7 Incredible Games for Apple Watch

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The latest smartphone allowing wearers to address emails, phone calls and text messages, the Apple Watch also allows you to play a growing number of video games. 

With a small viewing screen and one-handed control system, the new Apple Watch doesn't look like a device it would be fun and interactive to play video games on. 

The list of mobile video games developed for the Apple Watch is also small, so far, and many aren't much fun.

Many have play periods that are too long for a small, wearable device like the Apple Watch. A few, however, are entertaining and the developers appear to have a better grasp of the possibilities. 

This slideshow covers the top 7 Apple Watch games released, so far.

Published May. 12th 2015
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  • Game Oracle
    Hi Jay: The developer did a good job, considering the small size and limited capability of the Apple Watch.
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    Spy Watch sounds really neat!

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