Ghost Recon Breakpoint Locked Doors: How to Open Them

Breach Ghost Recon: Breakpoints' locked doors with the help of this guide. Find out how to open them.

Nevermind all the people shooting at you, the real enemies in Ghost Recon: Breakpoint are the locked doors! Even explosives or ramming vehicles into the walls won't get those locked doors open, and there don't ever seem to be any keycards that work for them either.

That's a problem as you want to get inside, because they are frequently filled with tools, blueprints, EMP grenades, crates, and other loot. Luckily, there's a very simple way to get into the locked red light doors, although the game doesn't explain it at all.

Unlocking Ghost Recon: Breakpoint Red Light Doors

To get inside the red light biometric locked doors, you specifically need an enemy to be scanned by the biometric lock, and there are two ways to do this:

  • Take an enemy hostage and walk them towards the door
  • Kill the enemy, then pick up and carry the dead body towards the door, which will automatically unlock and open as you approach

Frankly that second method is the easiest. Note that even with this method, there are still some doors that simply can't be opened at this time. This seems to happen most often on the doors without the screens. It isn't clear yet if that's a bug, or if these doors are simply not meant to open at all.

Note that this method also specifically doesn't work with the Enemy of My Enemy Ghost Recon Breakpoint mission, which is bugged. If you can't get the blue light door open during this mission, unfortunately you need to completely reload the checkpoint by either exiting the mission area or just straight up dying.

Carrying a dead body to unlock Ghost Recon: Breakpoint locked doors.           Carrying dead bodies unlocks the red biometric scanner on doors

Have fun looting those red locked doors, and let us know what awesome items you picked up along the way!

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Published Oct. 10th 2019

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