Nintendo Platform RSS Feed | Nintendo RSS Feed on en Launch Media Network Fallout Shelter Guide: How to Heal Mr. Handy Fri, 15 Jun 2018 16:16:41 -0400 Jonathan Moore

Wondering how to heal Mr. Handy in Fallout Shelter? Well, you've (definitely) come to the right place. 

Whether he's gathering caps from the wasteland or collecting resources in the vault, there will come a time when Mr. Handy stops his diligent butlering and goes Hulk on the wasteland adversaries invading your vault. 

Since Mr. Handy follows invaders until he kills them, he's sure to take damage no matter what you do. And since you don't want to lose your little helper, healing and repairing him will quickly become a necessity. 

But here's the rub: you can't heal Mr. Handy in Fallout Shelter. No matter how much damage he takes, there's currently no mechanic that allows you to heal him while he's still alive. Stimpacks do not work. 

You can repair him, but only after he dies. Currently, it costs 2,000 caps to repair Mr. Handy, which can be a pretty penny depending on your situation. 

The repair method works in both normal and survival modes. However, it's worthy to note that survival mode is known to have a bug that sometimes hides the "revive" button. If you run into this bug, just close the game and restart. The "revive" option should reappear when you return. 

And if you're wondering: No, Mr. Handy can't die in the wasteland because he doesn't take damage when exploring. If you're tired of looking at busted, half-health Mr. Handies, consider banishing them to the wasteland to collect caps. 


That's all you need to know about healing and repairing Mr. Handy. For more tips and tricks, be sure to check out all of our Fallout Shelter guides while you're here. 

Fortnite Map Guide: Search Chests in Risky Reels Thu, 14 Jun 2018 06:35:10 -0400 Sergey_3847

With update 1.63 dropping this morning, we're officially on Week 7 of Fortnite's Season 4 challenges. And this week, you'll have to find seven chests at one of the poorest locations on the map -- Risky Reels.

As you know, since Epic Games fixed the location, it is getting really hard to find any loot chests there.

However, we've gone and done the hard work for you and listed all the possible Risky Reels treasure chests locations below. Hopefully, you'll be able to complete this challenge without much hassle at all.

All Chest Locations in Risky Reels

Looking at the map above, the first three chests can easily be found inside the building to the north. Break through the roof and you will see one in the attic. The second one is on the first floor, and the last one can be found on the ground one, so just break the floors from top to the bottom and quickly grab all three chests.

The barn in the eastern part of Risky Reels also has two chests, which are probably the easiest ones to get. Just hop inside and claim them right away. Check out the rest of the buildings as well, including the projector to the south, which hides one of the chests under the railing.

Some of the trucks scattered around the location may have a chest or two on their roofs, but don't bother checking the cars in the center of Risky Reels, as they aren't there anymore.

If you can't get all seven chests at once, be sure to either complete the game or get eliminated. Otherwise, the game will not count the chests you've already found and will make you gather all seven chests once again.


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Fortnite Challenge Guide: Score a Goal on Different Pitches Thu, 14 Jun 2018 06:22:08 -0400 Sergey_3847

The hardest Fortnite Season 4, Week 7 challenge is scoring three goals in different soccer locations. You may think the best way to do it is to go to one of the giant stadiums recently added to Fortnite, and score the goals there.

But in fact, those stadiums will be extremely populated and you will get nothing done. If you want to finish this challenge quickly, then simply follow our guide for the three secret soccer field locations in Fortnite.

How to Score Goals on Different Pitches

Pitch 1: Risky Reels

The first secret field is located in Risky Reels. Just go to the northeastern part of the map and find the broken projector at the location (it's hard to miss). Go right under the projector, and you will see a small soccer field with a soccer ball ready to be kicked. Do it and claim your first goal!

Pitch 2: Containers/Crates

The second secret field is located in the area with containers and crates northeast of Dusty Divot. Just follow the exact location marked above in the screenshot and you will see the soccer ball near the crates. Kick it inside one of the open crates and it will count as a goal.

Pitch 3: Fatal Fields

The last one is quite ironic as it is located on one of the fields inside Fatal Fields, which is located in the southern part of the map near Moisty Mire. You will find the soccer ball in the northern field with a few scarecrows wanting to play soccer with you. So claim your third and final goal and grab your rewards for this hard challenge.


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Fortnite Battle Star Guide: Follow the Treasure Map Found in Pleasant Park Thu, 14 Jun 2018 06:16:05 -0400 Sergey_3847

As you know, there's really no need to look out for the actual treasure map to claim each week's Battle Star. However, if you still need it, this week's treasure map can be found in Pleasant Park.

Surprisingly, the treasure map in Fortnite's 1.63 update is really easy to decipher, so just follow our guide below for the exact location of the Battle Star.

This week's treasure map will lead you to the Battle Star located on the top of the hill at Tilted Towers (see the screenshot above for exact location).

There's no doubt you know where to find Tilted Towers, but the exact hill you're looking for is positioned in the eastern part of the location, just at the edge of the city.

You need to land right on top of it and claim your Battle Star. Of course, Tilted Towers will be hot, so you might want to do this challenge as a squad. 

As you see, this Week 7 challenge is really simple (except having to navigate all the gunfire that's sure to light up Tilted Towers). Regardless, you should be able to finish this hard difficulty challenge in no time.

Hopefully, Epic Games will come up with some more exciting treasure map locations for the next week's challenge.


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How to Log Out of Fortnite on the Switch Wed, 13 Jun 2018 14:11:26 -0400 Ty Arthur

Switch players have been eagerly awaiting the launch of Fortnite on Nintendo's killer multi-platform console, but unfortunately, it's off to a bit of a rocky launch with a couple of big issues.

Many players are discovering an odd oversight on the Switch version -- an inability to log out of your Epic account and switch to another account. This can be a game-breaking problem if you accidentally pressed the option to log in as a guest rather than using your main account, or if, for instance, you have a separate account for another family member and want to switch back to your primary Epic account.

Note that this is a separate (but connected) issue to the problems with PS4 linked Epic accounts. The long story short there is that if you previously linked your Epic account to the PlayStation Network, then there is absolutely no way to use that account on the Switch. Full stop, no go. Your only solution to that problem is to create an entirely new account.

But that's not why you're here. So here's the solution for another frustrating problem.

How To Logout of Fortnite Switch

First and foremost, it's important to know that entirely deleting and re-installing the Fortnite app does not solve this problem. Your account details are saved on the Epic Games servers, not on your console, so deleting and re-installing doesn't do anything and won't log you out of the currently activated account.

There are a few possible workarounds with varying levels of dependability. The one solution most likely to resolve the problem is also the solution you are going to least want to try.

The (Crappy) Solution

To sign in with a different Epic account on Fortnite, you can always just create a new user profile on your Switch, then download Fortnite again for that profile. You will be prompted to either sign in as a guest or use whatever Epic account details you want to log in with.

While it's guaranteed to work, it isn't a very viable solution long-term, since it will mean constantly switch back and forth between profiles just to play one single game.

If that doesn't seem like a workable solution for you, then there's another option to try.

Less Crappy but Not as Reliable

Tap the home button on the Switch's right joy con, highlight the Fortnite tile, then tap the Y button to fully close the app.

Re-launch the program and take a look to see if you are still logged in. Some players are reporting this logs them out of the Fortnite servers, while others have stated it isn't working at all for them -- but it's worth a try since it doesn't take much time.

Your Final Option

Finally, you can head over to the Epic Games website and sign in with your Epic account. Hover over your account name and click the "Account" option in the drop-down menu. From there, click "Connected Accounts" on the left hand side of the screen. 

In the list of accounts, you can attempt to un-link your current Switch account, then re-link with whatever account you want to use. Like the previous solution, however, some players are having trouble getting this to work properly.

For now, creating a new Switch account is the only surefire solution until Epic adds a "logout" feature in a future patch, hopefully soon.

 Linking accounts at the Epic Games website

Have you found another solution for logging out of your Fortnite account on Switch? Let us know what you tried and what's been working in the comments below!

For those who are finally able to log on, be sure to check out our latest Fortnite guides for Season 4, Week 7 below:


E3 2018 Nintendo Direct Recap: All the Trailers & Release Dates Tue, 12 Jun 2018 19:58:41 -0400 Ashley Gill

Nintendo going the Direct route for E3 these past few years has been a strange ride, but fans can always count on E3 Directs to have two things: Some anticipated reveals, and a lot of gameplay.

Though today's biggest Nintendo announcements were Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and the Fortnite launch, they did reveal a number of other ambitious projects that can find a home in most Switch libraries.

Out of all of Nintendo's showings today, I am most excited to see Kenichiro Tsukuda's DAEMON X MACHINA in action as it's been a long time since we've seen a mecha game from Armored Core's backbone producer. And the Macross guy doing the mecha designs? Yeah, I'll take that.

DAEMON X MACHINA may be my most hyped game out of this Direct, but chances are you're excited about any of the other great titles shown during the conference.

There's something for everyone in Nintendo Direct E3 2018!

Fire Emblem Three Houses trailer

It's been how long since Fire Emblem has seen a release on a home console? Ah, that's right: It's been 10 years since Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn was released on the Wii.

