Ghost Recon Breakpoint: How to Use Binoculars

This Ghost Recon Breakpoint how to use binoculars guide tells you how to use and equip your binoculars.

Ghost Recon: Breakpoint has a lot of tutorials, but none of them tell you how to use your binoculars or how to equip your binoculars. In Ghost Recon Wildlands, all you have to do is push "down" on the D-pad. Voila, that's how you use your binoculars. 

However, Breakpoint doesn't make things easy. If you look through the game's controls on console and PC, you won't even find an input or keybinding for using your binoculars. 

If you're as confounded as I was, there's hope. This guide will tell you exactly what to do. 

How to Use Binoculars in Ghost Recon: Breakpoint

To use your binoculars in Ghost Recon: Breakpoint, open the Item Wheel. To open the Item Wheel, press and hold: 

  • R1 on PS4
  • RB on Xbox One
  • "Alt" on PC

Once you open the Item Wheel, look to the lower right-hand corner. Use your right thumbstick or mouse to hover over and select the binoculars. 

Doing so will equip your binoculars. You can now use them to tag/highlight enemies, making them easier targets on the battlefield. 

While you can certainly use your drone to tag and highlight enemies as well, it draws attention in the process. The binocs might be a more limited, analog approach, but they're stealthier, allowing you to scope out the enemy with less fear of discovery. 


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Published Oct. 10th 2019

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