pokemon’s easy difficulty to heart and made Temtem significantly more difficult.

Part of that difficulty spike is built into the combat system. Every Temtem battle is a double battle, meaning you face two opponents and have to use two Temtem – or you must coordinate with your partner tamer and use one each. Balancing support attacks and targeting the right foe at the right time is key to battle strategies, and the end result is a deep and satisfying combat system – albeit one that gets in its own way at times.

In trying to solve the Pokemon difficulty issue by making Temtem difficult, Crema overlooked the core of Pokemon’s problem – having no options. Winning a difficult monster battle is intensely satisfying, but after a while, the grind starts to wear the experience down.

Tough battles against key tamers are fine. Getting wiped out by your average schmo? Not so much. And it's even less fun considering tamers are thrown at you in bunches, so you can face nearly a dozen opponents in a single short stretch.

Including the option to tone difficulty down could have made an important difference in how enjoyable Temtem remains from about the midpoint on, especially for people who don’t have much time to grind.

Those who do make it to the endgame and beyond have a nice surprise in store. Unlike most monster catchers, Temtem features a robust player-versus-player scene and intense competitive matches that make the most of the deep combat system. You can start trying to climb the ranks from the beginning, but the real challenge comes from the endgame. Taking on the most powerful tamers means digging into Temtem’s impressive breeding system, making the most of your critters’ attributes, move pools, and team pairings.

Temtem Review — The Bottom Line


  • Rewarding combat.
  • Fresh, ambitious visuals.
  • Excellent PvP system.


  • No difficulty options.
  • Very grindy, especially after the halfway point.
  • Still adheres a bit too closely to the Pokemon formula.

Temtem may play a lot like Pokemon on the surface, but a suite of tweaks to the battle system, exciting visual design, and heavy emphasis on PvP more than make up for the similarities with it and other monster catchers. While a deeper story would certainly be welcome, Temtem is a unique and rewarding experience for those with the patience to master its intricacies.

[Note: The writer previously purchased the version of Temtem used for this review.]

Vengeful Guardian: Moonrider Preview – If Contra and Shinobi Had a Love Child Thu, 29 Sep 2022 15:03:16 -0400 Jason D'Aprile

Our look at JoyMasher’s latest, Vengeful Guardian: Moonrider, was brief: two levels from the upcoming retro-styled platformer from the same folks who made Blazing Chrome, another excellent run n’ gunner in the classic style.

JoyMasher is obsessed with 16-bit fidelity and that certainly shines through here.

Vengeful Guardian: Moonrider is the sort of game that would look just at home if it were a cartridge slotted into a Genesis or SNES. The look, feel, and overall design all induce waves of nostalgia for the early 90s. The gameplay is more run n’ slash, as if a ninja were thrown into a slightly different game (say, if a sword-bound Shinobi got stuck in Contra), but it seems to work in our short time with. 

In other words, it’s also taking a hefty influence from Capcom’s classic, Strider.

As a cybernetic ninja woken from a stasis rather violently, you're thrust into a pixelated 2D landscape of endlessly respawning soldiers, bots, cannons, and other bad things. Armed only with otherworldly agility and a badass sword, your vengeful guardian can slice and dice through anything and even reflect enemy weapon fire back. 

The two example levels were enough for me to get a strong idea of what the final gameplay should represent: this will be something 90s kids are going to really enjoy.

The first level is an enemy-filled tech corridor with plenty of pinpoint jumps, crossing chasms hand over hand, and fits of daring involving Moonrider’s metal-cracking aerial attack kick. It ends with a room-sized boss fight between the ninja and a hulking ghoulish mech with laser hands and a nasty mouth.

The second level is an aerial chase where Moonrider must run and jump across floating airships, avoiding devastating energy attacks from a giant ship looming over the level, while fighting off more basic villains as well. It has the unforgiving classic feel of early platformers, where one false step or missed jump means death. 