Fire Emblem Three Houses
looks to be the most graphically/technically impressive game in the series yet. Look for its release in Spring 2019.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2: "Torna -- The Golden Country" trailer

The only expansion in Nintendo's lineup this E3, "Torna -- The Golden Country" is set 500 years before the events in Xenoblade Chronicles 2.


"Torna" won't just be a story expansion; it will also feature tweaks to the battle system, allowing you to play as both Blades and Drivers in combat. This is a sure buy for fans, look for it on the Nintendo Switch on September 21.


We need more mecha games these days. Fact.

from Marvelous! is headed by Armored Core producer Kenichiro Tsukuda, with designs from Macross's Shoji Kawamori, not to mention the other talent involved. It will be making its way to the Nintendo Switch in 2019.

Super Mario Party trailer

The Mario Party games have come in a lot of numbers, but none of them have had "Super" in the name.

Super Mario Party
will be able to make use of two Switch consoles for unique four-player gameplay and minigames. For the first game in the series to be Super, you've got to assume Nintendo is confident in this entry to their long-running party game series. Expect to see this one on the Switch this fall on October 5!

Overcooked 2 trailer

Overcooked has swiftly taken over as one of the go-to co-op games for many, so it makes sense for developer Ghost Town Games to keep the ball rolling with a sequel.

Overcooked 2
will feature more recipes, kitchens, and chefs to keep returning players engaged -- and if that wasn't enough, the game will also come with online multiplayer. There's no such thing as too many cooks.

Along with all of the above, Nintendo showed the following games briefly during today's Direct:

  • Hollow Knight (2018)
  • Fortnite (Today)
  • Killer Queen Black (Winter 2018)
  • SNK Heroines (September 7)
  • Octopath Traveler (July 13)
  • Dragon Ball FighterZ (2018)


And that's it! Everything you need to know about the great games shown at Nintendo's E3 Direct! 

As always, stay tuned to GameSkinny for more news and information on these titles as they develop. 

Fortnite Is Here For The Switch... But Not If Your Epic Account Is Linked To PSN Tue, 12 Jun 2018 15:31:54 -0400 Ty Arthur

Editor's Note: If you're looking for "How to Logout of Fortnite on Switch?", then be sure to check out this guide 

While there's still no news on an official release date for we poor second class Android citizens, all you lucky Switch players today finally get to jump into the zany Fortnite Battle Royale action!

The news broke at this year's Nintendo E3 showcase earlier today and the game is now available for free download, but it comes with a major hitch. Even though this is supposed to be Nintendo's shining moment, somehow Sony showed up to cast a cloud over the announcement.

It seemed like we were moving towards a golden age of crossplay between consoles with Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo showing more willingness to engage in inter-platform play.

Those hopes have been dashed for full Fortnite Switch crossplay, which is currently available for Xbox One, PC, and iOS users.. but not for PS4, as confirmed by Epic's Nick Chester in this tweet:

That's an odd oversight for a free-to-play game that's focused on syncing between different platforms so you can pick up and play on any console or iOS device.

Bizarrely, its not just crossplay that's affected here. After the game went live, Switch players who originally created their Epic account via PS4 (or who linked their PC account to the PlayStation Network) discovered a little problem... you can't use your PS4-linked Epic account on the Switch version.

This was pointed out by GameOverGreggy over on Twitter, who was faced with the Login Failed screenshot below. There's one line in particular to focus on here in the error message: "neither the Fortnite website nor Epic customer service are able to change this."

Epic Games obviously knows this practice is going to tick people off, and are also washing their hands of the decision, since it clearly wasn't up to them. There's no point in emailing customer support to complain, since they can't do anything to help resolve the problem. 

You might be thinking this isn't that big a deal and just requires an extra step before you can play, however, un-linking your Epic account from PSN does not make it work, either! Once an account has been linked to PS4, it is forever off limits to other platforms.

In other words, you have to make an entirely new Epic account if you previously played Fortnite on the PS4 and want to play on the Switch. Everything associated with your Fortnite account -- your ranking, your Battle Pass, your skins -- are all useless on the Switch for previous PS4 players.

There's been no official statement from Sony, Epic, or Nintendo at this point as to why this would be the case, but it isn't hard to guess. Since its only the PSN-linked accounts that are affected, the issue seems to land solely on Sony's doorstep and not Nintendo's.

It seems clear this is a case of Sony forcing exclusivity on the PS4 to try to maintain market dominance as the #1 console, but its causing so much backlash that it may end up having the opposite effect.

Right now Twitter, Twitch, Facebook, and YouTube are lit up with comments from players vowing to unlink their Epic account from the PlayStation Network and just start playing exclusively on Xbox or Switch.

For those who have a decent gaming rig, just switching entirely to PC might be the way to go, since you can then link however you want to other consoles (although obviously don't link to PSN if you plan on playing on Switch later).

Have you come across the issue, and what do you think of Sony disallowing Epic accounts to be utilized on other platforms? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, and be sure to share your best Fortnite kills and deaths on the Switch!

Yo-Kai Watch 4 and Unannounced Yo-Kai Watch Game to be Revealed Soon Tue, 12 Jun 2018 11:59:22 -0400 Erroll Maas

Level-5 has announced that Yo-Kai Watch 4 will be revealed with a trailer on June 23 for Nintendo Switch. It is reported that it will launch in Japan in late 2018.

Additionally, another unannounced Yo-Kai Watch game will be revealed on June 27 at Level-5's event for the fifth anniversary of the series.

These announcements come after the previously revealed Yo-Kai Watch Shadowside project, which includes an upcoming game and an anime series, which started airing in April.

It is currently unknown if the Yo-Kai Watch Shadowside game is separate from Yo-Kai Watch 4 or the unannounced Yo-Kai Watch game.

It is also unknown if any of these games will release outside of Japan. The most recent titles in the series, Yo-Kai Watch 3: Sushi, Yo-Kai Watch 3: Tempura, and the updated version, Yo-Kai Watch 3: Sukiyaki, all for the Nintendo 3DS, have not yet been confirmed for a western release.

They originally launched in Japan on July 16, 2016, and December 15, 2016, respectively.

Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more news and info on these games as they develop. 

Dark Souls Remastered Review: Praise the Sun Mon, 11 Jun 2018 16:37:29 -0400 Jonathan Moore

There are very few games like the original Dark Souls.

In the seven years since its release, Dark Souls and its immediate sequels have permeated the gaming zeitgeist to such an extent that Souls-borne is now a recognized subclass of RGP. Despite the games that have come after it, the release of Dark Souls remains an undisputed watershed moment for gaming. It's the game that made "git gud" a subculture and gave an entirely new meaning to the phrase "****ing hard."

It's good news, then, that the ethos of what made the original so timeless is at the core of Dark Souls: Remastered. Or in other words: praise the sun this remaster isn't a dud.

Making Dark Souls Great (Again)

OG Dark Souls players will find that almost everything in the remaster is exactly as they remember it: enemies are in the same locations, bosses are just as difficult, and exploration is just as important.

But the word "remaster" itself entails change -- and not every tiny detail of Lordran is the same. The most noticeable differences come on the graphical front, while others can be found in the game's PvP elements. Some, for better or worse, firmly fall into the neither-positive-nor-negative category of "meh."

If you were worried Dark Souls: Remastered wouldn't run at a buttery-smooth 60fps at 4K (or more technically, 1800p upscaled/60), you can put your concerns to a fecund bed. From the game's opening sequence to its end, it's obvious that Dark Souls: Remastered takes full advantage of current-gen power.

In my roughly 40 hours with the game, I still have yet to encounter any noticeable framerate drops. In fact, gameplay is so silky that I’ve not run into so much as a stutter. Less janky graphics don't remove some hit detection issues inherent in the game's design, but it does mean more confident ripostes and backstabs -- and better animation reads on pesky enemies like balder knights, painting guardians, and infested ghouls. 

Thankfully, it also means that notoriously intensive environments like Blighttown, The Depths, and other formerly sluggish hells finally have their shit together. Where the game once struggled to hit 30 frames (or where it clawed to reach even half that threshold), Dark Souls: Remastered doesn't miss a beat.

Some may say the improvements fundamentally change areas such as Blighttown, making them “easier” when compared to their original versions. But more appropriately, I think the increased frames make these areas a bit more fair and entertaining for both old and new players alike. 

Don’t be mistaken, the scaffolding leading to Blighttown is still mercilessly treacherous; the tight alleyways of the lower Undeadberg are still murderously tedious; and the cramped corridors mazing through The Depths are still ruthlessly insidious. It's just that now combat feels better balanced, with lag, tearing, and artifacts things of the distant past.

Another improvement that makes Dark Souls: Remastered a more enjoyable experience comes in the form of volumetric lighting.

Naturally, Dark Souls is, well, a dark game, one where both light and dark work in concert to develop the atmosphere of each distinctive area. And while the original was no slouch when it came to rendering light and particles, Dark Souls: Remastered enhances those effects to a great degree.

Bonfires burn with new intensity, souls glitter in brilliant blue-white light, and spells like Great Soul Arrow illuminate dark surroundings in dazzling eldritch lightshows. Most noticeable of all are the improvements to outdoor lighting, where sunlight scatters across environments more vibrantly than ever before, repainting familiar vistas into beautiful new tapestries.

But just as gorgeous as the environments of Dark Souls: Remastered can be, there's also a strange counterbalance at play: not everything looks better. Watch any comparison video, and you'll see that some of the game's renderings simply looked better on the PlayStation 3, a strange thing to say about any game -- let alone one in the Souls series.

