Ghost Recon Breakpoint: Error SILENT-50001 Fixed by Ubisoft

Ghost Recon Breakpoint players are running the first boss already: Error SILENT-50001.

It seems no game is safe from release day woes this year. The latest being Ghost Recon Breakpoint, which most players are presently unable to log into due to a pesky new error: SILENT-50001. There is no fix to this error, and it appears to be due to the influx of players with the game's release.

[Update: Ubisoft has solved the issue, according to the Ubisoft support Twitter.]

The SILENT-50001 error code points to the servers being overwhelmed thanks to the surge of launch players, and it is something Ubisoft themselves have to work on rather than players being able to circumvent the error.

If you're affected by the SILENT-50001 error or any other on login attempt, your best bet is to play the waiting game and come back later. Spamming the servers with login attempts isn't going to make them open up any faster, and those lucky enough to get into the game are reporting a number of connection problems.

No matter how hyped you are for Ghost Recon Breakpoint, your best bet right now is to wait for word from Ubisoft that they have sorted out the game's server issues.

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Published Nov. 18th 2019

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