Bloodborne: The Old Hunters Weapons Guide

Learn about the new weapons and their locations in this guide to The Old Hunters story expansion for Bloodborne.

Bloodborne is back! The Old Hunters story expansion sends you into the Hunter’s Nightmare, a place you usually wouldn’t want to go. In the DLC you even meet an NPC who asks you a question if you really wish to continue your journey. But, of course, you do!

The Old Hunters adds a few incredibly well-designed locations with hordes of new hunters and beasts to kill. You have a huge new pool of weapons available early in the game and some more grotesque-looking bosses to fight, which are not a piece of cake, especially if you’re playing on new game plus.

Here we give you the selection of the new weapons found in the DLC with videos on how to locate them. Remember that most new weapons in The Old Hunters are strength based, so keep this in mind before starting the game.

Need help finding the way into the new story expansion? Then follow this simple instruction.

Boom Hammer

Type: Trick Weapon
Location: Hunter's Nightmare

  • The first new weapon in The Old Hunters is characterized by a strong physical and fire attack.
  • It requires 14 Strength and 8 Skill points for you to be able to equip it.
  • In order to fully upgrade the Boom Hammer you will need Blood Stone Shards and Blood Echoes.
  • This massive hammer emits fire when ignited and explodes into flames upon impact.
  • There are 3 different versions of the weapon that can be found in several locations: Normal, Uncanny and Lost.

Beasthunter Saif

Type: Trick Weapon
Location: Hunter's Nightmare

  • This weapon’s blade deals powerful physical damage.
  • It requires 9 points of Strength and 11 points of Skill.
  • There is a second blade inside the curve of the main one, while in the original form it can be wielded like a long sword.
  • After the transformation, the blade allows for a series of fast and strong stabs.
  • In order to fully upgrade the Beasthunter Saif you will also need Blood Stone Shards and Blood Echoes.

Fist of Gratia

Type: Firearm (left-hand weapon)
Location: Hunter's Nightmare

  • This heavy chunk of iron deals purely physical damage on impact.
  • It is a simple left-hand weapon, thus has no transformative qualities.
  • The Fist is called after a female hunter Simple Gratia, who was known for her relentless bashing of the enemies.
  • Fist of Gratia requires 7 Strength and 9 Skill points.
  • There is only one version of this hunting firearm available in the game.

Gatling Gun

Type: Firearm
Location: Hunter's Nightmare

If you’ve ever been to the top of the tower in Old Yarhnam, then you’ve met Djura, a hunter wearing a massive firearm.

  • This Gatling Gun is a portable version of the Djura’s weapon, which can be found in the cave in the Hunter's Nightmare.
  • The weapon deals 80 blood damage and requires 28 Strength points.

It can be very effective by inflicting a huge amount of damage, if you have enough silver bullets to feed this beast, of course.

Church Cannon

Type: Firearm
Location: Research Hall

  • This oversized firearm deals excruciating 160 blood damage to your enemies.
  • Church Cannon is a type of cannon that fires bullets with a curved trajectory that explode upon impact.
  • This firearm is specifically designed for Strength builds, as it requires 27 points of Strength for you to be able to use it.

Amygdalan Arm

Type: Trick Weapon
Location: Hunter's Nightmare

  • Amygdalan Arm can be found in the same cave as the Gatling Gun.
  • It looks like it’s actually made of bones of some beast.
  • This large club deals 80 physical and 40 arcane damage.
  • It requires 17 Strength and 8 Skill points.

Beast Cutter

Type: Trick Weapon
Location: Nightmare Cathedral

  • In its initial form this brutal thick iron cleaver transforms into an even tougher-looking whip of blades.
  • It deals nothing but physical damage and is a perfect beast slayer.
  • You will need 11 Strength and 7 Skill points to be able to wield it properly.

Loch Shield

Type: Shield
Location: Research Hall

Bloodborne was never about shields, but The Old Hunters adds one more nonetheless. This time it’s a shield protecting you from any kind of non-physical damage.

  • It’s made of blue glass and the design is much more elegant than the crude wooden shield previously seen in Bloodborne.
  • The Loch Shield’s surface was made by the artisans to resemble the surface of a lake.

Church Pick

Type: Trick Weapon
Location: Research Hall

  • In the Research Hall you will find an Underground Cell Key that opens the cell with an NPC - Old Hunter Defector Antal, he drops Church Pick when killed.
  • The pick does 88 physical damage, and requires 9 Strength and 14 Skill points.
  • It's a great weapon that resembles a sword in its initial form and turns into an extended war pick when transformed.

Holy Moonlight Sword

Type: Trick Weapon
Location: Hunter's Nightmare

  • After you kill Ludwig, the first boss in The Old Hunters, the sword can be found at the head of Ludwig lying on the pile of corpses in the same cathedral you were fighting him.
  • Holy Moonlight Sword deals 90 physical and 50 arcane damage.
  • It requires 16 Strength and 12 Skill points.

Whirligig Saw

Type: Trick Weapon
Location: Nightmare Church

  • This trick weapon can be found in the pool of blood downstairs of the Nightmare Church.
  • The saw does 95 physical damage, and requires 16 Strength and 12 Skill points.
  • Whirligig Saw is a pure beast shredder, which was a personal weapon of Valtr, the Beast Eater.

There are a few other new weapons in the DLC, such as Piercing Rifle, however they can be simply purchased at the messenger bath after acquiring special badges.

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Published Nov. 24th 2015

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