Ghost Recon Breakpoint Switch Aiming Shoulder: How to do It

This Ghost Recon switch aiming shoulder guide quickly shows you how to switch shoulders to shoot from a different perspective.

A Ghost Recon Breakpoint switch shoulder guide ... why do we even need it? Seems kind of silly, right? Well, Breakpoint has a plethora of tutorials that don't always cover the game's most basic mechanics. For those hoping to switch the camera perched over Nomad's shoulder from left to right and vice verse, this guide is here to help. 

If you're like some of our editors, there's a chance you like a particular camera placement in third-person shooters. So how do you do tweak the over the shoulder camera in Breakpoint

Like this. 

Ghost Recon Breakpoint Switch Shoulders Guide: How to do It

To switch aiming shoulders in Ghost Recon Breakpoint, tap: 

  • R1 on PS4
  • RB on Xbox One
  • Middle mouse button on PC

Make sure you tap the correct input on console. If you hold it down on PS4 or Xbox One, you'll open the item wheel. 

You'll use this a lot because the camera shifts every time you exit cover. Breakpoint's auto cover mechanic is a messy system that constantly shifts the over the shoulder camera. Especially bothersome is when it happens exiting cover indoors or during a firefight. 

Thankfully, though, this Ghost Recon Breakpoint guide on how to switch aiming shoulders has your back like a faithful squaddie. 

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Published Oct. 10th 2019

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