Ghost Recon Breakpoint Guide: How to Complete A New Perspective Side Mission

This Ghost Recon Breakpoint walkthrough guide shows you how to complete the side mission A New Perspective.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint is a massive game, even bigger than its already enormous predecessor, Wildlands. For that reason, no one likes to get stuck on any particular mission for too long there's simply too much to see and do.

If you've been getting stuck on the side mission named A New Perspective, we've got the guide to help you through. While the mission instructs you to "investigate the phenomena," soon after, the mission marker gleefully leaves you to get lost. But not anymore!

Here's how to track the drone towers down in Stephen Falls, investigate the phenomena, and complete A New Perspective.

A New Perspective Walkthrough

The mission begins northwest of the Behemoth Passage, in the southern section of Whaler's Bay. There you'll meet Alvarez, who asks for your help in diagnosing some peculiar drone activity he's observed. 

This mission is a unique one, given how it asks you to interact with its systems. You'll be using white drone towers as viewfinders, peering through them with your drone. Each time, you're looking for the next drone along Stephen Falls. It's important you bring a helicopter. Otherwise, you'll be swimming back and forth down the river. Slowly. 

Stephen Falls Tower Locations

Tower #1 is just beside your questgiver. Look through it using your drone and aim its sights across the river almost directly south. That's where you'll find Tower #2.

Looking through Tower 1 in Stephen Falls to Tower 2

Head there with your chopper and repeat the same moves. When in doubt, always look somewhere due south to start.

Tower #3 is southeast on your compass, just below the treeline.

Looking at Tower 3 just below the treeline in Breakpoint

Once you make it over to Tower #3, peer again with the drone. This time, look south and then just slightly southwest. About halfway down the range, you'll see Tower #4.

Looking at Tower 4 from Tower 3 on a dark map

Once you're at Tower #4, look exactly southeast, just at the top of a cliff on the other side of the river for Tower #5.

Looking across a rive to Tower 5 in Stephen Falls

From Tower #5, look back south by southwest again. This time focus on the area where the trees meet the rocky slopes for Tower #6.

Finding Tower 6 in a forest at the base of a cliff

Almost done now, so don't worry.

From Tower #6, look directly east, below where the two distant mountains seem to overlap. You'll find Tower #7your final tower, but we're not quite done with the drone viewfinding just yet.

Tower 7 in Ghost Recon Breakpoint A New Perspective

With a helicopter, all that zig-zagging down the riverside should only take a few minutes. From Tower #7, you'll want to continue looking east with your drone through the last tower display.

You'll see hints of a Skell laboratory through the trees. Fidgeting with the reticule for a moment should give you a new mission marker. This is your final destination, but be warned that it's loaded with bad guys, human and AI alike.

Skell research facility in the forest, viewing from Tower 7

Exploring the Skell Research Facility

Whether you sneak in or run in guns blazing, you'll want to get upstairs in the main building so that you can gather intel off a computer inside. This intel is what Alvarez so desperately seeks. 

Finding the intel amongst desks in the Skell research facility

With his answers in tow, return to Alvarez, give him the documents, and learn about the Skell AI.


That's all you need to know about completing the A New Perspectives side mission in Ghost Recon Breakpoint. For more tips and mission walkthroughs, be sure to head over to our Ghost Recon Breakpoint guides page. There, you can find tips articles such as: 


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Published Oct. 10th 2019

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