Kim Kardashian: Hollywood - Where is Muse Magazine?

Got a photo shoot at Muse Magazine but can't remember where it is? Don't worry, I remember for you.

The new Kim Kardashian: Hollywood update brought a bunch of new content, and one request is really throwing players off. There's so much to do and collect on your road to super stardom

When Simon Orsik tells you to meet Elizabeth Korkov for a photo shoot you may be trying to wrack your brain trying to figure out where she is. Muse Magazine? Where is that even?

You've probably bounced all over the place so far, and since Simon doesn't give you any indication as to where Muse Magazine is located, you've got to try to remember where it is. You really want to do that photo shoot!

Where is Muse Magazine?

So you've tried to figure it out -- imagined all the cities you've been to so far and tried to remember where Muse Magazine is located and just can't. That's fine, because the answer is simple enough:

Hope on a plane and fly your way to SoHo, New York. You can find the Muse Magazine building in SoHo to have your photo shoot with Elizabeth Korkov and clear some of Simon's appearance log. 

With that, you're good to go! You've found your way to Muse Magazine and can move on with your celeb life.

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Published Jan. 27th 2017

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