All this mayhem is brought to life with hefty usage of Mode-7 like pseudo-3D effects and detailed, if still definitely 16-bit-styled, pixel art. The chiptune soundtrack follows suit, creating a near-perfect replica of the bygone era of the game’s influences.

The actual controls are kept simple for the otherwise challenging gameplay. There’s the sword attack, a special attack that uses energy and can be switched up as the game progresses, jump, and run.

We didn’t get much of a sense of what the special attacks would be beyond a powerful energy punch (no others were available), but Moonrider can wall jump, use his speed for enhanced attack power, cling to walls, and perform other familiar ninja things. 

So far, Vengeful Guardian: Moonrider is shaping up to be another retro winner, but the full game releases later this fall, so you'll have to wait a little bit longer. It will be available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Series X|S, and Amazon Luna. Stay tuned for our full review. 

FIFA 23: Possible Fixes for Anti Cheat Error Thu, 29 Sep 2022 14:18:46 -0400 Sergey_3847

Many FIFA 23 PC players have been encountering the EA Anti-Cheat error when trying to launch or update the game, the error giving them the following message: "Application encountered an unrecoverable error".

Although the developer is aware of the problem no patch has been issued yet. Our guide will provide you with several possible fixes for the EA Anti-Cheat error in FIFA 23.

Uninstall Origin Anti Cheat Software

If you play FIFA 23 via the Origin game store, then you need to uninstall the anti cheat software by following these steps:

  1. Go to "\Program Files\Origin Games\FIFA 23\_installer\EAAntiCheat\" folder on your PC.
  2. Launch EAAntiCheat Installer app.
  3. Select "FIFA 23" from the list of games.
  4. Press the "Uninstall" button.

Once this is done, you need to restart the game by right-clicking on the FIFA 23 icon and choosing "Run as Administrator". This should fix the Anti Cheat error you had previously.

Uninstall Third Party Anti Cheat Software

If you have other games that use EAC software of their own on your PC, then they could be incompatible with the EA software and create errors. Currently, there are two possible types of EAC software that you may need to uninstall:

  • FaceIt Anti-Cheat.
  • Riot Vanguard.

You can uninstall either one or both of them by following these steps:

  1. Press "Start" button.
  2. Go to "Settings" menu.
  3. Select "Apps" tab.
  4. Go to "Apps & Features" section.
  5. Highlight "FaceIT Anti-Cheat" and/or "Riot Vanguard".
  6. Click on the three dots button.
  7. Press the "Uninstall" button.

Once the process is over, restart your PC and start FIFA 23 once again to see if the error has disappeared.

Turn Off Anti Cheat Software

If you don't want to uninstall the EAC software, then you can disable it using the following method:

  1. Press Win+R key combination.
  2. Type in "services.msc" and press Enter.
  3. Right-click on Easy Anti-Cheat.
  4. Select "Properties" from the list.
  5. Set the launch order to "Disable" or "Manual".
  6. Save and exit.

You may also need to restart your PC for this action to take effect. That's all you need to know on how to fix the EA Anti-Cheat error in FIFA 23. Hopefully one of these fixes works for you.

NBA 2K23: All Ronnie 2K Locations Thu, 29 Sep 2022 09:00:32 -0400 Sergey_3847

Every NBA 2K23 player needs to find Ronnie 2K, an NPC who grants players free rewards once they reach a certain OVR (overall rating). There are four milestones in the Ronnie 2K quest: 65 OVR, 75 OVR, 88 OVR, and 90 OVR. Each time you reach a new milestone, you can meet Ronnie 2K in a different location.

Our guide will show you all Ronnie 2K locations in NBA 2K23, including a list of rewards he grants you every time you meet and talk to him.

North Side Knights (65 OVR)

Once you reach 65 OVR, head over to the North Side Knights station, and go to the spot indicated by the red marker on the map above for an exact meeting location just outside the station.

After a brief conversation, he will give you the "Ronnie 2K & Sophie" t-shirt.