And depending on your display, Remastered might look a bit (or a lot) over-saturated. Since 4K televisions typically default to high contrast settings, you'll find that areas of Blighttown are now drenched in a sickly green or that areas of Anor Londo are bathed in fiery red. In other areas, bonfires can look like they've been put through too many Instagram clarity filters, which ain't really a good look. 

Playing on a TCL 50" 4K HDR, it took about an hour or so for my eyes to fully adjust to the remaster without changing my default settings (which work fine with games like Horizon: Zero Dawn and God of War). Sure, you can easily tweak your display's contrast settings, but if you don't have multiple options for all your inputs, you'll find yourself doing one of two things: changing them back and forth every time you play or just getting used to it, neither of which are completely ideal scenarios.

Git Gud or Die

If you've never played a Souls game, then this might be a tricky place to start. This is a hard game, but not in a particularly nefarious way. You will die, and you will question the very basis of your sanity as you find new ways to give up your perpetually escaping humanity.

Exploration can be difficult. If you're used to a minimap (or any map at all), you'll quickly discover that memorization is not only key to getting around but also to surviving. You will backtrack. You will grind. And you will get frustrated. But the beautiful thing about Dark Souls is that it teaches you patience and perseverance in spades. Every death leads to better understanding.

Perhaps unlike any other game, Dark Souls will make you a better gamer.

If you're returning to Lordran, you'll not only notice the additions above, but also a few quality of life upgrades. Now you can change factions at covenants, use multiple items at once, and scale menus to see them better. All of these things bring Dark Souls: Remastered more in line with both Dark Souls 3 and other games in the current generation.

If you're a PvPer, you'll be glad to know that matchmaking is better than ever before. Dark Souls Remastered implements DS3's password system and tweaks to balancing make sure that OP players won't simply invade and wreck you because of their gear.

Dark Souls: Remastered might not completely hold up these days, with some areas and design choices showing their age when compared to Dark Souls 3 or Bloodborne. And it's a shame that the developers didn't take the time to revamp and/or finish some of the areas, such as the still-terrible-looking Lost Izalith. But whether you're new to the series or not, Dark Souls: Remastered's misery-soaked world is a testament to vision and execution. 

Dark Souls: Remastered is the best way to play a modern classic.

[Note: The developer provided the copy of Dark Souls: Remastered used in this review.]

E3 2018 Bethesda Showcase Recap: Attention, There's a New Elder Scrolls in the Works Sun, 10 Jun 2018 23:50:13 -0400 Jonathan Moore

Going into E3 2018, Bethesda's press conference was one of the most hotly-anticipated keynotes of the entire show. With surprise pre-show reveals for both Rage 2 and Fallout 76 landing in May, Bethesda gave fans, critics, and journalists alike plenty of reasons to get hyped. 

So like rapt little lemmings, we all did the only thing there was to do: we tuned in. 

Thankfully, we were all right in thinking this showcase was going to have some truly killer trailers. Bethesda kept things moving fast; they showed lots of trailers and (mostly) kept the pontificating to a minimum. On top of the trailers, there were also some big (BIG) reveals. And we got a lot more info on both Rage 2 and Fallout 76

Here's everything you need to know if you (somehow) missed the livestream. 

Elder Scrolls 6

We got an Elder Scrolls 6 reveal. Holy shit. We have a teaser trailer. I repeat we have a teaser trailer. You can view it above.

We don't have a release date yet, but it's coming, folks. It's freaking coming. 


Fallout 76

Fallout 76 will release on November 14. 

First revealed on May 30, we finally got confirmation that Fallout 76 is, in fact, an entirely online open world survival RPG. You can play it solo, experiencing a story and leveling up by completing quests and other normal wasteland activities. However, the big draw is teaming up with a group of friends and exploring the wasteland. 

And to make things fit even more with the Fallout ethos, there won't be hundreds or thousands of players running around the wasteland at a single time. Instead, there will be only "dozens" of players in a given instance.  

Earlier in the day, another Fallout 76 trailer was shown during the Microsoft conference. There, Bethesda's Todd Howard said that the game would be a prequel set 25 years after the first bombs dropped. He also confirmed that the game would take place in the Appalachian Moutains of West Virginia -- and that it would be "four times bigger" than Fallout 4

But at Bethesda's press conference, we were shown more of the game. 

Players will find themselves emerging from one of the very first vaults to open up after the bombs fell. With a brand-new gameplay trailer, we got to see what the game will actually play like. I won't even try to steal the other awesomeness and beauty of it from you. You can view it above.  

Fallout 76 will employ all new rendering tech to achieve 16x the detail for the environment and weather across the map when compared to Fallout 4. And new Fallout creatures will make their debuts in Fallout 76, many of which not only look completely amazing, but ones that also use the real-life folklore of West Virginia as inspiration. 

A series of "informational" videos was also shown that expanded on what we'll see in Fallout 76's gameplay -- and how some of the game's systems work in multiplayer. You'll be able to team up with friends and create camps and settlements complete with all the accouterments you'll need to explore and conquer the wasteland. You can build wherever you want and move your settlements and camps wherever you want.

Additionally, there will also be multiple atomic missile sites peppered around the Fallout 76 map. In the vein of player agency, you can literally do whatever you want with them. You'll need to work with friends to acquire codes -- or take them off dead bodies -- to access the missiles that you can then launch on a rival camp ... or anything else you want to rain devastation upon. You'll be able to farm rare and valuable resources from the fallout areas. 

The game will feature 100% dedicated servers, and Bethesda is planning on supporting the game for years to come.  

There will be a Power Armor collector's edition that will feature a fully functional T-51 power armor helmet, an awesome glow in the dark map, figurines, and in-game bonuses. A price for the collector's edition was not revealed. Lastly, there will be a beta for the game, but no further details were revealed as of this writing. 

Rage 2

Many gamers were surprised when Bethesda announced Rage 2 back in May. Depending on what forums or social media networks you visited, you might know that a lot of fans weren't too keen on a followup to Rage, a game that met with mixed reviews when it was originally released. 

However, here we are nonetheless, talking about what we now know about the FPS sequel. But from what Bethesda has shown so far, the game doesn't look half bad. 

Following a live performance from Andrew W.K., the gameplay trailer above was shown. Player will find themselves in the shoes of Walker, the last ranger of the wasteland -- and someone who is, of course, going to save the world as he knows it.

Set against a dystopian backdrop, where the future is full of mangled and irradiated wasteland gangs, Rage 2 embraces its ludicrous nature and give players all the guns, powers, and vehicular combat they could want.

We're sure to see more of the game ahead of its Spring 2019 release.

Elder Scrolls Legends

Elder Scrolls Legends will be relaunching with improved visuals later this year. It will be coming to the Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One. 

That's basically it. The game is still the same kickass card game you've come to love -- just now on more platforms!  

Elder Scrolls Online

Named MMO of the year for the past three years, the Elder Scrolls Online has only gotten better in the last year, with the release of the Morrowind and Summerset DLCs greatly expanding the game.

Bethesda announced two brand-new DLCs -- both slated to come out some time this year. The first will be a dungeon-centric DLC named Wolfhunter. All we currently know is that it will "be based on werewolves." No other information was provided.

The other DLC will be story DLC set in Murkmire. This one will go into deep Argonian lore and culture. 

Yep, we're going back to Blackmarsh. 

Doom Eternal

It was just a trailer, but Doom guy facing off against hordes of demons and hellknights in a hellscape right here on Earth. Crushing skulls and pumping shotties, Doom guy  is ready to save the world (again). 

Doom Eternal will be a direct sequel to 2016's rebooted Doom. The Doom-slayer will be even more powerful this time around, facing off against twice as many demons than in the original game. 

A pure callback to Doom II: Hell on Earth, Doom Eternal will premiere in full at Quake Con in August. 


If you haven't played Prey, you should do yourself a favor: stop reading this and go play it. 

And considering how good the game is and well players and critics alike have received it, there was little doubt it would be eventually receiving DLC. 

In fact, it's receiving two DLC packs. 

"Mooncrash" (a $19.99 add-on available right now) sees the player venture to the moon and fight mimics and all things that are bad. From the trailer above, it looks like a survival battle simulation gauntlet. It also looks like you'll probably die a lot. 

Then there's "Typhon Hunter", which features a tense MP mode of 1v5. Here, in what's essentially Extinction, one player goes toe to toe with five mimics, who can be anything in the game, creating a fierce game of cat and mouse.\

"Typhon Hunter" will be available later this summer, and it will support VR.


Starting things off, Wolfenstein 2 will be coming to the Nintendo Switch on June 29. 

However, that's not the biggest news of the night featuring our favorite Nazi killer.

Wolfenstein's next adventure will put players in the boots of BJ's twin daughters. Wolfenstein: Young Blood pushes the Wolfenstein story forward to the 1980s, where the future is a bleak and violent place.

It will be a co-op experience, where you can play solo but also with friends. Young Blood is set to release sometime in 2019

Lastly, Wolfenstein: Cyber Pilot will is a VR game currently in the works. The only information given was that players will be able to hack into Nazi units to save the world. 

Fallout Shelter

The mobile simulation game that's been played by 120 million people since its release three years ago, Fallout Shelter is about to see an influx of even more players. 

