How to get the bad ending in Spooky's House of Jump Scares

Spooky's secret bad ending isn't hard to get, but it can be if you don't know how.

Secret endings are always nice, and the one in Spooky's House of Jump Scares is definitely hard to figure out, since there are no clues to getting the bad ending.

If you simply want to know what the bad ending is, check out the video in the header and skip to the 3:00 mark to feast your eyes upon it. It's hard to just call it the "bad ending", because the normal ending isn't exactly "good". That said, it is different -- and the ending you get is based off how much you liked to whack on stuff with your axe.

How to get the bad ending

Getting the bad ending is simple: wield your axe like you mean it! Once you get the axe, you need to hit minor enemies and Specimen 1 enough to trigger the ending. 

Fan speculation is that there is a secret counter that keeps track of what you hit with the axe and how many times. Once you reach 20 points on the counter, you will get the secret ending at the end of the game.

Each time you hit a Specimen 1 with your axe, it will add one point to the counter. All of the cardboard cut-outs are Specimen 1.


Each time you hit a Violent Deer, it will add four points to the counter. These aren't as common as Specimen 1, but easily rack up those points.

You won't be able to tell you've hit the 20 point mark until you reach the end of the game, but you can count the points yourself as you play. If you haven't been counting, just make sure to kill the Violent Deer when you come across them and whack on every Specimen 1 you come across to unlock Spooky's bad ending.

And that's it! Good luck pushing through in Spooky's House of Jump Scares and try your best to not get too scared by Spooky's Specimens.

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Published Aug. 30th 2015

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