West Mall Station (75 OVR)

Hop onto the West Mall Station and enter the mall just north of the fast travel spot. Enter the mall and find Ronnie 2K by the entrance on the spot indicated by the marker.

This time Ronnie 2K will unlock an ability that allows you to set up your own spawn location, which is a much more useful reward than a t-shirt.

North Station (88 OVR)

At 88 OVR head over to the North Station and look out for Ronnie 2K in front of the 2K Sports headquarters building, indicated by the marker above.

This time he will grant you another ability, which allows you to play shirtless in the City.

South City Vipers (90 OVR)

The fourth and final spot can be found just outside the Vipers Station in the southwestern part of the map. You can meet Ronnie 2K right in front of the South City Vipers entrance.

The last reward grants you the Rebirth ability, which allows players to create a new player with all previously earned quest rewards, up to 25 badge points, and an opportunity to get to 90 OVR.

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NBA 2K23: All It's a Cole World Answers and Verses Tue, 27 Sep 2022 13:26:59 -0400 Sergey_3847

There are many story quests in the City, which is a part of the My Career questline in NBA 2K23. One of the more complicated and demanding quests in this storyline is the It's a Cole World quest, which involves famous rapper J. Cole.

Our guide will provide you with all It's a Cole World answers and verses in NBA 2K23. Simply follow the questline and use the answers listed below in the order of their appearance.

All Erick’s Vinyl Shop Answers
  • Answer 1: Lizzo.
  • Answer 2: Queen.
  • Answer 3: They reminisce over you.
All Rappers Hang Out Place Verses
  • Verse 1: "I got lockdown defence so don’t try to get mental".
  • Verse 2: "Check ya I’m with the extras, I’m eurostepping and flexing".
  • Verse 3: "I’ll break your ankles and probably fix that wart in your foot".
  • Verse 4: "You don’t have a lift pass you are not supposed to ski here".
  • Verse 5: "End your career, throw a party on your own dime".
  • Verse 6: "I heard you’re sleeping on me with your stuffed toy Piggie Smalls?"
All Rita's PhD Monk Questionnaire Answers
  • Answer 1: Got a little shine now you think you hotter than ovens.
  • Answer 2: You are not the type that these other playas are idolize.
  • Answer 3: And if you’re hoopin, you’re doo doo I’m poop scoopin’.
  • Answer 4: Hope it doesn’t rain, since I caved the roof in.
  • Answer 5: I’mma pull up in your face like I know your addy.
  • Answer 6: I know you seen me skate I got nothin’ but decks.
All PhD Monk Recording Verses
  • Verse 1: "Whenever, wherever. Soon as I tough the leather".
  • Verse 2: "Like your kindergarten teacher, I’m giving L’s for free".
  • Verse 3: "And I’mma take the rock like I went in that man’s wallet".
  • Verse 4: "Crazy how he laced up for the wall of shame".
  • Verse 5: "And don’t mumble it’s a concrete jungle".
  • Verse 6: "I call a iso, then I put the icing on".
  • Verse 7: "Take off from a free throw, take off the durag".
  • Verse 8: "Cross-over, half-spin, hit ’em with the hop skip".
  • Verse 9: "How you gonna stop this nah how you gonna top this?"
  • Verse 10: "2K, who you’re dealing with? You know I’m a savage".
  • Verse 11: "The rock ain’t safe, I’ll take the money out your dresser".
  • Verse 12: "You know who I am I’m a national treasure".
All Bas Dreamville Answers
  • Answer 1: Leave em frozen when I pull up for the jumper.
  • Answer 2: It’s the playoffs, play y’all? Y’all beginners.
  • Answer 3: My arm in the rim look at shorty below.
  • Answer 4: Like Dr. J’s afro you getting blowed out.
  • Answer 5: “Smile for the camera” chill? Yeah, no doubt.
  • Answer 6: This that rolling down the window on the flight feel…NEXT!

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