The big news is that the game will be coming to the PS4 and the Nintendo Switch -- right now. It's completely free.  

Elder Scrolls: Blades

Elder Scrolls: Blades is taking the franchise back to its roots in games like Elder Scrolls: Arena. Set to release for mobile devices this fall, players can currently sign up for early access at It will be free to play. 

The game uses touch controls to move -- or those with dual sticks can use those as well. Procedurally generated dungeons and hand-crafted levels is set to bring the Elder Scrolls experience to a small screen -- but with a big bang. 

Blades will have several modes, such as The Abyss, a roguelike experience with endless dungeons, and The Arena, where players will do battle one on one with other players. 

What's more, there will be a story and quest mode that will employ a town hub. You'll be tasked with rebuilding your home town, upgrading structures, and decorating buildings. As your town levels, you'll get new NPCs and quests. 

Blades will be coming to phones every device Bethesda can get it on: PCs, consoles, VR on mobile, and high-end VR on PCs. All of the platforms will connect to each other, where, for example, mobile players can play against VR players.


It's been 25 years since Bethesda developed a brand-new franchise. And in a look at the future of the company, Todd Harris showed that new IP during the company's presser.

The trailer starts out in space, with the camera looking down at the edge of a planet as a star peeks out from behind the bottom edge of the planet. A space station comes into view and the trailer ends as something appears to engulf the space station (or perhaps it goes into a type of hyperspace?).

Either way, the trailer looks great despite not knowing a single thing about it outside of the name and that it's probably set in space and some type of sci-fi RPG (yes, that last part is me just guessing).

There is no release date for Starfield at this time. 


Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more news and information on all of these games as they develop. 

FIFA 19: New Modes, New Experiences Sat, 09 Jun 2018 19:12:37 -0400 Stephen_1992

As some may know FIFA 19 was announced recently at E3 and along with that come some big changes. FIFA 19 will introduce UEFA Champions league, Europa league, Super Cup, and Journey: Champions on Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, Xbox 1, and PC. 

According to EA, the UEFA Champions league has been one of the most highly requested additions. One of the worlds biggest competitions will come to the game for the first time. In the UEFA Champions tournament players can play a custom version where they control a club of their choice or play through the group stage of the final. 

In Journey: Champions you play as Alex Hunter. He is competing for the UEFA Champions league trophy in a narrative story mode. 

Some of the new features allow players to control the pitch of every moment from tactical approaches to the technical touch. The brand new active touch system improves upon how players interact with the ball. The Dynamic Tactics system lets players set up their squad and customize their tactical approach. Also 50/50 balls will be decided by player attributes and reactions across the pitch. 

And to top it all off the cover stars for FIFA 19 are Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar Jr, some of the biggest names in the biggest names in the soccer world.

Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more FIFA 19 news as it comes. 

Paladins Coming to the Switch on June 12 Thu, 07 Jun 2018 13:26:11 -0400 Zach Hunt

Hi-Rez Studios announced today that its massively popular hero shooter, Paladins, will be coming to the Nintendo Switch on June 12. Not only will fans of the hit game be able to play on the go, but Paladins will run at a silky-smooth 60 frames per second (in both docked and handheld modes) and feature crossplay support between Xbox One and Switch players. You can check out the full Switch launch trailer in the video above.

Pre-orders are available now for the Founder's Pack on the Nintendo eShop. For $29.99, players will get full access to all 36 currently available Champions, any future Champions, and a host of exclusive cosmetic items. A free-to-play version is slated to release at some point this summer.

Although Paladins only recently officially launched on PC, Mac, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, more than 25 million players across the globe have been singing its praises since it went into open beta back in September of 2016. Over that course of time, the game's trademark card-based loadout system and addictive gameplay have helped it to amass a devoted fanbase that is sure to be thrilled by this announcement.

Be sure to stick with GameSkinny for all things Paladins, and if you haven't already, check out our collection of Paladins guides so that you'll have a leg up on the competition come June 12.

Can't Wait for Indivisible? Try Fallen Legion: Rise to Glory Wed, 06 Jun 2018 13:19:08 -0400 Erroll Maas

Plenty of fans have been disappointed by the recently announced delay of Lab Zero's upcoming hand-drawn action RPG, Indivisible, repeatedly playing the previously released demo after learning they would now have to wait until 2019 to get their hands on the full version. Luckily, a new exclusive called Fallen Legion: Rise to Glory has been brought to the Nintendo Switch by NIS America and YummyYummyTummy Games.

Two Stories in One Package

Rise to Glory compiles the two previously released Fallen Legion games, Flames of Rebellion for PlayStation 4 and Sins of an Empire for PlayStation Vita. Each version contains the same story from a different point of view. Flames of Rebellion stars former soldier Legatus Laendur as he leads a rebellion to overthrow the royal family after discovering the corruption deeply ingrained within the empire, while Sins of an Empire stars Princess Cecille, the newly crowned princess of Fenumia, who is trying her best to restore Fenumia to its former glory.

You've Seen This Somewhere Before

For anyone who is a fan of the Valkyrie Profile style of gameplay -- which is similar to that of Indivisible -- Fallen Legion will provide a recognizable battle system; however, anyone not familiar may experience some difficulty adjusting. After a brief story section, you get thrown into the action right away, and it can take time to understand the gameplay and finish the first level. Each level contains a series of battles, sometimes with a boss to face once you reach the end.

Your Exemplars Will Aid You

Similarly to Indivisible, your party consists of several characters, although the main character takes more of a supporting role. In battle, you control these several characters, called exemplars, who join you throughout the course of the campaign, each of whom corresponds to a different face button. Each time an exemplar attacks, it requires mana, and there's a quick cooldown after it has been depleted. Additionally, the main character has a special attack as well as the ability to heal and revive allies. The abilities of the main characters require a more extensive cooldown time, so well-timed blocks are necessary if you want to make progress without having to rely on them. Perfect blocks can grant you AP and reflect enemy attacks as well.

Characters do not gain experience or level up after each battle, but they can be equipped with gemstones to improve their attributes and gain new abilities, of which three can be equipped at once.

Important Decisions

In-between battles, you have to make choices for your kingdom which will grant you bonuses and affect certain aspects of the outside world. These choices are timed, so you have to be quick about what you think will be the best option depending on how your characters are doing at the time. Your choices can also boost morale, which in turn grants you an additional bonus.

Only One Life Creates a More Intense Challenge

In addition to the main campaign mode, there is also a "one life mode," which features no retries and ends the game as soon as the main character has been defeated in battle. This isn't recommended for anyone who isn't familiar or hasn't already completed the game normally, but it provides an extra feature for players who want to challenge themselves. Like plenty of other RPGs, a New Game Plus mode is also available after finishing the campaign for the first time.

A Few Drawbacks

One glaring flaw Fallen Legion has is a severe lack of checkpoints. Despite a built-in autosave feature, saving doesn't happen in-between battles, and levels are restarted if you're defeated. It could be understandable if there were a checkpoint at least at the halfway point, but having to restart a level becomes exceedingly frustrating. Additionally, it seems that cut-scenes can't be skipped, which may further infuriate some players. Unlike Indivisible, Fallen Legion also does not contain any kind of platforming, so fans of that feature may be disappointed as well.

Something to Consider

Fallen Legion: Rise to Glory is best for fans of the genre and those who enjoy the particular type of battle system. It may not be as close to Indivisible as some fans might want it to be, but it can at least tide some of them over for now. Now that players can experience the two different versions on one platform, they have around 30 hours of gameplay to keep them satisfied, and even more if they're willing to face the challenge of one-life mode.

Fallen Legion: Rise to Glory is available on the Nintendo SwitchFallen Legion: Flames of Rebellion is also available on PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 4, while Fallen Legion: Sins of an Empire is available on PlayStation 4. Both versions are also available on Steam.

Note: A code for Fallen Legion: Rise to Glory was provided by the publisher.

Dodge Club Pocket Review: A Throwdown in the Retro Underground Fri, 01 Jun 2018 13:22:33 -0400 Greyson Ditzler

Dodge Club Pocket on the 3DS is a game with a surprising bit of history behind it. It's technically the third installment in a series of games developed by James Montagna, a lone indie game developer and director who has spent a fair bit of time at WayForward, and who has, among other things, worked in some way on every Shantae title, Cat Girl Without Salad, and all of WayForward's Adventure Time games.

The original Dodge Club game was a highly simplistic game that was shown off at night clubs and festivals as it was toured across North America, and it tasked players with controlling a single giant pixel as it dodged around a fireball in an arena.The general gaming public wouldn't get a taste of what Dodge Club had to offer until a multiplayer-focused sequel titled Dodge Club Party was released for the Wii U.

Montagna continued to experiment with the series' formula of dodging hazards in a square arena, and eventually made a mobile Dodge Club game called Dodge Club Pocket, which he later tweaked and gussied up a bit before re-releasing it in its enhanced state on the 3DS eShop. It has been over two months since the game was released, and barely anyone seemed to notice or acknowledge the game's existence much at all, if the two individual user ratings for it on the eShop (at time of writing) are any indication.

Even after releasing to no major fanfare, and in the face of everything else coming out on the Nintendo Switch recently, is it worth busting out your 3DS and putting down $5 on this scrappy little underground fighter?

Let me tell you the story of the most popular underground sport of 20XX.

It's Time to Square Off -- Literally

Dodge Club Pocket is an extremely simple game to understand and play. You control a big, bulky square that represents one of the many inspired young women trying to make it to the top of the Dodge Club Leagues, and you must beat each level by knowing when to duck, dodge, hold still, speed up, and so on. The game has 64 levels, all of which have different conditions you must satisfy in order to complete them. The levels get progressively harder as you go on, though any level but the last one can be selected at any time. You can also play the original Dodge Club mode, but it's really just a tacked-on little bonus.

Most levels' objective will just be a standard variation of dodging the fireball that spawns in the center of the arena and the spark that hugs the walls, but soon after you grasp the basics, the game starts to get more and more creative with its win conditions. Some levels require you to take a certain number of "steps" before the timer runs out (while still dodging obstacles), some levels pay homage to other classic games like Pac-Man, and some multiply the number of obstacles on screen as time passes.

The game always has you guessing and rethinking your strategy, and should you ever get really frustrated with a particular level, then you can just select another one and come back to it later. It also helps that you can control the game using either the touch screen, D-pad, or control stick, so there's minor variations on the controls available for any occasion and any player.  


This right here? This is gameplay. It might not look like much, but when it gets going, this game can be genuinely intense.

It's a game that I found myself oddly invested in, and I kept finding myself coming back to it when I wanted something simple and fun to play that wasn't on my phone. With the challenges rarely ever taking longer than three minutes, the one-hit deaths, and the easy-to-understand objectives and controls, Dodge Club Pocket kept me effectively hooked with its simple gameplay.

It definitely helps that the presentation is very chipper and cute, due largely to the character art and illustrations provided by artist linzbot, which gives the game a very upbeat, laid-back attitude. Playing through the main game will also unlock things like new songs for the catchy soundtrack, new characters to play as (palette swaps for your square), little bits of real-life Dodge Club history, and even comics and bios detailing the backstory and plot of the Dodge Club world and its characters. James and linz really didn't need to add this level of personality to the game to make it work, but they did anyway, and it is all the more charming for it.

 If this bio for Speck doesn't make you smile, then I don't think you're playing the right game. Or that we can be friends.

It's Not All Cute Girls and Atari Graphics

I do have some issues with the game, and while they are mainly just nitpicks, in a game this small, a nitpick is something that could sever a limb from its fragile little body. First off, while the number of challenges is perfectly sizable and they don't repeat themselves too often to be samey, there really isn't much incentive to play the game again once you've completed it. Once you've seen everything the game has to offer and unlocked all the little songs, comics, and concept art, then you've got no real surprises or secrets to uncover; the game has been thoroughly beaten.

On top of that, the graphics are fine, and the art is very cute and stylish, as I mentioned, but the visuals lack a bit of flare. Porting the game from mobile might have been a good opportunity to make the visuals look a little more flashy in the menu and level select screens in order to possibly attract a new audience, but for the most part, the game looks about the same as it did before. It is nice that the bottom screen reminds you what the objective is and how to pause and exit, but that bit of design is about the biggest visual difference between the two versions of the game.

The biggest issue I have with the game is its lack of a basic pause or quick-restart option. In order to pause the game, you have to hit the 3DS' home button, which works, but it's still a slower way to pause and un-pause than just pressing the start button like in most games. Instead, here the pause button allows you to exit to menu, and only if you hold it down for a second or two. I understand that holding down the button was likely a precaution made to stop people from quitting out of a level on accident, but it's basically faster to just fail on purpose and get kicked back to the menu that way.

Every time you die, you're forced to watch a little animation and hear a little failure jingle before you can start again. With no way to skip it, no way to restart a challenge quickly, and frequent deaths as the difficulty mounts up, it can be very annoying after a while. These minor nitpicks are really my only major issues with the game worth mentioning, and for a game this small and simple, it really nails the rest of the basics, which is all you can ask for, I guess.  

I'd Say It's Worth Skipping Lunch One Day to Buy This

The obvious question now is why should you buy Dodge Club Pocket on the 3DS for actual money when the mobile version is free. It's a pretty simple answer really: The 3DS version is mostly the same but has slight advantages that make it better. The presentation has been smoothed out and expanded just a bit, there's a bit more content, and the controls employing both the touch screen and buttons are much better than the mobile version, with the added bonus of your finger not blocking your view of the screen.

Not to mention, at an asking price of $5 for several hours of fun and challenging gameplay, it doesn't seem like too difficult a thing to skip your caramel latte for the day and spend that money on supporting an aspiring indie game developer instead. So maybe try out the mobile version first if you'd like to get the general idea of what the game is like, and then go all-in on the 3DS version if you don't mind paying a bit for a better version of more or less the same game.

Overall, I enjoyed the couple of hours I managed to squeeze out of Dodge Club Pocket. Sure, it isn't revolutionary or terribly big, but that's really not what it's meant to be. It's a fun little game that you whip out to play for maybe five minutes to try and complete a challenge, only to look up soon after to realize you've been playing for half an hour.

It's a humble game with no pretense behind it that just seeks to challenge and entertain its audience, and I would say it succeeds. It's fun, challenging, charming, and easy to pick up and play no matter who you are.

Dodge Club Pocket is available now for $5 on 3DS and for free on mobile devices, though the 3DS version is just that little bit better.

(Assorted press images provided by James Montagna)

Pokemon Quest Recipe and Cooking Guide Wed, 30 May 2018 16:19:34 -0400 Ashley Gill

You may go hunting for Pokemon in most other games in the series, but in Pokemon Quest, you have to put your cooking skills to the test and whip up some Pokemon delicacies to lure them to your camp.

The cooking system you have to deal with in Pokemon Quest is fairly simple and the dish descriptions point you in the direction you need to go to make the recipe perfect. So how does it work? Here's how you can cook up the right stuff to bring all the Pokemon to your yard.

Ingredients & Cooking

The table below is filled with some of the known recipes for each dish, but in order to strike out on your own, you need to know about each of the game's ingredients and what their qualities are. Here's a quick rundown:

Ingredient Color Qualities + Type
 Tiny Mushroom Red Mushroom
 Bluk Berry Blue Sweet
Apricorn Yellow Plant
 Fossil Gray Mineral
Big Root (Big) Red Plant
 Icy Rock (Big) Blue Mineral
 Honey (Big) Yellow Sweet
 Balm Mushroom (Big) Gray Mushroom


Past these ingredients are the two Rainbow ingredients, which can substitute any other type of ingredient and seem to be used for the rarest dish of them all: Ambrosia of Legends.

You need to know the food qualities and types so you can piece together the recipe hints to make them on your own. The recipe list below only goes so far -- there are definitely more combinations to these dishes.

Past the ingredients, there are still a few things to know about the cooking system. For instance:

  • Using an ingredient with the "Precious" quality may attract more rare Pokemon than the typical sizes, all "big" ingredients are Precious

  • The amount indicated in the recipe description indicates the amount of a type of ingredient to be used, and can be used to figure out recipes on your own:
    • "A little" likely equates to 1 or more
    • "A few" likely equates to 2 or more
    • "A lot" likely equates to 3 or more
    • "A whole lot" likely equates to 4 or more

Discovered Recipe Combinations

The lists of potential Pokemon are by no means complete but are there to give you an idea of what you might be able to get from each dish. Some have no entries as it stands! This section will be fleshed out as we learn more.

Recipe Name Ingredients Potential Pokemon
 Mulligan Stew  Random ingredients  [Random Pokemon] Magmar, Ponyta, Lickitung, Jigglypuff, Clefairy
 Red Stew
"A whole lot of red."
4 Red + 1 any
5 Red
[Red Pokemon] Goldeen, Charmander, Vulpix, Porygon, Diglett
 Blue Soda
"A whole lot of blue."
 4 Blue + 1 any
5 Blue
[Blue Pokemon] Machop, Dratini, Koffing, Tentacool
 Yellow Curry
"A whole lot of yellow."
 4 Yellow + 1 any
5 Yellow
[Yellow Pokemon] Psyduck, Drowzee, Abra, Bellsprout, Weedle
 Gray Porridge
"A whole lot of gray."
 4 Gray + 1 any
5 Gray
[Gray Pokemon] Rhyhorn, Mr. Mime, Onix, Clefairy, Oddish
 Mouth-watering Dip
"A whole lot of soft things and a lot of blue"
2 Red + 3 Blue [Water-type Pokemon] Slowpoke
 Plain Crepe
"A lot of sweet things and a few gray."
 2 Gray + 3 Blue
2 Gray + 3 Big Yellow
[Normal-type Pokemon] Pidgey
 Sludge Soup
"A whole lot of mushrooms and a lot of sweet things."
3 Red + 2 Big Gray [Ground-type Pokemon]  
Mud Pie
"A few minerals and a whole lot of soft things."
2 Big Blue + 3 Big Red
2 Big Blue + 2 Big Red + 1 Big Grey
[Poison-type Pokemon]
 Veggie Smoothie
"A whole lot of plants and a few soft things."
2 Big Red + 3 Yellow  [Grass-type Pokemon] Bulbasaur
 Honey Nectar
"A whole lot of sweet things and a lot of yellow."
??? [Bug-type Pokemon]
 Brain Food
"A lot of sweet things and a few hard things."
3 Blue + 2 Yellow
2 Red + 2 Blue + 1 Big Yellow
[Psychic-type Pokemon]
 Light-as-air Casserole
"A lot of minerals and a few plants."
3 Gray + 2 Yellow
3 Big Blue + 2 Yellow
[Flying-type Pokemon]
 Stone Soup
"A whole lot of hard things and a few minerals."
2 Gray + 3 Yellow
2 Gray + 3 Big Blue
[Rock-type Pokemon] Venonat, Geodude
 Hot Pot
"A lot of mushrooms and a little red."
3 Red + 2 any (not Red)  [Fire-type Pokemon] Vulpix
 Watt a Risotto
"A whole lot of soft things and a lot of yellow."
 2 Big Yellow + 3 Red  [Electric-type Pokemon]
 Get Swole Syrup
"A lot of sweet things and a few mushrooms."
???  [Fighting-type Pokemon]
 Ambrosia of Legends
"A whole lot of mystical things."
(Probably 5 Rainbow)  [Rare Pokemon]


This is very much a work in progress as Pokemon Quest is brand new. Look for updates to this article and more Pokemon Quest guides here on GameSkinny!

LEGO DC Super-Villains Announced for Fall Release Wed, 30 May 2018 14:34:44 -0400 Zach Hunt

Tired of playing as the good guys?

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and TT Games officially announced today that LEGO DC Super-Villains will be coming to PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC on October 16. 

Set to feature a roster of classic baddies from throughout the DC Universe, LEGO DC Super-Villains will allow players to create and customize their own villainous main character and then team up with notable baddies such as The Joker, Lex Luthor, and Harley Quinn in order to thwart the plans of a mysterious group calling themselves "The Justice Syndicate."

Allegedly, the Justice League has decided to take a sabbatical, and this new group of wannabes has decided to fill the void. It will be up to players and their team of antiheroes to uncover and put a stop to whatever the Syndicate is up to.

Naturally, being a LEGO game, two-player local co-op hilarity is sure to ensue.

Pre-orders are available now for the Deluxe Edition of LEGO DC Super-Villains, which will include the game, Season Pass content, and early access to the "DC Super-Villains: TV Series" DLC Character Pack. Physical versions will also come with a LEGO minifigure of Lex Luthor Superman; digital versions are set to include the "Justice League Dark" DLC Character Pack.

Be sure to stick with GameSkinny as we learn more about LEGO DC Super-Villains in the coming months.

5 Extremely Difficult Modern Games for Masochists Fri, 25 May 2018 12:16:53 -0400 Edgar Wulf


That's all, you can take a respite now. Have you played any of the games mentioned, or even managed to beat them? Perhaps you know of an immensely difficult game that deserves a place on this list? Let us know in the comments below.


And if you enjoyed this list, check out other great compilations on GameSkinny:




Cuphead is a brutally tough 2D run-and-gun game with beautiful hand-drawn animation in the vein of old-school Disney cartoons. You play as Cuphead, who is indebted to the devil himself and must battle through a series of challenging bosses to repay his debt. The game follows segments of straightforward run-and-gun, as well as bullet hell-style stages where the screen is populated with a large amount of various projectiles that you have to dodge. All of it leads to the game's main attraction -- boss battles -- which are highly diverse, each requiring a different approach and strategy. Unlike the other games on this list, Cuphead allows for couch co-op, so give your best buddy a controller, let them take charge of Cuphead's brother Mugman, and as a duo, indulge in the pleasantly painful world of this charming title.


Hotline Miami


Hotline Miami is a top-down twin-stick shooter heavily inspired by 80's culture. You play as a nameless protagonist who is known among the community simply as Jacket, because he's wearing one. Jacket receives calls from an unknown source urging him to commit murderous raids on mobster hideouts around the city. His goal is to kill every single one on any given level with numerous weapons at his disposal, ranging from axes and swords to assault rifles and shotguns; most enemies die from a single attack, but so does Jacket. Hotline Miami is about dying, a lot, learning enemy layout, and attempting a level again -- and again, and again. Thankfully, the gameplay is kept engaging by fast-paced action, an amazing synthwave soundtrack, and a variety of animal masks that grant beneficial properties at the start of a level.


Demon's Souls


When presented with the question of the most difficult modern game, most would probably answer Dark Souls; however, it all began with Demon's Souls, which is, arguably, still the most difficult entry in the Souls franchise. Much like later titles, it revolves around creating a hero based on one of the available classes and traveling through the crumbling lands of Boletaria, populated by threatening foes, including a diverse range of bosses, most of which can kill you in a few hits. Only a small number of games can provide a feeling as rewarding as defeating a boss the size of a building after countless unsuccessful attempts, as well as seeing the infamous "You Defeated" appear on screen. For that reason, Demon's Souls still stands as a prime modern example of a brutally difficult yet immensely satisfying game.


Darkest Dungeon


Darkest Dungeon provides a different kind of difficulty; it doesn't test your reflexes or ability to nimbly traverse fast-paced levels. It's a dungeon crawler that presents you with the arduous task of managing a diverse group of heroes and guiding them through many dreary dungeons. There, heroes can die not only in battle against terrifying beasts, but also from starvation, deadly traps, or a heart attack due to accumulated stress. Despite the combat being turn-based, any one mistake can mean the difference between success and failure. It is therefore up to the player to micro-manage the roster available to them, making sure they are fed, well-rested, equipped accordingly, and mentally prepared. Alas, some deaths can't be avoided, and each hero should be treated as expendable, promptly replaced by new ones recruited in town.


Super Meat Boy


You're Meat Boy -- literally, a piece of meat -- and your goal is to rescue Bandage Girl from the evil Dr. Fetus. Super Meat Boy, made by the awesome Edmund McMillen and Tommy Refenes, is a punishingly difficult 2D platformer in which you must guide Meat Boy through increasingly elaborate levels littered with rotating sawblades, spikes, and other deadly hazards. Clearing all worlds, seven in total, is a serious feat in and of itself, and at the end of each, you are challenged by a powerful boss. Should you feel like testing the limits of your sanity, you can attempt an even more difficult Dark World, which is unlocked after completing a world's regular version. Super Meat Boy's demanding difficulty is easily justified by colorful visuals and impeccable controls, so you can always be certain that, if you died 200 times on one level, each misstep was your own fault.


Most games nowadays make you feel comfortable; they tend to overwhelm you with tutorials and hold your hand throughout the first few hours. Without a doubt, more complex video games can definitely benefit from an in-depth explanation, but is it really necessary to teach a player how to move, look up, or open a door? Some games, like Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard, even make fun of such basic tutorials.


Then there are games on the opposite end of the spectrum, games that challenge your skills, smarts, and reflexes, forcing you to earn the satisfying sensation of success by learning everything from first-hand experience. They're not always fair -- in fact, in most instances, they're the opposite -- but that's the whole appeal.


It is thanks to these games that the term "Nintendo Hard" exists, but it is often used to describe the difficulty of older titles, like Battletoads or Contra. Modern games, for better or for worse, are rarely so challenging. There is, however, a less notorious term for defining the difficulty of more recent games, and that is "Masocore," a portmonteau of "masochist" and "hardcore," both of which perfectly characterize the games on this list. These games are either extremely challenging by default or don't have an adjustable difficulty setting at all.


If you are tired of simple, straightforward games and crave a true challenge, then click over to the next page to view the first out of 5 extremely difficult modern games, in no particular order.

Dark Souls Remastered: PvP Builds For Strength, Dexterity, & Magic Thu, 24 May 2018 19:34:23 -0400 Jonathan Moore

One of the most grueling aspects of Dark Souls: Remastered is the game's PvP element. Whether you're voluntarily summoning players to duel with you in the arena or getting invaded by irritating red phantoms, player versus player combat isn't always easy.

Knowing which build fits your playstyle is essential to success. But that's something only you can determine by playing the game. However, knowing which builds are the best for PvP -- and those you should fashion your character after or outright construct -- is what we're here for. 

In the following sections, I'll list out a variety of builds alongside what weapons and armor you'll need to make them. We won't exactly be min/maxing here, but there will be suggestions for well-rounded starter builds for each stat type.  

If you have any that aren't listed here but are effective in PvP, let us know in the comments at the bottom of the page. We'll add it (or them) to this list and credit you with the addition. 

Be sure to check out our other guides for the re-release here: 

Strength Builds

This category is for players looking to utterly crush their opponents using pure power to win any encounter.

Strength builds are typically more patient than other builds. Players do not need to turtle during encounters (unless they're making a turtle build). Liberal use of shields and defensive maneuvers is recommended since Vitality and Endurance stats are used to create walking fortresses and tanks.

It's also worth noting that many of the weapons and armor sets in this category are slow, making strategy and defense the primary principles of these build types. Of course, there are hybrids with high DEX values, but pure strength isn't known for it maneuverability. 

Prioritize These Stats First
  • Strength
  • Endurance
  • Vitality
  • Dexterity (after everything else)

The higher your Strength value, the better you'll be able to wield powerful weapons. However, increasing this attribute is also because your strength value combines with the Strength Parameter Bonus to provide additional damage based on scaling.  

Endurance gives you more stamina, so you'll be able to attack more and block more. You'll also be able to use heavier weapons without expending all of your stamina. Endurance benefits taper off around Lvl. 40

Vitality benefits taper off around Lvl. 30 during your first playthrough. This stat is important for PvP, but you should not sacrifice other stats to increase its level. 

Ignore Intelligence, Faith, Attunement, and Resistance until much later in the game -- or entirely. You should only assign points to these stats after you've reached the soft caps for Strength, Vitality, and Endurance or if you're going for a hybrid build that, for example, might wield a catalyst. 

Also be aware that if you wield a weapon with both hands, you get a strength multiplier of 1.5. On top of that, you want to make sure your equip burden never eclipses 50% so that you retain a high poise value -- which keeps you from getting stunned. 

Pure Strength

This Soul-level 120 build might be as min/maxey as we want to get in this guide. It puts a ton of emphasis on strength and wielding heavy weapons. Here are the stats: 

  • Strength: 60-65
  • Endurance: 40
  • Vitality: 30
  • Dexterity: 20-25

Dexterity is listed because once you hit the caps for END and VIT, DEX will help you wield a few of the higher level weapons -- such as the Silver Knight Straight Sword -- if you choose to use them. It will also let you wield the Black Knight Great Axe or the Demon's Great Axe, both of which are excellent choices for two-handing here.

You'll also want to use the Giant's Set because although it's heavy, it provides a poise boost in return. On top of that, use Havel's Ring because it increases your equip load by 50%. 

Of course, you won't be able to dodge much using this type of build, but you will be able to take damage while dealing large amounts of it in return. You can also wear either Red Tearstone Ring or Blue Tearstone Ring to increase damage and/or defense on low health respectively. 

Dexterity Builds

Players in this category like to toy with their opponents, using misdirection and speed to gain the upper hand. 

Dexterity builds are typically more agile than other builds. Players should not turtle or rely on traditional blocking during encounters. Liberal rolling and evading are recommended, as well as backstabbing and riposte maneuvers

Many of the weapons and armor sets used in this category are fast and nimble, making speed and precision the core principles of these build types.

Prioritize These Stats First 
  • Dexterity
  • Endurance
  • Vitality
  • Strength 

A higher Dexterity value will boost your overall attacking power, as well as your finesse. Increasing this attribute also boosts the Dexterity Parameter Bonus, which increases your damage when wielding Dexterity-based weapons such as Rapiers, Daggers, Spears, and Bows. 

Endurance gives you better bleed resistance. This is very important because Dexterity builds often wear light armor and do not carry shields. 

Vitality will also decrease fall damage. This is important for stealth builds such as the Ninja and Rogue. 

Strength gives you weapon options. Don't invest heavily in Strength early on. Instead, increase Strength to wield more powerful Dexterity-class weapons in the mid- to late-game. 

You can ignore Intelligence, Faith, and Attunement until the late-game or subsequent playthroughs. Resistance could be useful for a Dexterity Build; however, Dex builds should not get hit very often, so skill points are better spent elsewhere. 

Pure Dexterity

This Soul-level 122 build focuses on speed and evasion. Here are the stats: 

  • Dexterity: 45
  • Endurance: 48
  • Vitality: 45
  • Strength: 20

Putting 20 into your STR stat will let you wield a fair amount of Dark Souls' weapons, effectively giving you a few extra choices for this build. You'll want to wield something like the Balder Side Sword or the Uchigatana (which also provides good bleed damage). Alternatively, you could also wield Great Scythe, which surprisingly very powerful for DEX builds. 

If you want to go ranged, choose either the Longbow or the Black Bow of Pharis

Since Dexterity doesn't necessarily affect armor, you can theoretically where whatever armor you like as long as you can roll quickly and have enough STR. However, to be fast and light while also having a good defense rating, equip the Elite Knight Armor, Elite Knights Gauntlets, Chain Helm, and Chain Leggings. All of these give you good poise to weight ratios. Alternatively, you could swap some of these light armor pieces out for medium armor pieces if you increase END and STR or wear Havel's Ring

Use the Grass Crest Shield to take advantage of its Stamina regen, which works whether you're wielding it or if it's on your back. 

Sorcerer/Magic Builds 

Honestly, Sorcerer/Magic builds are some of the most difficult to use in PvP because spells can take forever to cast and sacrificing stats such as Strength and Vitality to increase your Attunement and Intelligence slots can put you at an early disadvantage. 

I would recommend using a hybrid build such as the Pyromancer or a Knight/Mage variant. 

However, if you're determined to create a Sorcerer/Magic build, play defense from afar. You use the environment to your advantage. Casting spells such as Chameleon and Hidden Body are recommended to surprise your enemies, while learning the cadence of spells such as Great Heavy Soul Arrow, Crystal Soul Spear, and Great Magic Weapon is essential to timing your attacks. 

It's also recommended you finish the game before going into PvP as a Sorcerer since you'll be able to find some of the most powerful talismans, spells, and weapons during the end-game or New Game+. 

Prioritize These Stats First 
  • Intelligence
  • Dexterity
  • Attunement
  • Vitality/Endurance

Intelligence will let you cast more powerful spells. This is very important for Sorcerer/Magic builds. To get the best Catalysts and to cast all of the spells in Dark Souls: Remastered, you'll need to get your Intelligence stat to 50. Going higher gives no advantages. 

Dexterity means you can cast spells faster. This is important because you will need to increase the animation speeds of spells to land more of them against a human opponent. 

Attunement will let you equip more spells and magic. Unless you want to swap spells in and out -- or find the Dark Moon Seance Ring or White Seance Ring, both of which give you +1 Attunement slot each -- you'll want to make sure you have your Attunement stat leveled to 50 if you want to equip 10 or more spells.  

Depending on your playstyle, you will not need to put many points into Vitality. As long as you play defensively (and with good wit), you can get away with a Vitality stat of 15 or so. If you feel like you will take more damage, push Vitality up to around 25. 

You can ignore Resistance and Faith altogether -- or at least until the late-game or subsequent playthroughs. Much like DEX builds, you shouldn't be getting hit much as a Sorcerer. And Faith is only for casting miracles, which you won't be doing with this build very much.  

Pure Sorcery/Magic

There are several ways to go about making a Sorcerer in Dark Souls: Remastered. Here, we'll focus mostly on using increasing INT and ATT to cast more spells faster. However, there are a few strength options, one of which works very well with the build we're currently working on. 

Here are the stats: 

  • Intelligence: 45
  • Attunement: 50
  • Dexterity: 45
  • Strength: 16 
  • Vitality: 15
  • Endurance: 15

For this Soul-level 124 build, you'll need enough STR to wield a decent weapon just in case you need to engage in melee combat. However, putting 16 points into Strength will aloow you to wield the Moonlight Greatsword. This sword's damage scales with your INT rating, so it's perfect to have for this build. In your primary hand, you'll want to wield either Logan's Catalyst or the Crystal Catalyst

On the armor front, you'll want to wear the Crown of Dusk and the Dragoncrest Ring because both increase your damage. For light armor, go for the Xanthous Set. For medium armor, equip Havel's Ring and wear either Ornstein's Armor or the Eastern Armor with either the greaves and the leggings of the Xanthous Set or those of the Chain Set. Just be wary that those two cuirasses decrease stamina regen. 


Outside of these builds, one of the best things about Dark Souls: Remastered (and all the Souls games, for that matter) is that you can come up with your own builds if you don't like what I -- or anyone else -- has on offer. 

What is your favorite build in this revamped ARPG? Let us know in the comments below! 

Wizard of Legend Guide: Best Builds Thu, 24 May 2018 15:39:26 -0400 Zack Palm

Feeling overwhelmed with the the massive list of arcana and relics you can find in Wizard of Legend? With the amount of potential magical builds you can come up with, you may find it difficult knowing where to get started. 

With a wide variety of robes, relics, and arcana combinations at your disposal, you have to find the right build to fit your preferred playstyle. In this guide, we have collected a handful of builds you might find useful to try out during your next attempt to conquer the Chaos Trials.

Up Close and Personal

  • Robe: Grit
  • Basic: Earth Knuckles
  • Dash: Gust Burst
  • Standard: Seismic Entry or Blazing Onslaught
  • Signature: Flame Breath

This build was designed for those who relish being in the middle of every encounter. Right at the start of a fight, you can introduce yourself to your enemies with Seismic Entry or Blazing Onslaught. Both serve as great openers. After you've gotten their attention, use Gust Burst to target the nearest one, and start pummeling them with Earth Knuckles.

With the robe Grit equipped, you'll find yourself shrugging off more damage from enemies, despite being in the middle of all of them. Don't get too cocky. It only takes a few well-placed hits for enemies to take down your health, regardless of how much armor you're stacking.

Make use of your dash arcana to hunt down ranged targets who have kept their distance from you, and save your standard ability for the melee-based foes. If you feel like you're taking on too much pressure, use your Flame Breath to char your foes while still keeping them in range of your other arcana.

Your relic choices should focus on increasing your armor as much as possible. This means picking up Euphie's Shawl, Calcifying Bonemail, and Armor of Resolve to take with you. If you're confident you can pick up additional earth arcana during your run, then take Neve's Emerald to increase your health and armor, as well as lower stun and knockback timers. Neve's Emerald requires you to have seven earth arcana equipped to take effect, so make sure you're not wasting a relic spot!

Wind Demon

  • Robe: Pace or Tempo
  • Basic: Stone Shot or Ice Dagger
  • Dash: Gust Burst
  • Standard: Evading Zephyr or Scales of Babylon
  • Signature: Shock Assault

You'll be on your enemies before they even know you're in the room. Wait for enemies to spawn, and use Gust Burst to pull them closer to you. As they're falling forward, pull back a bit and open up a volley of Stone Shot. Take out a few of them before using Gust Burst to do it all over again. If you're using Scales of Babylon, hit enemies with this ability after using Gust Burst, and you'll think this ability doesn't come with a cooldown.

For those preferring Ice Dagger to Stone Shot, activate Evading Zephyr just before you jump into the fray to avoid incoming attacks. This will save you the trouble of having to constantly glance at your health while you're dashing all over the place. 

Whenever you're feeling overwhelmed, fire off Shock Assault to quickly lower the health of multiple foes. However, remember you'll return to your starting position after the end of this ability. Don't use this when you're stuck in a corner!

You will want to equip the Autograph Pad relic to increase your movement if you find yourself not using your signature arcana often. Because you can use Gust Burst so often, have the defensive relic Spell Thief's Socks equipped to further raise your overall movement. To make your basic attacks even more devastating, equip the miscellaneous relic Combo Gloves.

The robes, Tempo and Pace, both complement this build. Those who use their abilities more often will want Tempo equipped. If you're running around, dodging enemy attacks and using your basic attacks more, then you'll feel more comfortable with Pace.


  • Robe: Awe or Shift
  • Basic: Ice Dagger or Spark Contact
  • Dash: Circuit Line or Searing Rush
  • Standard: Bouncing Surge
  • Signature: Tracer Barrage

Keep the pressure on your enemies -- and when you hit them, you hit them hard. Dive into the room using your dash arcana, and move away from the enemies. The further away you go, the more likely you'll find enemies clustering together to try and trap you. As this happens, fire out Bouncing Surge, and use their numbers to your advantage. Get closer and rely on your basic attack to deplete their remaining health. If you find too many enemies in a room as your battle continues, or Bouncing Surge is still on cooldown, use Tracer Barrage to give you some space.

To properly optimize your chance of doing damage, you're going to lean more heavily on relics that increase your chances of landing a critical. The most obvious relic for you to choose is Analytical Monocle, which increases your overall critical chance. If you feel comfortable with effectively dodging your foe's strikes, go with Covert Ops Mask. And if you want to focus solely on using your melee basic arcana, equip the Dark Katana to triple its critical hit chance.

Regardless of what your offensive relic is, you want to equip Vampire's Eyeglasses. This item heals you for every critical hit you successfully land. If you want to spam your signature arcana, equip Albert's Formula so you can receive more charges every time you heal. Complement every part of this build!

Choking Hazard

  • Robe: Tempo
  • Basic: Player's Choice
  • Dash: Toxic Trap
  • Standard: Toxic Bolas
  • Signature: Exploding Fireball or Whirling Tornado

Stay on the move with Toxic Trap dash, and you'll leave a deadly trail of poison for your enemies to step in. This DoT damage should serve as a great opener as your enemies spawn. When they start to focus on you, hit them with the Toxic Bolas arcana. If you find any of them still standing, finish them off with Exploding Fireball. If you prefer dashing straight through your enemies, switch out Exploding Fireball for Whirling Tornado, and you'll stun lock your foes in the trails of poison you left behind.

Because you're going to rely on your dash and standard in every fight, you definitely want to have the Tempo robe equipped. Top off this build with your preferred basic, and you're ready to enter the fray.

Grab any one of these relics to complement your new build:

  • Mercury's Sandals for increased movement speed
  • Hunter's Stiletto to do additional damage to enemies with a status effect
  • Noxious Mushroom to potentially poison your enemies
  • Greased Boots to increase the distance of your dash
  • Leemo's Leaf to evade all attacks while dashing


At the end of the day, Wizard of Legend features over 178 relics and 128 arcana for you to equip. Needless to say, there's a lot of combinations for you to try. Some of them may work for you, and others will get you sent back to the starting area without ever having encountered a boss.

And that's okay! This game is all about finding a magical playstyle for you. There's no "correct" way to play this game. Take your time during each run to discover what arcana suit you like the most to dispatch your enemies. It doesn't even have to fit under a specific category. Make something up and have a blast!

If you have a preferred build, we'd love to hear about it! Share it in the comments below and compare with other Wizard of Legend fans here on GameSkinny.

Dark Souls: Remastered - Ember Locations Guide Thu, 24 May 2018 12:55:10 -0400 Jonathan Moore

You can only get so far with the base weapons found in Dark Souls: Remastered. After a while, you're going to need to ascend your normal, fire, divine, and magical weapons to take on tougher enemies and harder bosses. 

As you near the end-game -- or if you're playing PvP -- it's even more important to max out your weapons. You can do so by finding the game's 10 hidden embers. Each can be taken to a specific blacksmith so that they can ascend your weapons into more powerful versions of themselves. 

In this guide, I'll show you where to find each ember, which blacksmith you have to take it to in order to use it, and which weapons it modifies to which levels. 

Some are easier to find than others, and some require that you perform certain actions to unlock their locations. 

Be sure to check out our other guides for the re-release here: 

Large Ember



Location: Depths
Blacksmith: Andre of Astora
Modifies: +5 Normal into +10 Normal; +5 Normal into +5 Raw

How to Get It: You can find this ember after you enter the kitchen in the Depths. Defeat the butcher here and look in the chest behind his original location. 

Very Large Ember


New Londo Ruins
Blacksmith: Andre of Astora
Modifies: +10 Normal into +15 Normal

How to Get It: After you drain the water from New Londo Ruins, you'll find this ember in a previously inaccessible area. However, I would suggest starting at the Valley of Drakes to get to it since that's the easier path.

In the Valley, go to the entrance of New Londo Ruins and follow the path up and to the right. Go past the Dark Wraiths in the hall, through the open area and to the right (past two more Dark Wraiths), and follow the path up two more staircases. 

Continue following the path around and turn left when it eventually splits. The ember will be in a chest sitting on a precipice. 

Crystal Ember



Location: The Duke's Archives
Blacksmith: Giant Blacksmith
Modifies: +10 Normal to +5 Crystal

How to Get It: Go to the Duke's Archives and the bonfire outside on the bottom floor. From that bonfire, go inside and take a right. Go through the room with the lever on the left side. As you enter the next room full of bookcases, turn right and go through the opening in the bookcases. The ember will be in a large chest.  

Large Flame Ember



Location: Demon Ruins
Blacksmith: Blacksmith Vamos

Modifies: +5 Fire into +10 Fire

How to Get It: Go toward the fog gate in the Demon Ruins. As you approach, go left and then turn left to look at the path below. Perform a plunging attack on the enemy below and follow the path. There are several very strong enemies here, but at the end of the path, you'll find a chest with the ember inside. 

Chaos Flame Ember



Location: Demon Ruins
Blacksmith: Blacksmith Vamos
Modifies: +5 Fire into +5 Chaos

How to Get It: Defeat Ceaseless Discharge. Go down into the now-open lava bed. There will be a chest there. Open it to nab this ascension tool. 

Large Magic Ember



Location: The Duke's Archives
Blacksmith: Rickert
Modifies: +5 Magic weapons into +10 Magic weapons

How to Get It: Defeat Seath the Scaleless. Return to the Duke's Archives where you first get killed by him. It will be in the large chest in the center of the room. 

Enchanted Ember



Location: Darkroot Garden
Blacksmith: Rickert
Modifies: +5 Magic into +5 Enchanted

How to Get It: This one's kind of a pain in the rear to get. From the bonfire in Darkroot Garden, go through Alvina's Tower. On the other side, go to the right and through the forest. You'll come to a small, watery area with several large Mushroom Men. Defeat them and open the chest in the water. 

Divine Ember


Darkroot Garden
Blacksmith: Andre of Astora
Modifies: +5 Normal into +5 Divine

How to Get It: Go to Darkroot Garden and defeat the Moonlight Butterfly. Afterward, continue across the bridge and head toward the tower. Climb to the top to find this ember clutched by a dead blacksmith. 

Large Divine Ember



Location: Tomb of the Giants
Blacksmith: Andre of Astora
Modifies: +5 Divine weapons into +10 Divine weapons

How to Get It: From the first bonfire in the Tomb of the Giants (near where you meet Patches), climb the ladder and go right. Continue until you come to the second stone structure. There will be a hole in the ground. Drop down into it. 

The room below will be filled with skeletons -- at least six. Defeat them to retrieve this one from the dead blacksmith at the back of the room. 

Dark Ember



Location: Painted World of Ariamis
Blacksmith: Andre of Astora
Modifies: +5 Divine into +5 Occult

How to Get It: From the central area in the Painted World of Ariamis, climb down the well to the left of the area. At the bottom, go left and strike the wall in front of you. Continue down the path and pick up the Annex Key from the corpse. 

Climb back out of the well and go to the right, across the central area. Once you're across the area, turn left under the structure, and open the wooden door using the Annex Key. Go up the stairs, across the ramparts, and down another set of stairs.

Search the dead blacksmith here after defeating the enemies.


Now that you know where to find all the embers in Dark Souls: Remastered, you can ascend all of your meager peasant's weapons into powerful merchants of death. 

If you're headed into player versus player combat, make sure to check out our guide on the best PvP builds to make sure you're jumping in fully equipped.